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Lip Sync Battle Has Been Renewed For Season 3
Spike TV has happened upon a bona fide hit in Lip Sync Battle. It’s the series that many of us never knew that we needed until we saw it. Luckily, Spike has some very good news on the Lip Sync Battle front.
Channing Tatum As Beyonce Is Already The Best Thing About 2016
Channing Tatum went on Lip Sync Battle and did a rendition of "Run The World (Girls)" that will go down in the show's history as one of the best performances yet.
Chris Farley Movie Coming To Spike TV
Gone too soon, Chris Farley left a lasting impression on the comedy world and popular culture in general,.and now a new documentary, I Am Chris Farley, will explore his life in depth. What's more, it'll make its way to TV pretty soon.
Watch Terry Crews Rip Off His Shirt, Sing Vanessa Carlton On Lip Sync Battle
Before Spike’s Lip Sync Battle began, I never thought that a show about lip syncing could have this much sex appeal. This week’s episode featured the musclebound Terry Crews going shirtless for Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles,” so all your arguments are invalid today.
Babylon 5 Creator Has A New Show, Get The Details
Science fiction is in the middle of a huge resurgence on TV, with Syfy leading the pack as more and more networks are willing to loosen the reins on storytelling enough to let some speculative fiction get through. Genre icon J. Michael Straczynski, creator of the cult series Babylon 5, just signed on for his second upcoming TV series, and it's a doozy.
Ben Kingsley To Star In Spike TV's King Tut Drama
We’ve known for some time that Spike TV has wanted to get back into original programming. The network made the first big push when it announced a Tut event series, and now it seems the station has landed a pretty big name to star. On Monday, Spike TV announced that veteran actor Ben Kingsley has joined the project.
Cops Cancelled At Fox And Saved By Spike TV
Back in March, we came up with a list of shows you may not have realized were still on the air. Cops was at the top of our list. The cop-focused unscripted series dates back to the 80s, long before the reality TV genre blew up. Cops has stood the test of time, outliving numerous other shows at FOX, but its run on the network has come to an end, truly marking the end of an era - but not the end of the series. Spike TV has swooped in to rescue the show.
Spike TV To Produce Eddie Murphy Tribute Special
30 years after Delirious! and 48 Hrs made Eddie Murphy a bona fide comedy superstar, Spike TV is planning to honor him with a two-hour television tribute. The special will look at his impact on comedy and include a variety of special guests as well as clips from his films.
Spike TV Reality Show Offers Winners Of The Last Family On Earth A Bunker
While the countdown to December 21, 2012 may be a source of anxiety for those who follow the Mayans way of thinking, Spike TV appears to see the reality TV potential in the possible end-of-the-world scenario that awaits. It looks like the cable network is set to move forward with a series that will give one family a cozy new bunker to settle into if/when the world ends later this year.
Spike TV Orders Luggage Wars Pilot
There was probably a time when I would have said that a series about people bidding on lost luggage was a waste of anyone’s time. If such a time were to exist, it would surely be at some point before I became addicted to A&E’s Storage Wars. As it turns out out, watching people bid on mystery-boxes is really fun. “Yeeeeehp!”
Spike To Cover 2012 Consumer Electronics Show
In 2012, coverage of the conference is heading to basic cable. Spike has landed a deal to cover twelve hours of the show. Spike will be calling the programming CES All Access Live. Programming will begin with a five-hour block on January 10, the first day of the exhibits, and will continue through Friday, January 13 and will feature interviews, video game release coverage, other device coverage, and news.
Danny Masterson And Joey Kern Drop 420 For 911
Spike TV just gave the greenlight to a new pilot, Playing With Guns, which features Danny Masterson (That '70s Show) and Joey Kern (Super Troopers) as best friends who become cops in their home town to take advantage of the perks of the position
Spike TV Getting Into The Late-Night Talk Show Business
Spike TV is ready to launch a late-night talk show of their very own. They're looking to hire two hosts to headline a 30-minute showcase of comedy and talk focusing on "manformation for the true guys' guy." I'm not sure about the "guys' guy" part, but aren't there two late-night talk show guys that just got canned from NBC?
Spike TV To Air Entourage Starting Next Week
If you’ve been hoping to get a chance to see Vincent Chase pal around Hollywood with his boys but you don’t have HBO, you’re in luck if you have Spike TV! The basic cable channel has acquired the rights to air all seasons to date (78 episodes) and next week, the first two episodes of season 1 will air.
1000 Ways To Die/Manswers Reviews: New Seasons
Saturday night at midnight, Spike TV is offering a sneak peek of two of their most inventive and entertaining series: 1000 Ways to Die and Manswers. I think late night Fridays is the perfect time to enjoy these shows. Plus, sitting down with friends and drinks would only enhance the experience!
Super Dave Returns This Summer
Super Dave Osborne is back! And you thought it couldn’t happen. You believed he’d spend his retirement years being hired as a surrogate for the Bluth family patriarch. But it is true, and Bob Einstein will be bringing back his stuntman spoof character for 4 half-hour shows on Spike TV this summer. The question remains: is Einstein too old to pull off the character?
Tiffani Thiessen Gets A White Collar Job With USA
What has Tiffani Thiessen been up to lately? Over the last few years, the former Saved by the Bell and Beverly Hills, 90210 star has appeared mostly in small TV roles but apparently, she’s been signed on to co-star in a new USA pilot called White Collar. There’s also some new casting news for Spike TV’s new pilot Madso’s War, which centers on the Irish mob in Boston.

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