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American Horror Story Season 6 Setting May Have Just Been Revealed
Season 6 of American Horror Story will rain its viscera and extremities down on us in just six weeks, and we're still pretty clueless when it comes to what the story will actually be about this time around. Thankfully, it looks like we might have an idea on where the season will take place.
American Horror Story Season 6: What We Know So Far
With American Horror Story: Hotel nearly a memory, it's time to start looking forward to the next assortment of evil creators and gory special effects. Here's everything we know about American Horror Story Season 6.
Should We Be Worried That American Horror Story Season 6 Still Hasn't Revealed Anything?
American Horror Story has only just this week released the first official artwork for Season 6, while all previous seasons had given audiences themes and details much earlier in the year. Should we be worried?
American Horror Story Season 6 Is Bringing Back A Coven Actor
We’re assumedly just over four months away from another season of American Horror Story, and we have just over zero ideas about what to expect from it. But we know WHO to expect.
Will Jessica Lange Return For American Horror Story Season 6? Here's What She Says
Something American Horror Story fans have been wondering about is whether or not actress Jessica Lange might choose Season 6 to be the time she returns to the ensemble genre-bender. She has an answer.
11 Great Horror TV Shows On Netflix
Here are 11 great horror series that Netflix currently has creeping through the shadows, sinking their claws into your eyeballs so that you can’t look down at your phone during the episodes.
The Gross Initiation Evan Peters Got On The Set Of American Horror Story
Actor Evan Peters was on a bunch of TV shows before American Horror Story, but none that could properly set him up for the grossness that was to come in his first days on the anthology series.
The Unusual Way American Horror Story Season 6 Is Coming Together
Ryan Murphy has a penchant for keeping his fans on the hook. Although American Horror Story: Hotel ended its run way back in January, details about the upcoming sixth season of the FX drama have been doled out rather slowly.
Lady Gaga Confirms American Horror Story Season 6 Return
This morning Lady Gaga appeared in a radio interview and spilled the beans regarding a return to American Horror Story.
Lady Gaga Back For American Horror Story Season 6? Here's What Angela Bassett Says
In the months between seasons of American Horror Story, speculation over the central theme can often be overshadowed by predicting who from the show’s conveyor belt of actors will return. Everyone wants to know if Lady Gaga will return for Season 6, and Angela Bassett has some insight.
American Horror Story Season 6 Just Added Its First Star
Ever since American Horror Story was renewed for Season 6 a few months back, fans have been waiting patiently for any substantial news to come out about the upcoming insanity that will almost definitely involve dildos. Now we know who will be starring.
What American Horror Story Season 6 Will Probably Be About
Waiting for the new season of American Horror Story to reveal its subject matter every year is arguably as exciting as anything that happens during any of the episodes. And it looks like Season 6's subject matter has been revealed.
American Horror Story: Hotel Finale Somehow Got Everything Right
With an episode that mirrors the garish and eye-popping season premiere, American Horror Story: Hotel delivered a guided finale that evoked emotions over shocks, and got the right mixture of creepy and campy.
American Horror Story: Hotel Brought A Season 3 Character Back For An Awesomely Bloody Crossover
Tonight's episode of American Horror Story: Hotel was the second-to-last of the season, and it brought back a character from Coven for a wild and bloody scene.
2015 Midseason TV Premiere Schedule: Dates For New And Returning Shows
We’ve compiled a handy guide of 2015 premiere and return dates. The schedule is a work in progress, and dates are subject to change as we head into midseason season. In the meantime, if there's a new or returning show you don't see on here, feel free to leave a comment and we'll see if we can dig up the date for you.
American Horror Story: Hotel Finally Revealed Why So Many Similar Looking Actors Were Cast
One of American Horror Story: Hotel's biggest mysteries is why were so many similar looking actors cast. Thankfully, that question has been answered.
American Horror Story: Hotel Just Ended On One Hell Of A Crazy Cliffhanger
A series known for its envelope-pushing visuals, American Horror Story has delivered a ton of memorable moments throughout the years. But somehow, few have been as pleasing to the eyes as the final shot from “She Gets Revenge."
American Horror Story Actress Rose Siggins Dies At 43
We're saddened to report that one of the especially unique actors that we were introduced to last season in American Horror Story: Freak Show has passed away.
5 Really Big TV Surprises From The 2016 Golden Globe Nominations
The nominations for this year’s Golden Globes are out, and with them comes celebration, aggravation and various levels of perplexity. Here are the five biggest surprises from the TV side of things.
American Horror Story: Hotel Is About To Give Us The Most Awesome Crossover Yet
Ever since it was revealed by Ryan Murphy that all of the seasons of American Horror Story are connected, the anthology series hasn’t let audiences forget it. And we're about to get another great crossover.

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