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Cake Boss' Buddy Valastro To Help Struggling Family Bakeries In TLC Pilot Bakery Go Time
If you're familiar with TLC's Cake Boss then you're likely well aware that baker Buddy Valastro knows cakes. He also knows a thing or two about running a successful bakery business, given the success of his Hoboken, New Jersey family business Carlo's Bakery. That experience will be put to good use in the pilot TLC has in the works, tentatively titled Bakery Go Time. Not loving the title. But anything with Buddy attached to it sounds delicious… I mean interesting.
Thanksgiving 2011 TV Lineup: What's On Other Than Football
While some of you may intend to spend a good part of Thanksgiving watching football, others might be in the market for something a bit less sporty for their turkey-day viewing pleasure. If that’s the case, we’ve come up with some TV alternatives to football.
Candy Queen Will Bring Dessert Drama To TLC This Winter
However, after the success of Cake Boss, TLC is willing to give the concept another shot.This winter, TLC will premiere Candy Queen, a half-hour program that will follow Jackie Sorkin, dessert extraordinaire and owner of The Hollywood Candy Girls, a candy and events company in L.A.
Cake Boss Season 3 Preview: Ciao Valastros!
Cake Boss is set to return to TLC tonight with a one hour special that will feature Buddy and the family as they head back to the old country to celebrate their heritage (and bake a few cakes, most likely).
Cake Boss Gets A Spinoff
Attention Cake Boss fans and fans of cake in general! It looks like Buddy Valastro’s getting the chance to branch out as TLC is set to give Cake Boss a spinoff that could give undiscovered bakers a shot at some cakey, frosty, fondant-y glory!
TV Addictions: Let Them Make Cake
If there’s some sort of office function that involves slices of sheet-cake being passed around, offering a much needed 3 p.m. sugar rush to help me motor on through the day, I’ll participate, but in general, I’d opt for pie, ice cream or chocolate over a slice of spongy cake, coated in usually-too-sweet frosting. So where has this recent obsession with cake come from? I blame TLC and the Food Network.

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