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One Big Way SNL Has Gotten More Complicated Over The Years

Although its format has remained relatively consistent for over four decades, Saturday Night Live has become considerably more complex in one specific area, according to one source close to the series.

The Ridiculous SNL Sketch That Donald Trump Refused To Do

President Donald Trump's hosting of Saturday Night Live in November of 2015 has now become a piece of history in a long-running feud between Washington and the NBC sketch comedy show. We've heard bits from cast members about that experience, and now a writer for _SNL _ adds a story detailing a ridiculous sketch that Trump refused to do.

Rick Moranis And Dave Thomas Reuniting As SNL's McKenzie Brothers For A Touching Reason

Bob and Doug McKenzie are coming back! The reason isn't exactly something to celebrate, but we're still pumped.

SNL: The Rock Reveals His Choice For VP, And We Co-Sign

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson hosted the Season 42 finale of Saturday Night Live last night, and while there were plenty of laughs to be had, he had to get serious to put something to rest. The actor addressed rumors and speculation that he would seek the Presidency in the year 2020, as well as revealed an awesome running mate.

Another Major SNL Cast Member Is Leaving After 7 Years

It was previously announced that Bobby Moynihan was leaving the show, and now it turns out that another fan favorite is donezo with SNL as well.

Tom Hanks Returned To SNL As David S. Pumpkins And It Was Perfect
Saturday Night Live Just Lost Its First Star Before Season 43

Saturday Night Live almost always goes through some casting shake-ups between seasons, and one member's exit has come out before Season 42 has ended.

Check Out Where Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer Is Going Next On SNL

Melissa McCarthy returns to SNL this weekend to host, and you know her Sean Spicer impression can't be far behind. But wait, where are they going?

Saturday Night Live Apparently Tried To Get Donald Trump Back On The Show This Season

In a bit of news that seems to contradict all we know about both President Donald Trump and Saturday Night Live's feud, the President was actually invited to be on the show this season. Here's what we know.

SNL Vet Nasim Pedrad Landed Her Next Big Show

Ever since leaving Saturday Night Live, Nasim Pedrad has bounced around a few shows, but now she's found her TV home for the next season. Hit the jump to learn about where you can next watch Pedrad.

9 Upcoming Summer TV Shows That Actually Look Great

The summer TV schedule is packed with new TV series, here are the ones that have us the most excited.

Why Alec Baldwin Originally Said No To Playing SNL's Donald Trump

As good as Alec Baldwin's SNL stint has been as Donald Trump, it came quite close to never happening at all.

How Donald Trump Could Stop SNL From Making Fun Of Him, According To Alec Baldwin

Donald Trump has been open about his distaste for Alec Baldwin's impression on SNL, and Baldwin says there's a way that SNL could stop making fun of him.

Why Jay Pharoah Got Fired From SNL, According To Jay Pharoah

Former SNL cast member Jay Pharoah spoke out about getting fired from the show, and he put some people on blast.

What It Was Like When Donald Trump Hosted SNL, According To Taran Killam

Former Saturday Night Live star Taran Killam recently opened up regarding what it was like to work with Donald Trump as an SNL host. Get the details.

Watch SNL Go 'Behind The Scenes' On Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi Commercial

Kendall Jenner's recent ad for Pepsi has received a lot of flack from the public. As such, it's little surprise that Saturday Night Live took the opportunity to poke some fun at the commercial during their most recent episode.

The Weird Way Saturday Night Live Hopes To Get More People Watching Live

Saturday Night Live has been on fire this season and is raking in ratings and viewers they haven't seen in years. Not wishing to lose the momentum as they approach the offseason, the sketch comedy series is trying new and innovative ways to pull in more people for their live airings. Will this weird experiment bring more people in, though?

Why SNL's Kenan Thompson Doesn't Get Used In Donald Trump Sketches More

Kenan Thompson has become one of the funniest performers on Saturday Night Live, but he doesn't appear too often in the now-infamous Donald Trump skits. He gave CinemaBlend the scoop on why.

Why The PTC Is All Worried About Saturday Night Live Now

Parents, do you know what your children are watching? Don't worry if you don't, that's why organizations like the Parents Television Council exists, and it now has its eye on SNL.

The Great Advice Dave Chappelle Got From Louis C.K. About Hosting SNL For The First Time

With the show already gaining notoriety for their feud with now President Donald Trump, Dave Chappelle knew eyes would be on him come that Saturday following the election. Dave was even more aware the night before when friend and comedian Louis C.K. gave him some advice about hosting, which Dave shares below

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