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Ewan McGregor Is Bald And Unrecognizable In New Fargo Season 3 Footage
Fargo is soon to return to the airwaves with Ewan McGregor as star. New footage of McGregor has hit the web, and he definitely has a different look. Check it out!
A Harry Potter Star Just Joined Fargo Season 3
Set in 2010, Season 3 will be led by Ewan McGregor in the actor's first big U.S. TV role, and it so happens he'll be joined by a very familiar Harry Potter star.
Fargo Season 3 Just Cast A Horror Star In A Major Role, Get The Details
Fargo Season 3 is shaping up to have as great a cast as the other seasons. Check out the awesome actor who will be joining the polite drama in Season 3.
13 Weird And Wonderful Shows To Watch While We Wait For More Stranger Things
If you're like so many others out there, you have already binge-watched the entire first season of Netflix's must-watch horror thriller Stranger Things. While we wait for news on Season 2, here are 13 weird and awesome shows to catch up with.
Ewan McGregor Just Landed His First Major TV Role In The U.S., And It Sounds Bonkers
Recent years have seen waves of actors and actresses making the jump from the big screen to TV for big roles, and Ewan McGregor is joining that club for an intriguing role. Or roles.
What The Coen Brothers Think Of Fargo, The TV Show
Fargo has earned plenty of acclaim during its first two seasons on the air. Fargo's second season, in fact, earned Golden Globes nods and more. But that doesn't mean everyone is interested in the FX drama.
When Fargo Season 3 Will Take Place
While we may have an excruciatingly long wait until FX’s Fargo returns for its new season, a key detail about the next volume in what is easily one of TV’s best drama has emerged, courtesy of FX’s presence at the Television Critics Association this week. Season 2 of Fargo took us even further back in time to tell the story of the Sioux Falls Massacre.
16 Biggest WTF Moments Of The 2015 TV Season
While it would have been impossible to include every WTF moment that passed in front of our eyes this year, here are the 16 most bonkers surprises, twists, deaths and all around oddities that TV gave us in 2015.
The Top 10 Shows Of 2015, According To Jessica
Every year around this time, we put together a list of the top shows we feel really pushed above and beyond and had a year for the ages. Among them is a a series that is quietly thoughtful, a few fantasy dramas with beautiful costumes and one USA series with one of the tightest first seasons I’ve ever seen.
When Fargo Season 3 Will Premiere
We certainly hope that you’ll be thinking about last night’s finale of Fargo Season 2 for a long time, because that’s how long you’ll be waiting to see Season 3 make its way to your televisions.
The Fargo Creator Has A Ton Of Other Stuff In The Works At FX
It’s a huge week for Fargo creator Noah Hawley. This morning brought multiple Golden Globes nominations for Fargo Season 2, and now FX has announced the upcoming slate of projects Hawley is developing.
Will Fargo Bring Characters Back For Season 3? Here's What The Creator Says
Easily one of the best shows on TV right now, Fargo has done some great things with its anthology format, connecting the seasons (and movie) through themes and certain characters. Will Season 3 bring some of those characters back?
Fargo Renewed For Season 3 By FX
FX president John Landgraf has been public about his views that there is too much TV out there, but those opinions thankfully haven’t caused him to scale back on the quality programming his network puts out. Case in point: More Fargo!
10 TV Remakes That Miraculously Don't Suck
Every time a TV remake gets announced, it’s predictably met with groans and complaints that there are no new ideas anymore – despite the dozens of new ideas coming out every year – but we should always remember the remakes that have indeed gone right. Here are 10 of them.
Fargo Season 2 Review: You Betcha The 70s Story Is Brilliant
A new premise and a new set of characters had to be cast before a new season could even be shot. With all this in mind, it’s easy to see why Fargo Season 2 was a while in the making. Luckily, Fargo is now back and bolder than ever.
Why Fargo Decided To Start Over With New Characters In Season 2
The show will feature ties to the first season, but will also feature new actors and a whole new time period. Recently, showrunner and creator Noah Hawley spoke out to explain why the FX drama decided to throw all of the former concepts out and start over for Season 2.
Fargo Season 2 Will Look And Feel Totally Different, According To Series Creator
With the current trend of movie to TV adaptations, Fargo certainly stands out as one of the better. Now as the show gears up for the release of Season 2, series creator Noah Hawley has shed some light on his approach, and how it differs from the first season.
Full Fargo Season 2 Trailer Is Filled With Violence And Homespun Charm
If you thought that first look at Season 2 of Fargo looked enjoyably quaint and deceivingly devious, the full-length official trailer below is going to blow you away with its endless amount of cast members and their facial hair. Grab yourself a chocolate glazed and check it out!
The Fargo Season 2 Trailer Looks Really Great
Fargo has been gearing up for Season 2 for over a year now, and we finally have some footage from the upcoming episodes of the drama, which highlights period costumes, Patrick Wilson, and much, much more snow.
Bruce Campbell Is Playing This U.S. President In Fargo Season 2
While it seemed like Fargo’s first season had one of the best casts on TV, Season 2 is already looking like it’ll eclipse it. And as it happens, Bruce Campbell will play a big part in making this next season amazing.
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