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Destination America Will Air A Train Ride On Thanksgiving, Because The Yule Log Is Too Exciting

This holiday season, Destination America is jumping into slow TV, and will be airing a train ride, catering to those who find football and the Macy’s Day Parade to be a tad bit too exciting. Here's what to expect.

There's Going To Be A Live Exorcism On TV, Get The Details

With streaming, DVR and general apathy working against live television to continue capturing the eyes and brains of audiences, it takes some pretty strong non-sports programming to get people interested. Enter Exorcism: Live.

Walt Disney Theme Parks And Cruise Line Showcased During Destination America's Disney Week

Destination America will be spreading a little Disney magic around its schedule later this month. Those toying with the idea of spending some time at Disney World in Florida, Disneyland in California, or perhaps taking a Disney Cruise might have their minds made up by one of the programs set to air on Destination America. The planned "Disney Week" begins with Walt Disney World: Behind the Scenes, which is set to air Monday, April 29.

United States Of Bacon Served Up At Destination America Later This Month

Just the word "bacon" makes some people salivate at the thought of the delicious, fried, meaty treat. Not necessarily me, just some people (...including me). The taste and smell likely rank in the top two spots of bacon's vast appeal, followed by the sight of it, for those familiar enough with its deliciousness to have positive associations with it. It is for that reason that bacon on makes a good TV subject. We've seen it featured in food shows and specials before, and the pork product will take center stage in a Destination America series called The United States of Bacon.

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