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The Full Scoop On Those Flight Of The Conchords Reunion Rumors

HBO is usually extremely careful about what marketing information it lets out into the universe, but sometimes the subscription cable network has a little trouble reining in its creative talent. This week, Flight of The Conchords leading man Jermaine Clement spoke out about a 4-episode project he has been working on with HBO recently. But will that have anything to do with the music maker's former show?

Flight Of The Conchords Reunite For Charity Song Feel Inside And Stuff Like That

The long and storied history of Flight of the Conchords continues as members Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie, sorry, Academy Award winner Bret McKenzie have reunited for a good cause, specifically to help sick children as part of Red Nose Day New Zealand 2012. And on top of the pretty amazing (parody of a) charity song, there’s a solid ten minutes before the singing starts which plays out like a mini-episode of the former TV series.

Flight Of The Conchords Grounded At HBO

It looks like it's two and done for HBO's Flight of the Conchords. Rather than the network canceling it, though, this was a decision made by the creators, so while the show may be ending, the real Flight of the Conchords lives on.

Emmy Watch: Comedy And Drama Series Finalists Announced

Today the Television Academy of Arts and Sciences posted the short list for the Emmy nominations for Best Drama and Best Comedy series. The list includes the top ten vote-getters for each category and this weekend, screenings will take place to decide which shows actually make it on to the official nomination ballot.

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