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Why Da Vinci's Demons Was Cancelled, According To Starz's CEO
Recently, we learned that Da Vinci’s Demons will be ending after Season 3 on Starz, and this week Starz CEO Chris Albrecht revealed a big reason the network ultimately decided to drop the series. Find out more after the jump.
Da Vinci's Demons Is Ending, Get The Details
While Starz has finally announced that Season 3 will be returning to the schedule, the announcement also comes with bittersweet news. The drama has also been given the boot by the subscription cable network.
Da Vinci's Demons Renewed For Season 3 At Starz
Da Vinci's Demons is closing in on the final few episodes of its second season, and it looks like Starz is already set on moving forward with Season 3. The premium cable network passed along word this week that they've renewed Da Vinci's Demons for a third season.
Outlander And Power Teased In Starz's New Preview Video
Starz is quickly becoming a great premium cable destination for adventure, with Da Vinci's Demons and Black Sails among their current series, and time travel period drama Outlander on deck to premiere this Summer. They also have 50 Cent's new drama Power lined up to premiere, giving subscribers much to anticipate as the warmer months approach. Starz teased all of the above in their latest preview, offering a glimpse of what 2014 is offering subscribers.
Da Vinci's Demons Season 2: A Look Back And A Look Ahead
Starz’s period drama Da Vinci’s Demons is filled with puzzles, political intrigue, beauty, violence and magic—all of the big elements that help make any glitzy drama sparkle. On Saturday, Starz is bringing the thrilling series back for a second season, and if you didn’t get on board for the first round, or need a bit of a refresher course, this article was written just for you.
Leonardo Da Vinci Shreds His Wings And Falls On Da Vinci's Demons Season 2 Poster
Tom Riley's Leonardo Da Vinci plummets to the ground on the new poster for Da Vinci's Demons. The second season of the historical fantasy will use the story of Icarus as a metaphor for the lead character's journey. Da Vinci aspires to reach new heights, however it looks like the new key art has him in a free fall.
Da Vinci's Demons Season Two Premiere Date Set, Plus A New Trailer
Da Vinci’s Demons will see another season on its home channel of Starz, and today at the Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena, California, that season two’s start date was officially set in stone. An exciting development for the David S. Goyer fantasy series — so much so that there's even a new trailer to boot; giving us another glance at the future history ahead of da Vinci and Florence.
7 Fantastic New TV Shows That Hooked Us In 2013
With each new year comes a new set of TV shows to love or loathe. Between cable, network television and Netflix, which falls into its own budding small screen category, 2013 offered us some spectacular TV entertainment. Our favorite new TV shows of 2013 includes robots, clones, informants, politicians and more.
Check Out The First Trailer For Da Vinci's Demons' Season 2
Espionage, betrayals, violence, and hints about a new land were all crowded into the finale, and now that we’ve gotten a first look at Season 2 of Da Vinci’s Demons, we feel it is safe to say Starz’s drama won’t be slowing down a bit. The new season is expected to premiere in the spring of 2014.
Giveaway: Win A Blu-ray Copy Of Da Vinci's Demons Season 1 And Some Sweet Swag
Da Vinci’s Demons: The Complete First Season follows a young Da Vinci and his adventures as a painter, sculptor and inventor. Anchor Bay Home Entertainment is releasing the set on September 3, and to celebrate, we are giving away an extensive Blu-ray prize pack featuring a Blu-ray copy of the first season, along with a t-shirt and a pen & pencil set to help you in all of your artistic endeavors.
Exclusive Da Vinci's Demons Blu-ray Deleted Scene Features A Genius Who Can't Slow Down
Da Vinci’s Demons is a historical fantasy about the myth and a man that is Leonardo Da Vinci. Anchor Bay Home Entertainment has graciously extended us an exclusive look at one of Season 1’s Blu-ray deleted scenes. It’s the man the clip is concerned with, a young genius attempting pursuits in all manner of fields and directions. His mentor asks him whether he’s a “painter, or a war engineer,” and Da Vinci doesn’t seem to have a good answer ready.
Da Vinci's Demons Season 1 Blu-ray And DVD Will Hit Shelves In September
Starz’s new series, Da Vinci’s Demons, is a hodgepodge of truth and retellings related to the life and times of Leondard Da Vinci. The series wrapped up earlier this month with an action-packed closing episode that left plotlines wide open for a second season. If you loved the new period drama or simply don’t have Starz and want to give it a shot, Starz and Anchor Bay Home Entertainment are putting together a Blu-ray and DVD set for Da Vinci’s Demons: The Complete First Season, which will hit Blu-ray and DVD on September 3.
Da Vinci's Demons Renewed For Season 2 On Starz
Da Vinci’s Demons didn’t take long to earn a second season. The new Starz drama debuted to record-breaking numbers just this past weekend – probably thanks in part to a strong lead-in from departing series Spartacus - and the premium network wasted no time in renewing it.
Spartacus Finale And Da Vinci's Demons Premiere Earn Solid Ratings For Starz
Starz made the wise choice to debut their new series Da Vinci's Demons immediately following the series finale of their popular historical fantasy drama Spartacus: War of the Damned, and based on the numbers from this weekend, it paid off for the pay cable channel in the ratings.
Da Vinci's Demons Episode 2 Preview: A Look At 'The Serpent'
Along with airing the series finale of Spartacus: War of the Damned, last Friday night, Starz debuted the first episode of Da Vinci's Demons, an exciting new historical fantasy drama about the great Leonardo Da Vinci during his younger years as an adult living in Florence, Italy. The series premiere introduced a mystery into the main character's life, and based on the preview for the second episode, titled "The Serpent," it looks like Da Vinci's not wasting any time in exploring that mystery further.
Da Vinci's Demons Series Premiere: Watch The Full Episode 'The Hanged Man' Here
Starz has offered up a treat for subscribers and non-subscribers alike. The premium cable network is set to debut their new historical fantasy drama Da Vinci's Demons tonight, but those who don't want to wait until it airs after the finale of Spartacus airs, or who don't have a subscription to Starz can watch the full premiere episode, "The Hangled Man" online now! The episode is rated TV-14. Right here.
Da Vinci's Demons Review: David S. Goyer's Exciting Drama Takes Flight On Starz This Friday
What becomes clear from the start of David S. Goyer's new historical fantasy series Da Vinci's Demons is that this show won't work if fans aren't completely drawn in by Tom Riley's performance as the legendary artist, inventor, painter and all around Renaissance Man. Fortunately for Da Vinci's Demons, and for Starz, the series succeeds in selling us on the character, presenting him as a man who manages to measure up to the hype of his legend...
Spartacus Series Finale And Da Vinci's Demons Promo Teases Two Events Set For One Night
As Starz's latest promo reminds us, the premium cable channel is combining two events into one night this week, delivering the final installment of the Spartacus saga and chasing it with the airing of the series premiere of Da Vinci's Demons, a new period drama, which focuses on the life and adventures of a young Leondaro Da Vinci.
Da Vinci's Demons Takes Flight With An Exciting New Trailer
If Da Vinci's Demons turns out to be half as good as it looks in its trailer, we're in for something dramatic, exciting, suspenseful and adventurous. David S. Goyer's new series is set to premiere in less than a month on Starz, following the conclusion of Spartacus: War of the Damned. With Spartacus in mind, Italy is certainly familiar territory for the pay cable channel, however Da Vinci's Demons takes place more than a millenium later, and north of Rome to beautiful Florence in the 1400s.
Da Vinci's Demons Featurette Shows Us More Of David S. Goyer's Upcoming Historical Drama
As Spartacus: War of the Damned marches toward its finale, Starz has Da Vinci's Demons poised to take over Friday nights next month. The premium cable network released a new video, which features series creator David S. Goyer, the cast and writers as they talk about this intriguing looking historical drama, which re-imagines the younger years of Italian Renaissance thinker and creator Leonard Da Vinci.

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