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Spartacus: The Complete Series DVD And Blu-ray Box Sets Coming September

The Spartacus: The Complete Series box set you've been waiting for is finally happening, with a release date set for September. Not only does the Blu-ray set include Digital HD with Ultraviolet and a few new bonus features not included on the previously released sets, but the limited edition set also comes packaged with a Spartacus collector's figurine.

Top 10 TV Dramas Of 2012

2012 was a good year for drama, which made it tricky for us to come up with our Top 10 favorite TV dramas for the year. It's not all about shocking moments, plot twists and dramatic reveals. A great drama has a little of everything, including compelling stories, complex characters and the kind of momentum that keeps us eager to tune in each week and on the edge of our seats as we watch each episode. We feel confident that our list of fantastic dramas, presented in no particular order meet this criteria and then some.

Spartacus: Vengeance [Blu-ray Review]

Spartacus: Vengeance is about as unclean and as unwholesome as television can possibly get. Set in period with a different moral code, and featuring individuals who deviate from even those morals, Vengeance is a story of slavery and uprising, power plays and the people that are worth placing trust in. It’s not all savory to watch, but it’s meant to push the boundaries of acceptable content, and one thing is guaranteed: even in the show’s most vile plotlines and ludicrous moments, audiences won’t be able to tear their eyes from the screen.

Giveaway: Win A Blu-Ray And Signed Poster Of Spartacus: Vengeance

The set streets on September 11, but in the meantime you can reminisce over your favorite episodes and dream about the best place to put a signed Spartacus: Vengeance poster on your wall. That’s right, guys, Anchor Bay Entertainment is reserving not one, but two Blu-ray copies of the season to giveaway, as well as two posters signed by Liam McIntyre (Spartacus, himself) for you plebeians to try to get your hands on. Just look at that beauteous set.

Spartacus: Vengeance Blu-ray Extra Explains Some Wild Costume Choices

Spartacus: Vengeance is gearing up for an action-packed Blu-ray release next week. The set, which drops on September 11, will feature a slew of extras from bloopers to behind-the scenes looks at costumes and even a day of shooting scenes. To get us stoked for the upcoming release, Anchor Bay Entertainment and Starz are giving fans a bit of a sneak peek at one very special bonus feature available with the set.

Spartacus Season 3 Boot Camp Continues With Sit-Ups And Posture Dancing

The more we're shown of the Spartacus boot camp, the more I like to envision someone with access to all of the this cooking up an excellent 80's training montage, complete with gladiator-sized actors grunting through sit-up regimens and gorgeous Saxa-types carrying people, all in the name of getting into shape for the third season of Spartacus. In absence of throwback to classic 80's cinema, we do have another new look at what's going on with the cast of the excellent Starz drama series. It involves sit-ups.

Spartacus Vengeance Tops Game Of Thrones On 2012 TV Body Count List

Those familiar with Starz' Spartacus series know the gladiator-focused drama doesn't shy away from violence. People getting slashed up is a big part of the show, though there is an actual story being told. So it's not all that surprising to hear that the drama topped the list for most deaths per episode, beating out HBO's Game of Thrones by a fair margin.

Spartacus Season 3 Casts Three New Female Roles

Last month, we learned that Cabin in the Woods star Anna Hutchison was set to join the excellent Starz drama series Spartacus for the series' third season. At that time, we didn't have any details as to what kind of role she's playing. Today we have a bit more information, as well as some other casting news!

Cabin In The Woods Star Joins Starz' Spartacus For Season 3

When Spartacus creator Steven DeKnight spoke with the press last month, following the season finale of Starz’ Spartacus: Vengeance, he mentioned the addition of three new female characters who’d be introduced to the series in the third season, but he wouldn’t reveal any details beyond that. We may have our first clue as to one of them.

Starz Sets Boss Season 2 Premiere Date, Spartacus Orders Limbs For Season 3

Starz’ returning series is getting an early start for its second season. The Kelsey Grammer starring drama premiered back in October. Starz has set the Season 2 premiere for the show, and it looks like fans will see Tom Kane back on the small screen this August.

Spartacus Vengeance: Interview With Series Creator Steven DeKnight

Earlier this week, we shared some of the highlights of an interview Spartacus creator Steven DeKnight did with the press following last Friday’s excellent Vengeance season finale. Today, as promised, we have the full transcript of the conference call. Be warned, not only does it contain some Spartacus Season 3 spoilers, but it’s also quite lengthy.

Spartacus Vengeance's Steven DeKnight On Lucretia, Ilithyia, And Some Season 3 Details

If you aren’t caught up on Spartacus: Vengeance, there are major spoilers from the finale mentioned, so stop reading now! I doubt I’m alone in still grieving the loss of so many characters during last Friday night’s Spartacus: Vengeance finale. Series creator Steven DeKnight spoke to the press today about the finale and what’s ahead for Season 3.

Spartacus Vengeance Season Finale Watch: Wrath Of The Gods

Holy crap and wow. We knew it would be bloody. We knew the end was probably near for certain characters. But tonight’s finale of Spartacus: Vengeance delivered one stellar moment after another, one of which actually caused me to tear up like the mushy girl that I am, while another was simply jaw-dropping. Suffice to say, vengeance has been served, and the season closed with a stack of bodies.
Spoilers from the season finale ahead!

Spartacus Vengeance Finale: Who Will Survive?

I’m thinking it will be very much “on” tonight as Spartacus: Vengeance draws to a close. It feels like only yesterday we were watching the rebels put some distance between themselves and the former house of Batiatus. Will Spartacus get his slice of vengeance tonight, at long last?

Spartacus Vengeance Season Finale Clip: Die Among Brothers

Just yesterday, we shared the promo video for this Friday night’s season finale of Spartacus Vengeance. Today we have a clip to show you, which gives us a look at an interesting conversation between Spartacus and another character. Spoilers ahead!

Spartacus Vengeance Season Finale Preview: Wrath Of The Gods

I know we’re supposed to be rooting against the monster duo that is Ilithyia and Glaber, but after last Friday’s episode of Spartacus: Vengeance, I’m really kind of hoping that both of them survive the finale. Is it a long shot? Or will Spartacus finally get his slice of vengeance in the form of Glaber’s head? This promo obviously doesn’t answer that question, but it does tease of fighting to come!

Spartacus Vengeance Watch: Episode 9 - Monsters

I think tonight’s episode of Spartacus: Vengeance may very well have been my favorite of the season. Granted, we still have one episode left, but “Monsters” really packed a punch, and left a body count. It isn’t even so much about what happened as it is about how it all played out. The execution, which came complete with bits of foreshadowing laced throughout the earlier scenes, worked its way up to an ending that leaves us hanging on until next week’s finale.

Spartacus Vengeance Preview: Episode 9 - Monsters

This Friday night’s episode of Spartacus: Vengeance is the second to last of the season, or as the promo for the episode states, “the last episode before the season finale.” Or, Episode 9. But the best thing we can call it is “Monsters.” That’s the title, and wow does it stir up some interesting mental pictures. In fact, when I think of “monsters” and Spartacus: Vengeance, the some of Ashur’s buddies come to mind, what with all the skull-stomping and nostril stabbing.

Magic City To Get An Early Preview At Starz Following Spartacus Vengeance Finale

Following the conclusion of Spartacus: Vengeance later this month, Starz will keep Friday nights buzzing with their new drama series Magic City. The period drama doesn’t makes its official debut on the pay-cable network until April, however Starz is set to air an early look at the season premiere early.

Spartacus Vengeance Watch: Episode 8 - Balance

If done with “balance,” wronging someone who’s wronged you makes you sort of like them, doesn’t it? So, how does Spartacus exact vengeance against Glaber without becoming Glaber? I like to think that sooner or later he’s going to be driven by a cause beyond simple revenge, and see the bigger picture. I feel like he’s close to that, and maybe what happened in tonight’s episode will inch him closer to a broader perspective on what’s going on.

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