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Brooklyn Nine-Nine And Breaking Bad Among TV's Big Golden Globe Winners
It’s not always easy to predict how the Hollywood Foreign Press will go when it comes to their TV preferences from year to year. Last year it was all about Homeland, and this year, the Showtime series didn’t even make the list in any category.
Game Of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Arrested Development, Veep And Others Earn SAG Nominations
The nominations for the 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards were announced today. As you may have surmised by the title, these awards celebrate excellence in acting as presented by the Screen Actors Guild (aka SAG). This year’s nominations put Behind the Candelabra stars Michael Douglas and Matt Damon up against one another, and the same for Top of the Lake’s Holly Hunter and Elisabeth Moss.
Behind The Candelabra And Parade’s End Will Hit Blu-ray In September
Thanks to some of Lifetime’s more melodramatic efforts and some of Syfy’s more ridiculous ones, the television movie and miniseries genre doesn’t have the best reputation. Now and again, that less than flattering reputation proves warranted, but in the case of HBO, more often the premium cable network’s productions actively fight against the stereotype and leave fans more than satisfied.
The Big Bang Theory, Game Of Thrones, Breaking Bad And Others Win Critics Choice TV Awards
Which is the better drama, Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones? That could be the topic of some pretty lively debate, but if you ask the Broadcast Television Journalists Association, they'd come back with a tie. The two cable dramas tied for Best Drama at the Critics' Choice Television Awards this year. The Big Bang Theory managed to come out on top among the comedies, indicating that the critics and the millions (and millions) of TV viewers who watch the comedy are like-minded in that regard.
New Behind The Candelabra Trailer Gives Us More Background On Liberace's Lover
The U.K. trailer for the film is a little less flashy than the ones we’ve seen for the HBO release, but follows the same basic trajectory of boy meets boy, boy employees boy, boy falls in love with boy, and then some crazy events go down. Some of the big moments that have been teased at in the past, including Thorson taking on a similar appearance to Liberace.
Behind The Candelabra Preview Takes Us To The Set Of Steven Soderbergh's Liberace Biopic
Coming to HBO next month is Steven Soderbergh's feature adaptation of Scott Thorson's autobiographical novel Behind the Candelabra: My Life with Liberace. The highly anticipated biopic will have Michael Douglas playing the role of the celebrated musician and pianist Liberace, while Matt Damon will play Liberace's lover, Thorson.
Behind The Candelabra Full Trailer Smashes Champagne Glasses And Gets Intimate
Even with summer movie season gearing up, Behind the Candelabra still looks like one of the most fascinating things on offer. Are you as excited as we are? To help make your decision, check out this clip from an old Liberace TV special to see just how spot-on the costumes and makeup are for Behind the Candelabra. At the very least, some costume Emmys ought to be on their way
See Michael Douglas In Action As Liberace In Behind The Candelabra Teaser
It's a wild story, involving plastic surgery and drug use and a Rolls-Royce that Thorson drove onstage during Liberace's shows. Soderbergh, who says this will be the final film he directs, says that every Hollywood studio turned the film down for being "too gay." Are we in for something even more scandalous and over-the-top than True Blood and Game of Thrones? We sure hope so. Behind the Candelabra airs on HBO May 26.
Matt Damon And Michael Douglas Get Glam For Behind The Candelabra Cover Photo
We’ve had a few sneak peeks at Matt Damon and Michael Douglas glizted up for their roles in the HBO Liberace biopic Behind the Candelabra, but as the air date for the movie approaches, we’re getting to see a little more. Prosthetics, make-up and lots and lots of bling are headed our way.
Rob Lowe In Talks To Join HBO's Liberace Biopic
As Chris Traeger, Rob Lowe is just one of many reasons Parks and Recreation is a must-watch comedy. While he's proven adept at making us laugh on the NBC comedy, he's also been busy demonstrating the more dramatic side of his craft with other projects lately, including a role in the upcoming film Knife Fight and Lifetime's TV movie about the infamous Casey Anthony murder trial. And now it looks like he may be joining the already solid-looking cast of the HBO movie about famous musician Liberace.
Dan Aykroyd Joins HBO's Liberace Movie Behind The Candelabra
Dan Aykroyd's acting appearances have been pretty randomly spaced out lately, with his recent appearances on-camera including a couple of episodes of The Defenders, which put him opposite fellow former SNL star Jim Belushi. This latest bit of TV casting involving Aykroyd sounds like it might be a more serious role for the actor.

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