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The Big Effect The Flash And Legends Of Tomorrow Had On The Prison Break Revival
Prison Break will soon be the latest TV hit to make a flashy comeback, and two of The CW's superhero shows played different roles in shaping the revival.
How The Prison Break Revival Is Going To Be Different
Prison Break will finally be returning to the small screen in the not-too-distant future, and fans can look forward to seeing more of Michael and Lincoln's exploits. Still, the revival is going to be different in some big ways.
That Time A Woman Thought Prison Break's Dominic Purcell Actually Escaped From Prison
The revival drama will feature a slew of the original cast members, and series lead Dominic Purcell recently shared a story from his early days on Prison Break.
The Prison Break Actor That Almost Didn't Return For The Revival
One longtime Prison Break cast member reveals what it took to get them to sign on for the upcoming series reboot on FOX.
The Famous Book The Prison Break Revival Series Will Be Based On
Prison Break fans have had an exciting few months as more and more news about the upcoming Fox revival have been released. Now, we know what the revival will be based on, and it's an unexpected source.
The Horrifying Story Behind Dominic Purcell's Prison Break Hospitalization
Now, Purcell has spoken out about the terrible incident that led to injury and a nightmare related to getting treated. Two weeks after the injury, Dominic Purcell is back on set and able to talk about it, and when he did, we realized exactly how horrifying the injury was.
Legends Of Tomorrow Star Had A Nasty Injury While Filming The Prison Break Revival
When you’re an actor whose two biggest roles are a metahuman supervillain and a prison escapee, there’s a good chance that your time on the set will not go completely without injuries.
The Prison Break Revival Trailer Explains What Happened To Michael
If you’ve been keeping tabs on Fox’s upcoming TV schedule at all, you may know that Prison Break is coming back in the form of an event series, with most of the major players returning. How, you may ask? The trailer explains.
When The Prison Break Revival Is Finally Going To Premiere
Network television nowadays is in an era of remakes, reboots, and revivals. One of the most exciting continuations has to be the revival of Prison Break on Fox, and now we know when the new episodes will hit the airwaves.
Another Prison Break Cast Member Is Set To Return
Next on the list is the Prison Break revival, which will bring back a slew of famous characters from the show’s original run. Here's what we know about the upcoming sequel series.
The Prison Break Reboot Is Bringing Back Another One Of Its Stars
We can not confirm that a fan-favorite actor will be joining Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell in the upcoming revival of Prison Break on FOX.
Prison Break May Bring Back Another Classic Character
We already know that Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell will return for the Prison Break revival, and now it seems that the series is looking to bring back a fan favorite actress.
9 Famous TV Characters Shows Pretended To Kill Off
TV has been killing people off for a long time. And every so often, shows have been bringing those people back to audiences that had largely accepted the fact that the characters were gone. Here are 9 of them.
Prison Break Is Definitely Coming Back With Big Changes, Get The Details
One of the latest projects to enter the comeback conversation is also one of the more unexpected ones: Prison Break. Well, that news has broken out of the rumor mill and has been officially confirmed, with some changes.
Prison Break Is Coming Back, Get The Details
These days, when a TV show gets cancelled, it’s an even money bet that it may not stay cancelled forever. While Fox already has an update for 24 in the pipeline, it looks like the boys from Prison Break may soon be coming back to TV.
10 Great Shows That Went Way Downhill
Here, we’re shining a spotlight on ten of the worst offenders when it comes to great TV shows that got increasingly more frustrating as time went by. The shows that started off fantastic and eventually got lost in the smokescreen of their own wheel-spinning.
Prison Break Stars To Reunite On The Flash
Five years after Fox's Prison Break wrapped up, Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows are finally reuniting. Well, the actors who played them are. We knew that Wentworth Miller was already lined up for a guest spot in The Flash, and today comes word that his Prison Break co-star Dominic Purcell is also set to appear in the Arrow spinoff.
Prison Break's Dominic Purcell To Guest Star On USA's Common Law
Those of us who loved Prison Break now have one more reason to look forward to USA’s upcoming new buddy cop drama Common Law. Dominic Purcell (a.k.a. Lincoln Burrows) is set to guest star in the series.
Wentworth Miller Headed To Princeton‑Plainsboro In A Guest Spot On House
A certain former Prison Break star is set to make an appearance on House this season. From what I hear, House could probably use someone with prison-breaking experience, however that’s not what Wentworth Miller will be up to when he appears on the show. Spoilers ahead!
Prison Break Star In The Running For Spartacus?
Last week, Starz announced that they were moving forward with Season 2 of Spartacus: Blood and Sand and word is, a former Prison Break star may be up for the titular role.

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