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Comcast Is Getting Sued By Its Own Users, Get The Details
With that in mind, it can be kind-of difficult to keep tabs on what you are paying for, and some customers are suing cable giant Comcast because the company is not opaque about the charges.
How Netflix Is Fighting Against Comcast
Comcast is a company that gets about as much good publicity as a foot rash, and while you don't often see big businesses going after each other, Netflix has been quite clever at poking the Comcast bear. It has recently sharpened its stick, too.
Comcast Bills Customer For Money He Doesn't Owe, Refuses To Help
Comcast only operates in certain parts of the United States, but at this point, it's reputation is pretty well-known across the country, and not generally in a positive way.
Comcast Repeatedly Charges Family For Porn They Didn't Order
For years now, Comcast has been at the bottom of the corporate rankings in terms of customer satisfaction. Sadly, it doesn’t seem as if the cable giant is willing to do what it needs to do in order to gain better approval ratings in a day and age when some families are flocking from basic cable packages.
Bet You Can Guess What Cable Prices Have Done In The Last Year
There’s no question that a lot of people are choosing to cut back on cable to save money. Those same households who are getting rid of cable tend to still want TV entertainment in some form. But here's whats happening to regular cable users.
Comcast May Move To The UK, Good Luck With That
Comcast is often voted as one of America’s most hated companies, and that’s probably not changing anytime soon. However, it looks like another country might soon be subjected to the whims of the cable giant.
Netflix Has A Clever New Plan To Combat Comcast's Bandwidth Policy
While the epic clash of Comcast vs. consumer rages on, streaming service Netflix is throwing in on the side of the little guy. As it turns out, the streaming service has been working on a clever way to help users get around the Comcast data caps.
Comcast Just Made A Huge Mistake That Ruined A Woman's Credit
Large companies often make errors. Typically these errors are small, but sometimes they are larger, and recently Comcast made a mistake that totally ruined one woman's credit. Here's what happened.
How Many Complaints The FCC Has Received Over Comcast's New Policy
A new Star Wars movie is hitting theaters this month, but the most evil entity in the universe is still going to be Comcast. The company recently pissed people off by arbitrarily adding bandwidth data caps, and those people have spoken!
Comcast Users Who Netflix Too Much Will Get Charged Extra
If you like to binge watch programs on Netflix, and you're a subscriber of Comcast, you're going to want to read this article sitting down. The news we have to share isn't the best in the world, but it's important.
Cable Companies Are Being Sued By Black-Owned Networks
Cable companies are rarely among the public’s favorite people. Things have progressed far beyond the traditional complaints of high bills and frustrating contracts however, and we have reached the lawsuit level with a couple of them.
Comcast Is Raising Cable Prices Again, Get The Details
Conventional wisdom would seem to indicate that paying a monthly subscription for consistent, serialized programming would be the most cost effective approach to personal entertainment. However, Comcast customers are in for a rude awakening as the company’s monthly rates rise, yet again.
Cable Is Losing A Ton Of Subscribers, Get The Details
We’ve all known that the Titanic of cable companies was going to be crashing into the iceberg of streaming services soon enough, but it looks like there are some pretty huge cracks forming already. The same can't be said for streaming services, though.
Comcast Being Comcast, Apparently Blocking Sling TV Ads
We’re at a point where just mentioning the name Comcast automatically lets anyone around know that some form of heinousness is about to be discussed, and that’s not about to change with this story, as it looks like Comcast is blocking Sling TV ads from airing.
How Comcast's New Streaming Service Could Completely Change The Game
Comcast might be finally ready help subscribers cut cords with their new standalone television service exclusively for its Xfinity Internet subscribers to be called, unambiguously enough, Stream. While the service’s name may not be a profile in creativity, the implications for this planned service could shape the future of the telecommunications industry.
Looks Like The Time Warner/Comcast Merger Fell Apart
What would have been one of the most critical collusions in the history of mass media - the proposed $45.2 billion merger between cable colossus, Comcast and Time Warner Cable - has apparently sputtered out to an anti-climactic whimper.
Man's House Burns Down, Comcast Repeatedly Refuses To Cancel His Service
Many of us have dealt with lengthy phone exchanges in the past, oftentimes in the attempt to accomplish relatively simple transactions. Recently, a Comcast subscriber dealt with one such experience when attempting to cancel his cable following a house fire.
Comcast Wants DirecTV's Rob Lowe Commercials Pulled Because Of Course It Can't Take A Joke
DirecTV is now getting bullied over those goofy Rob Lowe ads, which multiple Worst Company in America winner Comcast has formally complained about to the Better Business Bureau's National Advertising Division.
Time Warner Sends Letter To Cable Customer Calling Her A C-Bomb
When taking into consideration their latest name-calling incident, it looks high marks cannot be considered for the Time Warner's customer service. Continue reading to see what led to one customer's being called a very unflattering four-letter-word.
Woman Cancels Cable, Comcast Changes Her Name On Her Last Bill To A Swear Word
Many of us know how troublesome attempting to cancel cable can be, as services are known to shuffle us from person to person as they attempt to incentivize us to keep the service. But one Spokane, Washington woman just got an added insult after successfully canceling her cable.
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