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Sleepy Hollow Premiere, Rosewood Shift And More Big Changes In Fox's Midseason Schedule
With the fall season well underway for almost all the major shows on TV, we can now look ahead to the future. Fox has released their midseason schedule, and there are big changes and big premieres abound.
A Dead Character Is Returning To Sleepy Hollow
Fox's Sleepy Hollow is making some big changes heading into Season 4, and now it may be making the biggest yet.
Why Fox Decided To Renew Sleepy Hollow For Season 4
Despite some major casting shake-ups, Sleepy Hollow still managed to nab a Season 4 renewal order at Fox and the network recently explained why the show earned that elusive Season 4 renewal
Sleepy Hollow Has A Brand New Villain For Season 4
FOX's Sleepy Hollow has made some big changes heading into Season 4. One of those will be the new villain, and now we finally know what that baddie is going to look like.
Sleepy Hollow Just Found Its New Witness, Check Her Out
Look, we all know that Sleepy Hollow has some big shoes to fill when it comes to giving our beloved Ichabod Crane a new partner in demon hunting. Well, we finally know who's going to be helping in the fight against evil. Take a look.
The Weird Way Sleepy Hollow Is Changing In Season 4
Sleepy Hollow is officially returning to Fox for Season 4, but it looks like the drama is going through even more growing pains. Here's the weird way the show is planning to revamp now.
Sleepy Hollow Is Losing Even More Characters, Get The Details
Take a cursory glance at Sleepy Hollow over the past couple of years and you wouldn't be insane for assuming that Fox and the show's producers are intentionally trying to make fans angry and/or confused. And today brings about another example, as more characters are getting ditched.
Sleepy Hollow: The Character Who Will Replace Abbie In Season 4
Still, Hollow is certainly coming back for Season 4, with a new character set to replace Nicole Beharie's Abbie Mills. Now, we have more details.
Sleepy Hollow's Orlando Jones Just Found His Next TV Series
Orlando Jones has landed another big TV role. Just one season after leaving Fox's Sleepy Hollow, the actor has found another gig, and he's headed to subscription cable for it. Here's what is happening.
The Most Disappointing Finales On TV This Year
As we head into the summer TV season, there remains a thick sheen of disappointment from all of the lackluster season (and series) finales that are still fresh on our memories from the 2015-2016 season. Here are the biggest offenders.
How Tom Mison Feels About Nicole Beharie Leaving Sleepy Hollow
Sleepy Hollow has recently been renewed for Season 4, and now the show's remaining star, Tom Mison is speaking out about how Nicole Beharie’s exit has impacted him and the show.
Cancelled Or Renewed? The 2016 Network Rundown Of What's Coming Back And What's Not
By this spring, the networks will make some big decisions on whether or not some of our favorites will get renewals, and for now we are keeping tabs on what shows are cancelled, which are renewed and which at least have received full season orders.
Fox 2016-2017 Fall And Midseason Schedules Announced, Include Lethal Weapon And More
Fox has announced their Fall 2016 lineup, which includes more than a few familiar titles, along with a collection of new series. Joining returners Gotham, Lucifer, Bones, Scream Queens and others, we have 24: Legacy, The Exorcist, Lethal Weapon and Son of Zorn to anticipate.
What's Actually Going On With Sleepy Hollow, According To Fox
Although Sleepy Hollow was renewed for a fourth season on Fox, after the death of series lead Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie), many wondered how the series could really move forward and whether or not Season 4 would be the last.
Sleepy Hollow Renewed For Season 4 At Fox
Well, Sleepyheads, we’ve got some good news for everyone who’s stuck with Sleepy Hollow through times good and bad: it just got renewed for Season 4 by FOX.
14 TV Shows That Are Probably Going To Get Cancelled
We are reaching the end of the TV season, which means the networks are sitting down and not only figuring out which new programs will hit the schedule next year but also which programs will be cancelled, many of them before their time.
Could Sleepy Hollow Season 4 Happen After The Finale's Shocking Death?
Sleepy Hollow has always been good and churning out the season ending cliffhangers, but, you know, this is kind of ridiculous. How is the show supposed to go on after this?
Sleepy Hollow Just Made A Drastic Change to Team Witness
Well, Sleepy Hollow proved tonight that it was still capable of surprising us. Unfortunately for one character, though, the results of that surprise were quite fatal.
14 TV Shows Right On The Bubble Between Cancellation And Renewal
This spring, we’ve culled through all of the big TV shows on the major networks and have come up with a list of programs that are hurting in the ratings and very well may not be on the schedule when the new season kicks off. Here's what we know.
Sleepy Hollow Could Be In Serious Trouble, Get The Details
Sleepy Hollow started out as a critical darling on Fox, a supernatural series with a great fish out of water story that endeared itself to a moderately-sized but avid audience. Over time, things haven't been looking so great.

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