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Boardwalk Empire's Michael Zegen Joins Girls' Season 3
Michael Zegen has been associated with numerous popular TV shows in recent years, including FX’s former program Rescue Me, AMC’s The Walking Dead, and HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. Now, he’s signing on for a comedy-oriented gig on another HBO program, Girls.
Rescue Me's Daniel Sunjata To Star In Jeff Eastin USA Pilot
If you’re looking for the cast of Rescue Me, you might want to check USA. Callie Thorne (Sheila) plays the starring role in the cable channel’s Necessary Roughness, meanwhile Jack McGee (Chief Reilly) can be seen in the network’s upcoming cop series Common Law, and Steven Pasquale (Sean) has a starring role in USA’s drama pilot Over/Under. Now it looks like Daniel Sunjata, who played Franco in Rescue Me could be headed to USA, assuming things go well for Jeff Eastin’s pilot.
Rescue Me Creator Peter Tolan Drops Trou At TCA Panel
Although they are saying goodbye to their hit show Rescue Me after seven seasons, Denis Leary and Peter Tolan were hardly sad during their TCA press conference. It was a classic performance from the duo taken to new heights – or rather depths. Leary dropped his usual F-bombs, but Tolan dropped trou. The duo attempted to perk up the exhausted press after their long run of TCA panels – rather effectively.
Rescue Me Preview: Press
There’s a new episode of Rescue Me set to air on FX tonight. In case you’re on the fence about tuning in, we have an amusing clip for you to check out. It’s moments like these that make me wish for more Maura Tierney appearances on the show.
FlixWorthy Puts Up Its Dukes For The Fighter
Your guide to Netflix streaming is back, bringing you a handful of new or notable selections from Netflix's Instant Watch catalogue. This week we've got underdog boxers, notorious movie producers, undercover terrorists, and marvelous superheroes.
Rescue Me Season 7 Review: Preparing To Say Farewell To FX's Explosive Drama Series
FX’s emotional roller coaster of a drama series Rescue Me returns for its seventh and final season this week. Rescue Me is a series of laughter, tears, tragedies, triumphs, disasters and emotional outbursts. Season 7 offers all of these things to its devoted fans in this final chapter.
Rescue Me Season 7 Preview: The Final Season
With the seventh and final season of Rescue Me set to premiere next month, I think it may be time to revisit Season 6 and make sure I’m all caught up and ready for whatever Season 7 has in store for us. For those of you already caught up and itching for the new season to begin, we have FX’s latest Rescue Me promo and some photos from the premiere episode.
Denis Leary Developing Comedy Sirens For USA Network
Rescue Me is coming to an end this year, but Dennis Leary is already making plans to continue his TV producing career. The comedian and star/co-creator of FX's bold firefighter drama has signed to develop USA's Sirens.
Teaser For Rescue Me's Final Season, Premiere Dates Set For Louie And Wilfred
Summer 2011 marks the end for Rescue Me and the beginning of FX’s upcoming series Wilfred. There’s also the return of Louie to look forward to! We have the premiere dates and a teaser for Rescue Me’s final season for you to check out ahead!
Rescue Me's Steven Pasquale Cast In USA Over/Under Pilot
With Rescue Me airing its final season later this year, that puts Steven Pasquale on the market for a new series and word is, he’s been tapped to star in a USA pilot called Over/Under.
Maura Tierney's Rescue Me Character Will Have Cancer
Rescue Me is a show that digs deep into the hardships of a job that’s not only physically grueling but also emotionally brutal for some and I expect the same could be said of cancer. If there’s any show out there that can handle the subject, it’s this one.
Rescue Me Watch: Comeback
Colleen seemed to be helping herself to as much alcohol as possible, so hopefully it won’t take seeing her falling hard to get Tommy in line. If he is serious about making a comeback in all aspects of his life, the effort needs to be all or nothing.
Rescue Me Watch: Change
Although he ended his night not as optimistic as he was during the day, he has realized his flaws and has basically sent out the loudest cry for help he has ever given. So I’m raising a glass to cheer Tommy
Rescue Me Watch: Legacy
There are major story lines being developed this season, building up to the series finale, which also means that the groundwork from season 1 is coming back. Every element of this episode was perfect. This is definitely one of the strongest season premieres for Rescue Me.
Rescue Me Review: Season 6 Premieres This Week
After viewing the first few episodes of the new season, it seems the cycle of attempted sobriety and the challenge of balancing some kind of family life with a life-threatening career will continue as the show moves further along.
Maura Tierney Returning To TV
If you’ve been waiting to see Maura Tierney return to the small screen, you’re in luck! Word is, she’ll be returning to her role as Kelly McPhee in Rescue Me for the series’ seventh season.
Maura Tierney Aiming For A Return To TV On Rescue Me
Maura Tierney may have had to drop out of Parenthood due to her ongoing battle with breast cancer -- they found the excellent Lauren Graham as a replacement -- but she is by no means done with acting. We'll join the producers of Rescue Me in anticipating her return to reprise her role as Kelly McPhee
Gone Too Soon: The Most Overlooked TV Shows Of The Decade
This past decade has seen some of the biggest leaps in TV innovation. It will be remembered for the advent of DVR and online streaming, for genre redefining shows like The Office and Dexter
Inside The Actor's Studio Features Denis Leary This Monday
One of the things you would understand about Denis Leary if you watched his FX drama series Rescue Me is that while Leary might thrive in comedy, he does take some things seriously.
Denis Leary's The Latest Celeb To Plug Hulu
If you’ve been watching TV lately, allowing your brain to slowly but steadily turn to soup, you may have caught those hilarious Hulu ads, advertising the website’s vastly growing collection of TV content made available for free to view at

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