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How One Of Star Trek's Directors Felt About Shatner And Nichol's Interracial Kiss
It's an urban legend of TV history on which show the first interracial kiss actually occurred. Most agree, however, that the first kiss was on the original series of Star Trek in 1968 between Captain Kirk and Uhura.
What Bothered William Shatner About His Star Trek Costume
William Shatner, reveals that one particular version of Captain James T. Kirk’s iconic Star Trek uniforms left him feeling less than commanding at times. In this case, it seems that the tightness of standard issue Starfleet command attire made his daily lunches a bit of a constricting chore.
Why Star Trek Has Become So Popular Over The Years, According To William Shatner
During a panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday, the veteran actor shared why he thinks Star Trek has remained relevant over the years and why it continues to resonate with fans today. The answer may not be what you’d expect.
William Shatner Is Heading Back To TV, Get The Details
I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t always understand what’s happening in the world of reality television, but I know we can all get ready to see William Shatner come together with a handful of other celebs for an adventure-type comedy series.
William Shatner's Idea For A Star Trek 50th Anniversary Episode
Star Trek has put together numerous films and TV projects, and has become a cultural icon for American audiences. Next year, Star Trek will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary, and lead William Shatner recently revealed he has an idea for a special episode of Star Trek.
William Shatner Is Headed To Syfy's Haven
William Shatner is headed to the Syfy Network show, Haven. Shatner will have a four-episode arc, and will play a pivotal role that could change the town of Haven forever.
William Shatner Live-Tweeted An Episode Of CW's The Originals Last Night
Here's something you might not have realized was happening last night. William Shatner live-Tweeted his way through an episode of CW's The Originals. Why? Presumably for our amusement, in which case it was a pretty successful endeavor on his part.
Community's Danny Pudi Signs On For Hot In Cleveland's Live Episode
Danny Pudi is not usually one to say no to a guest starring role. On Thursday, it was announced that the Community star will use his hiatus from the NBC comedy wisely, appearing in an episode of TV Land’s Hot in Cleveland. He won’t appear in just any episode, however. Pudi is set to join the TV series’ upcoming live episode.
William Shatner To Appear On Season Premiere Of Rookie Blue
William Shatner is joining Rookie Blue for a very special drunk-driving episode. Because Shatner is a man of many talents, it is no surprise he will be involved in a role that “starts comic and ends dramatic,” according to executive producer Tassie Cameron.
Shatner And Others Join The Dais For Comedy Central Roast Of Charlie Sheen
A roast isn’t a roast without people to do the roasting and with the Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen set to be taped this weekend, it’s good to know the network managed to fill the dais before then. Comedy Central announced today that William Shatner and some other notable celebrities will be there to light the comedic fire and properly cook Sheen.
First Look At William Shatner's Star Trek Doc The Captains, Plus A Chris Pine Arm Wrestle
Last week a fantastic image showed up on the internet. At first people weren't sure of the veracity of this epically geek-chic photograph of the Captains Kirk arm wrestling but it was soon confirmed that these two fearless leaders were indeed battling for bicep supremacy, or just to lighten the mood pre-interview for William Shatner's new documentary, The Captains.
Shatner Heads To Psych For Con Man Role
Call it a match made in tongue-in-cheek TV heaven: William Shatner is headed to Psych. The former Captain Kirk, or Denny Crane to you Boston Legal fans, has signed to guest star on one episode of the clever USA dramedy, which returns to the cable network next fall.
William Shatner Performs Cee Lo Hit On Lopez
I was very excited when I heard he performed his own version of Cee-Lo’s “F—k You” on Lopez Tonight last night. Check out the video here and watch some of his other fantastic musical performances.
Shit My Dad Says Set To Air On Thursdays On CBS
Of the most anticipated new series set to air on CBS (aside from Hawaii Five-0) is the half-hour comedy $#*! My Dad Says, which stars William Shatner as the title character.
CBS Picks Up Shatner's $#*! My Dad Says
CBS has just signed up for a full season of awesome! Confirmed by William Shatner himself, the network has picked up $#*! My Dad Says to series
William Shatner To Show Us If It's Weird Or What
Weird or What doesn't sound like its necessarily treading fresh ground, but with modern technology it could unearth new clues or possibly even solve some of these unsolvable cases. More importantly, William Shatner is attached to host
Shat My Dad Says Is What They Should Call It
The Shat may well be coming back to network TV. Sure, he's still doing his talk show for the Biography Channel, Shatner's Raw Nerve, but that's nothing to the thought of him heading up the show based on the Twitter page "Sh*t My Dad Says." With Shatner on board to play the dad, the script has quickly gone to pilot
Shatner Makes Poetry Out Of Palin Tweets
If you’ve been following Sarah Palin on Twitter, you might be having a hard time deciphering the woman’s tweets. Fortunately, The Tonight Show’s Conan O’Brien managed to unlock the secret behind the mysterious posts and last night he brought in William Shatner to help break it down for us.

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