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Gordon Ramsay Has A Crazy New Cooking Show Coming
Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has a brand new cooking show on the way, and it sounds absolutely awesome. Get the details!
The Funniest Thing That's Ever Happened On Masterchef, According To Gordon Ramsay
Recently, Gordon Ramsay admitted which was his favorite moment while filming Masterchef. We can almost guarantee it's not what you would think.
Watch Gordon Ramsay, Warwick Davis And More Pop Up For Downton Abbey's Holiday Celebration
Famous faces poking fun at themselves is always fun, and key members of the cast of ITV’s Downton Abbey recently spoofed their own show for a charitable comedy sketch.
Gordon Ramsay Shuts Down Kitchen Nightmares
Shut it down! That's what Gordon Ramsay is doing with his popular unscripted series Kitchen Nightmares, both in the U.S. and the U.K. Does this mean that he's cleaned up all of the struggling restaurants on both sides of the pond? Not likely. From the sound of it, Ramsay has simply decided to stop making the show.
Junior Masterchef Gets A Series Order At Fox, Renewals For Masterchef And Hell's Kitchen
You know what Fox needs? Another Gordon Ramsay cooking show! Ok, not really, but it's getting one, and this one actually sounds like it could be good. The title should clue you in to what this show is all about. Junior Masterchef is a new culinary competition series that has cooking enthusiasts between the ages of eight and thirteen attempting to show off their skills in the kitchen. News of this series order comes with word that Masterchef has been renewed for two more seasons.
Gordon Ramsay's Hotel Hell Renewed For Season 2
Fox has announced pretty great news for fans of Hotel Hell: the reality series is getting an extended stay on the network. After posting the highest-rated debut for a series opener this summer, Hotel Hell has averaged great ratings for the network, even becoming the highest rated new series in the coveted 18-49 demographic over the summer.
Fox Renews Masterchef For Season 4
Whether it's because the format has grown stale, or perhaps because I prefer the contestants on Masterchef much more than the ones on Hell's Kitchen this season, I've found myself anticipating each new episode of Masterchef much more than I have Gordon Ramsay's other cooking competition series this summer. While Hell's Kitchen puts people from various culinary backgrounds against one another in different cooking challenges, as well as the task of completing dinner service, Masterchef features amateur culinary enthusiasts...
Hotel Hell Premiere Date Pushed Back To August
On August 13, Hotel Hell will be given a special two-night episode premiere on the network. Despite getting two episodes two days in a row, I’m a little bummed the show is only premiere a few short weeks before the fall schedule hits. Hotel Hell was pretty high on my summer TV watching list, but in between a ton of new pilots in the fall and all of my old favorites, I have trouble seeing where the show will fit in.
Hell's Kitchen Renewed By Fox For Two More Seasons
Summer at Fox has become Gordon Ramsay territory. In addition to the tenth season of cooking competition series Hell’s Kitchen this summer, the culinary celebrity also has Season 3 of Masterchef, and the premiere of Hotel Hell.
Fox Renews Kitchen Nightmares For Another Season
While the success rate of restaurants isn’t said to be very high, the success rate for Fox’s Kitchen Nightmares continues to improve. The network has decided to renew the series for yet another season, which means Gordon Ramsay will be helping more failing restaurants in the U.S. clean up their act.
Gordon Ramsay Headed For Hotel Hell On Fox
Gordon Ramsay’s making a pretty good living telling people they’re doing things wrong. Now, it appears he’s extending that skill to the hotel industry with a new series that sounds like Kitchen Nightmares, except for hotels on the verge of going under.
Ramsay Shares Cooking Tips In Honor Of Hell's Kitchen's 100th Episode
Gordon Ramsay has cause to celebrate as his popular culinary competition series Hell’s Kitchen is hitting the 100th episode mark. In honor of the milestone, fans will get to see a special episode this Wednesday and Ramsay’s sharing some kitchen tips, which we have here.
MasterChef Preview: Chef Idol
For those of you who can’t get enough of Gordon Ramsay, Fox is set to premiere his newest reality TV competition MasterChef next week. Check out some clips from the series premiere as well as a video interview featuring Chef Ramsay.
Hell's Kitchen Reaction: Bring On The Fires Of Mediocrity
Here we go again, Hell’s Kitchen fans. Time to figure out how these chosen contestants can claim to be cooks, or even more unfathomable, chefs. The season premiere of Hell’s Kitchen felt as if it were made
Gordon Ramsay: Cookalong Live Preview
When it comes to television, he’s sort of made a name for himself with his angry-chef persona but he does actually cook too and later this month, Fox will give viewers a chance to see some of that when they air his new special Gordon Ramsay: Cookalong Live
Ramsay To Judge Aspiring Cooks In New Reality Series
Because TV viewers can't seem to get enough of watching Gordon Ramsay scream at people about their culinary ineptitude, Fox is bringing yet another Ramsay series to the network. Fox announced today that the new culinary competition series is based on Ramsay's hit shows in the U.K. and Australia.
Gordon Ramsay Tooning Into Animated Series
Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has become known to American audiences thanks to his over-the-top antics on Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares. Having already conquered worlds both culinary and televisual, what brave new worlds remain? How about stop-motion?

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