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10 Great Shows To Stream On Netflix This Summer
Summer can be a rough time for TV fans while most of the big shows are on hiatus until fall. Luckily, Netflix has a vast library of shows available, and some are absolutely perfect to bingewatch over the summer. Here are 10 of them.
Watch Amy Schumer's Hilariously Dark Friday Night Lights Spoof
Check out Inside Amy Schumer’s hilarious spoof of Friday Night Lights and rape culture in the football world. Most uncomfortable mash-up ever? I should say so.
Watch The Parenthood And Friday Night Lights Web Series Right Now
Holy Crucifictorious! The Jason Katims-a-palooza that is Friday Night at The Luncheonette has finally arrived. Part one of the four-part web series mash up of the showrunner's two biggest shows — Friday Night Lights and Parenthood — arrived online today and it's worth getting excited about. And thank goodness because our clear eyes and full hearts have been waiting for this.
Parks And Recreation, Parenthood, Grimm, Chicago Fire Get Web Series
And just like that: everyone and their mother is getting in on the digital series game. First came the announcement that Jason Katims’ two stalwart series — >Parenthood and Friday Night Lights — were getting the tiny tube treatment, and now it seems that several other NBC series are getting the same in the wake of their series’ hiatuses, including Parks and Recreation, Grimm, and Chicago Fire. It’s almost as if the networks are taking the Internet seriously or something.
Friday Night Lights' Jurnee Smollett To Recur On Parenthood
If you're a fan of Friday Night Lights who also happens to watch Parenthood, you may have noticed that Jason Katims has a tendency to bring actors from his previous series over to the current one. It's likely how we got Michael B. Jordan, Minka Kelley and Matt Lauria, among others. And soon we can add Jurnee Smollett, another FNL beauty who's been cast to play a role in the NBC drama series.
Friday Night Lights' Zach Gilford Joins Fox Medical Drama Pilot
It looks like Zach Gilford may be giving a starring role in a medical drama another shot. While many will associate him with his role as Matt Saracen in Friday Night Lights, once the NBC football drama wrapped up, Gilford moved on to star in the short-lived medical drama Off the Map. Things didn’t go so well for the ABC series, but perhaps Gilford will have better luck with Fox’s untitled drama by Josh Berman and Robert Wright.
Parenthood's Michael B. Jordan Joins Jason Ritter In NBC's County
Michael B. Jordan, who has had roles in both Parenthood and Friday Night Lights, is set to join the hospital drama’s cast. Jordan is set to play Travis Hancock, an intern at the hospital. Like his role in Parenthood, Jordan will play an uncompromising young man who came from nothing and turned that nothing into something—in Hancock’s case, eight years of medical school.
Parenthood's Michael B. Jordan Confirmed To Guest Star On House
NBC viewers may recognize actor Michael B. Jordan from his roles on Friday Night Lights and Parenthood, however it looks like Fox may be the place to see him next on the small screen as the actor may be set to appear in an episode of the medical drama House.
Best TV Moments Of 2011: From The Darkest Timeline To A Face-Off
2011 has been a great year for television, with too many memorable moments worth mentioning. We managed to chip away at the long list of our favorite bits from this year’s TV, bringing it down to the ten best of the best. From a very dark timeline, to a big reveal and a couple of major deaths, TV had a lot to offer us this year.
NBC Buys Western From Will & Grace Alum Sean Hayes' Production Company
The show will be set in the 1880s and will tell the story of an East Coast doctor named Jacob who moves to a small town in the Colorado Rockies. Jacob specializes in mental disorders, and he will apparently use that training to solve problems in the town, rather than simply embracing the established tradition of blasting holes in anybody what done you wrong. While the show is described as having both comedy and drama elements, it sounds from their description like it might have a touch of the procedural about it as well.
Predicting The 2011 Emmy Awards: Who Should Win And Who Will
I’d be lying if I tried to claim that I was exceptionally good at predicting the Emmys. In truth, none of the awards shows are all that predictable, which is part of what makes them worth tuning in for in the first place. There’s a lot of talent in this year’s rundown of nominees. I’ve made a solid attempt to predict who will win, and I’ve thrown my own choice for who should win from each of the major categories.
NBC Picks Up Western From Friday Night Lights Producers
The series will be “a western story told from a female point of view.” Berg and Heldens will both exec produce, with Heldens writing the script. That’s not much to go on, but if they can bring the same level of writing quality to this show as they did to Friday Night Lights, this will definitely be one to watch.
Friday Night Lights Series Finale Watch: Always
There is something profoundly misguided, innocent, pessimistic, optimistic, short-sighted, prescient, beautiful, sad and uplifting about that conversation Tim and Jason had at the beginning of the pilot episode. A rather simple statement made by a misguided high school kid that turned out to define the greatest show no one ever watched.
Fans Can Revisit Friday Night Lights On ESPN
Now, ESPN has announced reruns of the soon-defunct show will air on ESPN and ESPN Classic. The announcement couldn’t have come any sooner, because ESPN is planning to begin airing Season 1episodes on July 12, the same day Friday Night Lights ends its run on DirecTV and NBC
Jason Ritter To Return To Parenthood, Plus Developing New Series
Wow. People must really love this guy. To be fair, I also think Jason Ritter is a wonderful actor, or should I say, could be a wonderful actor. I couldn't even get past the trailer for his last TV show, the now canceled, The Event, because it just looked so awful (even with him included). To feel better, I force myself to remember his good days on Parenthood and now, those good days are about to return.
Friday Night Lights Watch: Perfect Record
If Friday Night Lights is an equation then the multiple variables have always been the players, the kids, and the community at large while the constant has been Coach Taylor. His uncompromising hold on his core belief system (when it comes to family and football) have rarely wavered and even been the cause of him losing his job.
Friday Night Lights Watch: Swerve
In that the episode was about the art of the dodge, it’s somewhat ironic that Julie chose to sidestep her college fallout by driving her car straight into an immovable object.
Friday Night Lights Watch: Keep Looking
“Keep Looking” wasn’t a great episode as a sixty minute run, but was a phenomenal piece of television in its closing musical montage. And while breaking down the whole episode into its necessary components has its benefits, one need only watch the last five minutes to gain a full picture of the story behind Friday Night Lights.
Friday Night Lights Watch: Right Hand of the Father
“Right Hand of the Father” exemplified much of what it means to not fully understand the scope of parenting, especially concerning teenagers. Because these little s#$%s do whatever they want.
Friday Night Lights Watch: Outside Looking In
I get the feeling the writers and brass for Friday Night Lights, much like the Taylor family in tonight’s episode, have always felt like they were on the outside looking in. After all, the show has never gained the mainstream popularity I’m sure it once pined for.

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