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What It's Like To Be In An SNL Sketch That Bombs, According To Tina Fey
Tina Fey has gone on to have a prolific career outside of the late night sketch comedy series, but although she's seen all kinds of success, she's still bombed a time or two.
Why Donald Trump Hates SNL, According To Donald Trump
This morning, Trump popped in to NBC's morning program and finally explained exactly why he has such an intense dislike for the late night sketch comedy series. The answer is a doozy.
What It Would Take For Alec Baldwin To Stop His Donald Trump Impression On SNL
If you've been keeping tabs on Saturday Night Live over the past several months, you should already know that Alec Baldwin has taken on the time-honored tradition of the series lampooning election candidates.
Who Is Hosting Saturday Night Live This Week? Here's The Schedule
Saturday Night Live is putting together a fantastic lineup of funny folks for Season 42. Check out our breakdown of upcoming hosts to see when you can expect your favorite stars to lead the laughs of an episode of SNL.
SNL: Watch Jennifer Aniston Meet Rachel Green
One of their most popular new sketches involves Vanessa Bayer taking on the role of Rachel Green in Friends, and now Jennifer Aniston has made an appearance and interacted with the farce.
David S. Pumpkins Does Have A Middle Name And It Totally Makes Sense
Tom Hanks was a huge hit during his recent hosting gig on SNL as he brought the dancing character of David S. Pumpkins to the small screen. Now, the sketch writer has revealed what the S actually stands for, and it's pretty perfect.
The Things About Television We're Most Thankful For In 2016
Regardless of how you've felt about what's going on in the world at large, there are many different worlds on our televisions that we have been very thankful for in 2016. Join us in cheering them on!
Watch The SNL Cast Invent Animals In Hilarious Creation Sketch Cut For Time
Comedienne Kristen Wiig returned to SNL this past weekend to tackle hosting duties, and the show has released one of the hilarious sketches that got cut for time. Check it out!
Is Saturday Night Live Biased? Here's What Michael Che Says
There have been a lot of questions rearing their ugly heads in the months leading up to the Presidential election and the days following that election. A lot of these question revolve around late night TV programs and what their role is.
SNL: Watch Kristen Wiig Bring Back Sue The Surprise Lady
Kristen Wiig hosted Saturday Night Live last night and -- surprise! -- she brought back some of her old characters from the sketch show. Check out Wiig reprise Aunt Sue, the lady who can't handle surprises.
SNL Has The Perfect Way To Cope With Awkward Family Thanksgivings
Everyone has a family member they want to avoid for the Holidays. Luckily, SNL has the perfect solution.
More Alec Baldwin For SNL's Donald Trump? Here's What We Know
Now that the election is over, many Saturday Night Live fans are wondering if there's a chance we could get more Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump on the show. Well, now we have an answer.
Watch Kristen Wiig And The SNL Cast Take On The Mannequin Challenge In New Video
Before Kristen Wiig's latest turn hosting, SNL made an impressive mannequin challenge video, complete with a variety of favorite characters.
SNL: Watch Dave Chappelle Hilariously Imitate Negan And Bring Back Chappelle Show Characters
Dave Chappelle stepped back into the spotlight in a big way last night when he hosted the post-election episode of SNL and he didn't show up alone. Chappelle brought some of his most memorable characters back with him for a Walking Dead themed sketch.
Watch Dave Chappelle Coolly Arrive On The Saturday Night Live Set
A new promo for Dave Chappelle's upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live has just hit the web, and it reminds us al of how utterly badass the comedian truly is. Check it out!
SNL: Watch Dana Carvey’s Church Lady Return
It was a given that the final SNL before election night would bring it all home, but I don't think any of us thought that meant bringing Church Lady back too. Check out the snarky satan hater take the stage on Weekend Update.
Tom Hanks Is Going As David S. Pumpkins For Halloween
Many celebrities go all out when it comes to selecting their Halloween costumes each year. Tom Hanks may beat them all with his outfit for Halloween 2016. Check it out!
That Time Stephen Colbert Broke Up A Fight At SNL
Recently, actor and former SNL intern Wyatt Cenac joined Stephen Colbert on The Late Show and the two reminisced about the time Stephen Colbert was forced to break up a fight.
How Stephen Baldwin Feels About Alec Baldwin's Trump Impression
Alec Baldwin has received a lot of notice for his Donald Trump impression on Saturday Night Live, and now his sibling has come out to explain how he feels about the new impression.
Saturday Night Live Is Crushing Right Now, Can Thank The Election
It's common for fans of the show to get a little more excited during election years, as the parodies on Saturday Night Live help to liven up our perspective in relation to the election.
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