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When Portlandia Will End, According To The Leads
Portlandia is currently gearing up to air its sixth season on IFC, but as it turns out, there looks to be an end to the series in sight.
Portlandia Rips Off The Simpsons In This Awesome Clip
For nearly its entire run, The Simpsons has been notable for its myriad guest stars, but the past year as seen the long-running comedy making its own guest spots in other shows. The latest includes creator Matt Groening heading up to the wild and preservative-free world of Portlandia. Get your first look here.
How To Watch It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 9 And Two More Great Shows That Just Started Streaming
Hopefully everybody got to live the spooky life this weekend in Halloween's afterglow, but it's time to put away the masks and put on whatever you feel most comfortable laughing in, as this week's choices are all comedies.
We Love The New Portlandia Promo Images: 5 Reasons You Should, Too
In anticipation of the upcoming fourth season of Portlandia on IFC, comedic duo Carrie Browenstein and Fred Armisen — the show’s creators and stars — have teamed up with famed photographer Alex Prager for a series of bustling shots that perfectly encapsulate the series. In true Portland fashion, the intersection of absurd and art finds these two smack dab in the middle of it all. Gosh, could these two be any better?
Portlandia Returns February 27 And It Is Chockablock With Guest Stars
The dream of Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein is alive on IFC starting February 27. That's right, curio collectors, Portlandia is back, and the ode to all things nineties and homemade is bringing through a veritable cavalcade of guest stars — twenty-five, to be exact — to usher in the funny and absurd nature of the Pacific Northwest's crafty crown jewel. Musicians, actors, and even the occasional basketball player or two will be on hand to skewer (with love!) the town most noted for its unwavering commitment to staying weird.
IFC's Portlandia Renewed For Seasons 4 And 5
The dream of the 90s will remain alive on IFC for years to come. The cable channel announced today that they've renewed Portlandia for two more seasons, which will keep the show on the air through 2015. So it seems stars and creators Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen will have to find more ways to poke fun at hipster culture for seasons to come.
Spoiler Alert: Portlandia Season 3 Clip Is Full Of Spoilers
Spoiler alert! This clip from the upcoming third season of IFC's Portlandia is full of spoilers… from other shows and movies. Ever sit around and try to discuss your favorite TV shows and films with other people, some of whom aren't caught up or haven't gotten around to seeing that particular film? That's what the people in this funny scene are doing. And in the process, Portlandia squeaks in some pretty major spoilers from previously aired TV shows.
Portlandia Adds Juliette Lewis, Matt Lucas, Patton Oswalt And Others To Guest Star In Season 3
Part of the fun of IFC's sketch comedy series Portlandia is spotting the occasional guest star who might stop by the quirky town for a bit. We already knew that Chloe Sevigny is set to appear in the series' third season, and here's hoping she has more fun in Portland than Sevigny's character had in Briarcliff on American Horror Story: Asylum, right? Sevigny's not the only guest star set to appear this season. A whole host of other celebrities are lined up to join Portlandia stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein in Season 3.
Portlandia: Season 2 [Blu-ray Review]
Portlandia Season 2 features many returning favorites from Season 1, as well as several new characters, a bit more structure and ten episodes instead of six. But even with the expansion there is still a sense of ‘second verse same as the first’ so if you were a fan of Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein’s Oregonian sketch comedy exploits the first time around then you should definitely be visiting the second season.
Portlandia Season 3 Preview Clip Has Carrie Swept Away By A Fantasy
The dream of the 90s is still alive in Portland. IFC's popular comedy series Portlandia returns next year (with a special episode airing next month). This new clip gives us a look at what's going on in Portlandia's Portland these days.
Chloe Sevigny Joins Portlandia For Season 3
Big Love's Chloe Sevigny is already set for a small screen role, joining the FX horror-drama series American Horror Story for its second season. And now it looks like we'll be seeing her in Portlandia at some point in the comedy series' third season.
Portlandia Season 2 Preview: Episode 8 - Penny Marshall And LaMarcus Aldridge Guest Star
How important is Facebook to your relationship? This Friday night’s episode of Portlandia addresses that issue with a funny sketch that includes a bit of gender reversal between stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein. Check it out ahead!
Portlandia Season 2 Preview: The Dream Of The 1890's Is Alive In Portland
When IFC’s Portlandia first premiered, the series kicked off with a musical number about the dream of the ’90’s and the city of Portland, where all of the hot girls wear glasses and young people go to retire. This Friday’s episode will feature a follow up song. The dream of the ’90’s is still alive in Portland!... the 1890’s, anyway...
Portlandia Season 2 Preview: Episode 4 - A Walk In The Dog Park
Is everyone a DJ in Portlandia? It’s certainly looking that way in one of the clips we have to show you from this Friday’s episode. And then there’s the adventures of two very enthusiastic dog owners as they take their canine to the dog park.
Portlandia Season 2 Preview: Episode 3 - Jack McBrayer Guest Stars
As someone who has the tendency to compulsively hoard grocery bags for later use, I feel very little guilt when I forget my more environmentally friendly reusable grocery bag. But I’m also fortunate enough to visit grocery stores that don’t serve a side-dish of awkwardness when such a scenario takes place, unlike Jack McBrayer’s character in this Friday’s episode of Portlandia.
Can Portlandia's Armisen And Brownstein Keep The Dream Of The '90's Alive In Springfield?
The dream of the ’90’s may be alive in Springfield. Just a week after IFC’s comedy series Portlandia returned for its second season comes word that series creators and stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein are headed to Fox for a guest spot on the network’s long-running animated comedy series The Simpsons.
Portlandia Tour Adds More Dates And Cities
IFC’s Portlandia returned to television for its second season last week and beginning next week, stars (and creators) of the IFC comedy series Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein will go on tour across the country. With the California, Illinois and New York visits sold out, more dates and venues have been added to the tour, giving fans in a few of the more southern regions of the country the opportunity to catch the tour as well.
IFC Orders Two New Original Comedies, Bunk And Comedy Bang! Bang!
From the sound of it, IFC is looking to strike while the iron is hot. With some great buzz surrounding the returns of their original comedy series The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret and Portlandia, the network is set to build on their line-up of original comedies with two more series.
Portlandia Season 2 Premiere: A Super-Spiked Mix Tape With A Side Of Cheesy Beefers
A-O river! Last night’s premiere episode of IFC’s Portlandia delivered the goods and a little something extra for fans of and newcomers to the comedy series. For a funny bit of bonus content, the Portlandia figured out a way for you to pickle that... sort of. And we have a few other tidbits from last night’s episode that we thought we’d share.
Watch Portlandia's Fred Armisen Sing With Jimmy Fallon On Late Night
Fred Armisen visited Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night to talk about the return of is excellent IFC comedy series Portlandia for its second season. Music, laughs, and talk of Saturday Night Live also ensued. Check out the videos ahead.
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