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Here's What Arrested Development Season 5 Will Be About
Considering Season 4 of Arrested Development brought Netflix an entirely different narrative and structure than earlier seasons, it was truly hard to predict what creator Mitch Hurwitz would conceive for Season 5. Now we know.
The Greatest Arrested Development Ad-Lib, According To The Creator
A lot of Arrested Development's laughs come from esteemed actor Jeffrey Tambor, who played the expertly shady patriarch George Bluth, and show creator Mitch Hurwitz puts one of Tambor’s ad-libs in the pilot episode as the best of the show’s run. Chicken dance time!
Will Arnett Has A New Netflix Series, Here Are The Details
You just can’t keep Will Arnett off of television, and anyone who tries should have to spend a week or two working for Gob Bluth. A few months after CBS’ unceremonious cancellation of his sitcom The Millers, Arnett is reteaming with Netflix and Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz for this new series.
Arrested Development's Mitch Hurwitz Signs Multi-Year Creative Deal With Netflix
He and his banner The Hurwitz Company will officially be creating and producing new comedies for Netflix for at least the next two years. It won’t only be inside jobs though, as Hurwitz will be looking to develop series with other creators in a non-writing capacity, though he would still be an executive producer and consultant.
Arrested Development's Mitch Hurwitz Shares A Thank You Letter With Fans And Enemies
"It's been our great joy to bring this to you on Netflix, where you can access it whenever and however you want," Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurtwitz said, in the thank you letter he wrote to his fans and enemies this weekend. "Except, you know it's really meant to be watched in order. And you really should watch them all, because they build and I'm just saying, 'eventually,' if you can. All 15."
Arrested Development's Mitch Hurwitz, Jessica Walter And Jeffrey Tambor Talk Season 4
We're so close to the premiere of Arrested Development on Netflix that it's almost to the point where the show is the only thing I want to think about or talk about. Fortunately, series creator Mitch Hurwitz and stars Jessica Walter (Lucille) and Jeffrey Tambor (George Sr.) were kind enough to take the time to sit with the press on a conference call and talk about the show's approaching Netflix revival. That's happening this Sunday (May 26), in case you didn't pencil it into your calendar, or whatever it is people do to keep track of dates these days.
Arrested Development's Mitch Hurwitz Comments On The State Of The Bluths, Netflix Confirms A May Premiere
There is finally an end in sight to the wait for the return of Arrested Development on Netflix, and when it does arrive it seems we can expect the show to have a somewhat different feel and flow than the original episodes. Seven years after being axed by Fox, Netflix will be giving it new life and a new rhythm as well.
Arrested Development Creator Explains Episode Structure, And Confirms We Might Get Even More
As hard as it is to believe, a new season of Arrested Development really is in production right now, and there really will be new episodes airing on Netflix next year, and more ridiculous adventures to see the Bluth Family get into. But even though the new series is all set to go-- with a potential feature film to follow it up
Arrested Development Season 4: Netflix Will Premiere All 10 Episodes At Once
Netflix is already a game-changer for television and on-demand video, but this could take things to the next level. It sounds like Hurwitz is essentially saying that he’s adjusting the way he’s writing the series’ fourth season to benefit from Netflix’s somewhat alternative way of handling their original programming.
Hulu Joins Bidding War For Rights To Pre-Movie Arrested Development Series
It’s no secret that Hulu is running on its last legs already as it continues to lose partners and subscribers, so this push to get new AD episodes will likely be a last ditch effort to hook people into their service. The fear is that they’ll bury the series as a Hulu Plus only series meaning that normal folk like you and me won’t be able to watch the new episodes without signing up for their $7.99/month service.
Running Wilde Put On Hold For The Rest Of November
For as much as many of us were hoping it would be the second coming of Arrested Development, Mitch Hurwitz's new series Running Wilde has been disappointing on pretty much every front

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