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10 Major TV Shows That Just Got Cancelled

This week has been one for the ages when it comes to shows getting cancelled. Here were the biggest of the bunch.

Sleepy Hollow Cancelled At Fox, Will Not Return For Season 5

Well, tonight brings bad news for Sleepyheads everywhere, as it was just revealed that Fox's supernatural drama Sleepy Hollow has been cancelled and won't be back for Season 5. Read on to get the details.

The Crazy Way Sleepy Hollow Ended Season 4

Well, Sleepyheads, Sleepy Hollow Season 4 has come to a close and we got a pretty big shocker in the final moments of the season. Read on to get all the details!

Are Sleepy Hollow's Ratings Enough To Keep It Around For Season 5?

Despite losing several major cast members and having to retool its premise about once per season, the show has made it all the way to Season 4, where it airs on Friday nights. But will it be back next season?

Orlando Jones Has A Fun Idea For A Sleepy Hollow And Supernatural Crossover

One of the most entertaining characters on Sleepy Hollow was played by none other than Orlando Jones. Now the actor has an idea for a crossover with Supernatural that could be pretty epic.

Why Fox Expects Sleepy Hollow’s Ratings To Suck

Sleepy Hollow only recently returned to the schedule for a fourth season on Fox, but it wasn't so long ago that the series wasn't a shoe-in for a renewal.

The 4 Biggest Changes Sleepy Hollow Made After Nicole Beharie's Exit

Ever since Sleepy Hollow made the shocking decision to kill off Abbie Mills, the main character played by Nicole Beharie, we've been hearing about all the changes that would be happening on the show. Now that Season 4 has premiered, we can tell you exactly what the four biggest changes looked like.

12 Actors Who Are Quitting Popular TV Gigs

Check out our list of notable television personalities who recently decided to call it quits on their popular shows.

How Sleepy Hollow's New Actress Feels About Replacing Abbie Mills

The series has brought in Janina Gavankar to stay opposite Tom Mison on the show, and the actress recently spoke out to talk about how it feels to replace such a popular TV character.

What Sleepy Hollow Is Going To Look Like Without Abbie Mills

The major networks have made plenty of scheduling changes this year, which has meant some fan favorites like Scandal and Sleepy Hollow have been kept off of the schedule for midseason. But one of those is about to come back, and we have the first look.

The Saddest TV Deaths Of 2016

2016 was a particularly brutal and extreme year for major characters on TV, and we've rounded up the 16 most depressing and emotionally charged deaths the small screen had to offer.

Sleepy Hollow Premiere, Rosewood Shift And More Big Changes In Fox's Midseason Schedule

With the fall season well underway for almost all the major shows on TV, we can now look ahead to the future. Fox has released their midseason schedule, and there are big changes and big premieres abound.

A Dead Character Is Returning To Sleepy Hollow

Fox's Sleepy Hollow is making some big changes heading into Season 4, and now it may be making the biggest yet.

Why Fox Decided To Renew Sleepy Hollow For Season 4

Despite some major casting shake-ups, Sleepy Hollow still managed to nab a Season 4 renewal order at Fox and the network recently explained why the show earned that elusive Season 4 renewal

Sleepy Hollow Has A Brand New Villain For Season 4

FOX's Sleepy Hollow has made some big changes heading into Season 4. One of those will be the new villain, and now we finally know what that baddie is going to look like.

Sleepy Hollow Just Found Its New Witness, Check Her Out

Look, we all know that Sleepy Hollow has some big shoes to fill when it comes to giving our beloved Ichabod Crane a new partner in demon hunting. Well, we finally know who's going to be helping in the fight against evil. Take a look.

The Weird Way Sleepy Hollow Is Changing In Season 4

Sleepy Hollow is officially returning to Fox for Season 4, but it looks like the drama is going through even more growing pains. Here's the weird way the show is planning to revamp now.

Sleepy Hollow Is Losing Even More Characters, Get The Details

Take a cursory glance at Sleepy Hollow over the past couple of years and you wouldn't be insane for assuming that Fox and the show's producers are intentionally trying to make fans angry and/or confused. And today brings about another example, as more characters are getting ditched.

Sleepy Hollow: The Character Who Will Replace Abbie In Season 4

Still, Hollow is certainly coming back for Season 4, with a new character set to replace Nicole Beharie's Abbie Mills. Now, we have more details.

Sleepy Hollow's Orlando Jones Just Found His Next TV Series

Orlando Jones has landed another big TV role. Just one season after leaving Fox's Sleepy Hollow, the actor has found another gig, and he's headed to subscription cable for it. Here's what is happening.


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