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How Planet Earth 2 Just Made Its U.S. Premiere Way Easier To Watch
TV watching has changed a lot in recent years, and networks have been working to adapt to the times and bring their programs to viewers in a variety of ways.
The 5 Best DC And Marvel Easter Eggs In The Doctor Who Christmas Special
As to be expected from a superhero inspired romp, the Doctor Who Christmas special has quite a few references to both Marvel and DC properties. Check them out!
The Crazy Way Sherlock Could End, According To Its Co-Creator
Sherlock is about to kick off its fourth season, but it turns out that one of the head honchos already has an idea of how he'd like the show to end some day, and it's kind of crazy.
Planet Earth 2 Gets Disturbingly Ridiculous When Animals Scream Like Humans In This Video
The acclaimed Planet Earth II offers viewers magnificent looks at our beautiful and dangerous planet, but it doesn't show any of its majestic animals screaming like real people. This video, however, does.
Meet Doctor Who's Hilarious New Companion In Action-Packed Season 10 Trailer
Doctor Who will finally return for Season 10 in 2017, and new footage has hit the web to give a closer look at the brand new companion who will join the Doctor in his adventures.
The Big Way River Song Played Into Doctor Who's Christmas Special
A year after meeting the Twelfth Doctor, River Song still played an important part in this year's Doctor Who Christmas special, "The Return of Doctor Mysterio." Warning: spoilers ahead!
How To Watch The Doctor Who Christmas Special Streaming
This year's Doctor Who special will be the Time Lord's first and only appearance on our TVs in 2016. Here's how you'll be able to find it streaming.
David Attenborough Still Uses VHS To Script Planet Earth
The Planet Earth series dazzles viewers everywhere with its combination of spectacular footage and informative narration courtesy of David Attenborough. Apparently, Attenborough uses a somewhat old-fashioned method for scripting.
The Planet Earth 2 Crew Got Caught In A Massive Brawl Between Hyenas
The Planet Earth II crew members have experienced some of the wildest things this planet has to offer, and one of those things involves a giant street brawl between a massive pack of hyenas.
Apparently 150,000 Antelopes Died In 3 Days While The Planet Earth 2 Team Was Filming
In the nature documentary game, few out there stand toe-to-toe with Planet Earth, and the latest episode gave viewers something that, while incredible, was far more devastating than joyous.
Eddie Redmayne As Doctor Who? It's Not As Far-Fetched As You'd Think
Eddie Redmayne brought magic back to the big screen with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Now, the question is of whether or not he could tackle the role of the Time Lord on Doctor Who.
Watch A Lion Get Handled By A Giraffe In Wild Planet Earth 2 Video
Nature specials are usually filled with harrowing scenes of predators taking down prey. Well, Planet Earth 2 managed to catch a lion missing out on a grand opportunity with a giraffe. Take a look.
This Planet Earth 2 Video Of Snakes Chasing A Lizard Is Mesmerizing
Fans in the U.S. won't get the second installation of the popular franchise until January, but luckily there's some footage online that will hopefully get you excited about the new episodes while you wait.
The Crazy Number Of People Who Watched Planet Earth II
We heard Planet Earth II was coming months and months ago, but at the time, I had no idea that most of the series had been shot and would be coming to our televisions sooner rather than later.
The Good Advice Matt Smith Gave Peter Capaldi Before He Started On Doctor Who
Any actor who tackles the role of the Doctor on Doctor Who faces a lot of pressure when it comes to anchoring such a long-running series. Matt Smith gave his successor some solid advice when he passed the torch.
Sherlock Season 4 Finally Has A U.S. And U.K. Premiere Date
Sherlock Season 4 has been a long time coming. In fact, it's been in development for so long that it has kind-of felt like something that was still in the distant future. That is, until now.
When Planet Earth 2 Is Going To Premiere
It was only recently that we started seeing footage from the brand new docuseries. This morning, the BBC and BBC America finally announced that Planet Earth 2 will be coming and coming soon.
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency Review: Elijah Wood Faces Complicated Sci-Fi Hijinks For BBC America
BBC America is giving its Doctor Who-loving audience another wild and complicated set of adventures to follow with a winning adaptation of the late, great Douglas Adams' Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.
What We Know About The Formerly Lost Doctor Who Episodes
Doctor Who made headlines not too long ago with the announcement that some of its long-lost episodes would be returning to the small screen in a whole new way. Continue reading to see what we know about what's to come.
Doctor Who Just Cast A Superhero For The Christmas Special, Here's What We Know
The Doctor Who Christmas special is a highlight of every holiday season. This year's promises to be different now that the Doctor is short a regular companion, but it looks like the show is bringing in a superhero to mix things up.

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