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How SNL Is Covering The Upcoming Republican And Democratic National Conventions
The Republican and Democratic National Conventions are making headlines, and SNL will have a special kind of coverage that could be pretty hilarious.
Watch SNL Rip Apart That Big Jon Snow Moment
Last week's Game of Thrones plot twist was spoofed on last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live to hilarious results.
SNL: Watch Dana Carvey Hilariously Bring Back Church Lady
It’s arguable that Saturday Night Live is never better than during election season. The jokes seem to write themselves when politicians put themselves on the spot in the race to be the next President. But what happens when Dana Carvey's Church Lady is the one putting them on the spot?
What Happened That Time Dave Coulier Was Almost An SNL Cast Member
We’ve talked a lot about Dave Coulier and the rest of the Fuller House gang over the last several months, but recently the man who plays Uncle Joey revealed a pretty big truth to fans. But for a while there, he almost was part of SNL.
How Saturday Night Live Is Trying To Get Fans To Watch Live
Saturday Night Live has been a part of the late night landscape for more than 40 years at this point. While some things, like "Weekend Update" or the Saturday night air date have remained constant, others, including the cast or the types of popular sketches have changed greatly over time.
How Saturday Night Live Is Paying Tribute To Prince
Many music fans, and enthusiasts of art in general, are still reeling over the shocking news that the Grammy-winning musician Prince died yesterday at the age of 57. And now Saturday Night Live is joining the mourning masses for a special tribute.
The Important Lesson Tina Fey Learned While Working On Weekend Update
We like to think of Tina Fey as a comedic mastermind, but back when she was first writing for Saturday Night Live, she didn’t have nearly the experience she has today. She learned a lot on the show and was eventually asked to step up and take over “Weekend Update.”
SNL: Watch Julia Louis-Dreyfus Reprise Her Seinfeld Character
It's been a long time since we've seen any of our favorite Seinfeld characters on something that wasn't a re-run. Well, last night Saturday Night Live gave us that gift when Julia Louis-Dreyfus came to host.
Why Saturday Night Live Wasn't A Very Fun Gig, According To Julia Louis-Dreyfus
One of Julia Louis-Dreyfus' first recognizable parts was as a member of the Saturday Night Live cast from 1982 through 1985. Most comedically inclined actors would kill to be on that show, but, for Louis-Dreyfus, her time there turned out not to be the best.
SNL Created Oprah's Biopic Featuring The Worst Impressions Ever
A new sketch from Saturday Night Live showcases what an Oprah Winfrey biopic would look like if a Hollywood cast comedian Mike O'Brien to portray her.
SNL: Watch A Mulleted Russell Crowe Crash The Party On Survivor
Russell Crowe took the Saturday Night Live stage last night, and gave us a brand new, mulleted, weirdo character that we hope sticks around for quite some time.
SNL: Watch Peter Dinklage Work With An Unlikely Dragon In Game Of Thrones
Game of Thrones fans were eager for some good Tyrion jokes during Peter Dinklage's episode of SNL. They got their wish.
Watch Peter Dinklage In SNL's Hilarious Take On Naked And Afraid
Saturday Night Live seems to realize the insanity of Naked and Afraid, and decided to elevate the stakes with a fictitious celebrity version featuring Peter Dinklage.
Celine Dion's Reaction To Ariana Grande's SNL Impression Of Her Is Classic
Ariana Grande made her mark as recent host of Saturday Night Live thanks to a killer musical sketch. Celine Dion was one of the songstresses whose work was featured, and she evidently had an unforgettable reaction.
How Lorne Michaels Feels About The Lonely Island Doing Late Night On Fox
We’ve known for a few weeks now that Fox is finally getting into the late night game on Saturday nights. In fact, the network has actually enlisted former SNL cast members Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer.
What Lorne Michaels Thinks Of Kanye West's SNL Flip Out
It’s been a few weeks since Kanye West freaked out backstage before his set on Saturday Night Live and nearly did not perform on the NBC series. Here's what Lorne Michaels thinks of the incident.
What Will Ferrell Did For His Last SNL Pitch
I’ve already always wished I could be a fly on the wall in the Saturday Night Live writing room to see how the seeds of ideas begin to come together and germinate into something meaningful and hopefully really funny.
When Lorne Michaels Will Know It's Time To Quit SNL
Lorne Michaels has been an integral part of Saturday Night Live through a good portion of the show’s run. While he wasn’t involved for a few years in the early eighties, the man helped to get the show off of the ground back in 1975.
Deadpool As A Saturday Night Live Host? There's A Push For It
Following Deadpool’s successful marketing campaign and run at the box office, a select group of fans want to take it to the next level by having the character host Saturday Night Live.
Hear Kanye West's SNL Meltdown
You may know that Kanye had a meltdown prior to performing in Studio 8H. Now, some audio from the night of the Saturday Night Live taping has come out, and it’s pretty juicy
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