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Watch Miranda Lambert Read The Meanest Tweet On Jimmy Kimmel Live!
This country music edition of "Mean Tweets" actually features some pretty funny comments, but also one particularly mean barb directed right at country music singer Miranda Lambert's forehead
Watch Jimmy Kimmel Tell His Own Kid He Ate Her Halloween Candy
This year, however, Jimmy Kimmel actually took his young daughter trick-or-treating for the first time. The next day, he joined other parents in the time-honored tradition of lying to them about eating their candy.
President Obama Read Mean Tweets One Final Time And Got In Some Epic Digs
Last night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! featured one very famous guest. President Obama is making the interview rounds before leaving office at the end of his term, and Kimmel was able to convince him to sit down for a second round of "Mean Tweets."
Who Dressed Ken Bone For The Debate, According To Ken Bone
Ken Bone became famous for wearing a fuzzy red sweater to the Presidential Debate on Sunday, and the man joined Jimmy Kimmel via video from St. Louis on Monday night to talk about being a viral hit and, of course, his wardrobe.
Downton Abbey's Maggie Smith Has The Perfect Response To Jimmy Kimmel Taking Her Emmy
During last night's Emmys, host Jimmy Kimmel took jabs at all manner of celebrities, and some of his most absurd jokes were aimed at Downton Abbey's Maggie Smith. The actress had the perfect response to his award-nabbing ways.
The 8 Best Jokes From The 2016 Primetime Emmy Awards
During the 68th Annual Emmy Awards, Jimmy Kimmel was on fire, taking not only lead actors but even producers to task in a way that was both amusing and a little edgier than usual. Still, Jimmy Kimmel wasn't the only person who threw some unexpected jokes at us during tonight's broadcast.
The 2016 Emmys' 6 Biggest WTF Moments
Tonight's telecast of the 68th Emmy Awards was no different from those of years past, and there was no shortage of WTF moments. Here were 6 of those more unpredictable instances.
Watch Matt Damon Make Fun Of Jimmy Kimmel For Losing At The Emmys
Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon have had a feud going for more than a decade now, and Kimmel usually gets the last word thanks to his nightly hosting gig on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Matt Damon got the chance to fire back at the 68th Emmys, and he didn't hold back.
Watch The Stranger Things Kids Ride In To Deliver Sandwiches At The Emmys
Check out an adorably hilarious video of the Stranger Things kids as they help Jimmy Kimmel hand out sandwiches to the attendees of the 2016 Emmy Awards.
Watch The Hilarious Emmys Introduction Spoof Modern Family, Carpool Karaoke And Even Jeb Bush
Watch Jimmy Kimmel hilariously spoof a ton of nominees during the opening act for the 2016 Emmy ceremony.
2016 Emmy Awards: Winners Updated Live
So far, this year's Emmy Awards have mostly felt like the year of Game of Thrones, but there are sure to be a few surprises during the big broadcast. Stay tuned here to find out who are the big winners and losers.
What Jimmy Kimmel Thinks Of His Late Night Competitors
While Jimmy Kimmel has seen late night hosts come and go, he certainly still has opinions about the people he is currently airing opposite on the network schedule.
Who Jimmy Kimmel Says Is Most In Danger Of Being Mocked At The Emmys
This TV season, Jimmy Kimmel is hosting the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony, which is expected to air this weekend. As expected, the late night host will not hold back when it comes to his celebrity barbs.
Watch Britney Spears Wake Up Jimmy Kimmel With An Epic Prank
Apparently, Jimmy Kimmel's wife conspired against him again, and got Britney Spears to wake him up in the middle of the night with music and dancers. You can check out the amusing prank.
How Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel And Stephen Colbert Compare In The Ratings
Where do each of these shows land in the ratings? And which late night shows perform better with the younger advertising demographic? Here's what we know.
Check Out Kelly Ripa's First Co-Host After Michael Strahan Leaves The Show
While it used to be the late night talk shows where you could find all the drama fit to print in a tell-all book, Live! With Kelly and Michael has made morning TV quite controversial. Here's who will take Michael Strahan's place first.
Jimmy Kimmel Will Host This Year's Emmy Awards
This week the network announced that a host had been signed on for the big event, and that host will be none other than ABC’s late night talent, Jimmy Kimmel.
Watch Ben Affleck Sneak Matt Damon Onto Jimmy Kimmel Live
It’s a well-known fact that Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon have been in a “feud” for quite some time now, ever since Kimmel dropped his first “Apologies to Matt Damon, we ran out of time,” joke on his late night series.
Watch Daryl Dixon Fight Zombies With Hoverboards
Whether Daryl it is using a metal chain to decapitate three walkers at a time, Eugene is utilizing a firehose to tear a group apart, or the Governor is wielding a bone to tear off a walker’s head, we’ve seen it all on The Walking Dead. Until now.
Watch Drake And More React To Some Outrageous Mean Tweets
Jimmy Kimmel's staff has perfected the art of culling through a whole bunch of tweets to find the sharpest, funniest and meanest barbs from fans, or more likely, non-fans. This week's edition of the funny "Mean Tweets" segment is wholly music related.

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