TV Hatfields And Mccoys

Dexter's James Remar Joins NBC's Hatfields & McCoys Pilot

Further indication that Dexter may be on the way out comes today with the news that James Remar has been cast in NBC's pilot Hatfield's & McCoys. The actor, who plays Dexter's deceased father Harry on the Showtime drama series, has been cast to play a Hatfield in NBC's pilot, which would take the infamous family feud to the present day for more drama.

Golden Globe Winners: The 5 Biggest Surprises

The Golden Globes is an exciting ceremony for a TV fan, as we get to see the stars and producers of some of our favorite TV shows honored with awards for their efforts. It's always good when we, the viewers, agree with the Hollywood Foreign Press on their choices for the past year's best of the best. But it's not always easy to predict which way they'll vote and whether or not they get it right is certainly subject to opinion and debate. And sometimes our picks don't line up with the HFPA's choices.

History Channel Taps Kevin Costner For Hatfield And McCoy Miniseries

The closest comparison we have today would likely be a mafia war, but even in la Cosa Nostra conflicts, the two sides typically hold fast to certain honor codes. No killing women, no killing children, no involving the state. Both the Hatfield's and the McCoy's violated these maxims repeatedly

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