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The Walking Dead And Other Great TV Marathons Airing On New Year's Eve Weekend
What better way to welcome the New Year than by watching a ton of marathons featuring some of your favorites shows. We've collected some of the best marathons happening this weekend, so hit the jump for all the details.
Star Trek Discovery Just Cast Its First Klingons And We're Pumped
Star Trek: Discovery is finally on the road (or its space equivalent) to its release, and now we finally know who will be playing the show's Klingon characters.
The Disappointing Change Star Trek: Discovery Is Making Behind The Scenes
Star Trek fans have had an exciting year thanks to the production of a brand new installment in the franchise, but there has been an unfortunate shake-up behind the scenes that could be a disappointment to many.
Star Trek: Discovery Adds Gay Character And More
Star Trek Discovery has already made franchise history by announcing the first originally conceived openly gay character. Hit the jump to learn this character's role on the Discovery, plus more casting news.
How Arrow Is Probably Paying Tribute To Star Trek
It appears that The CW's Arrow may soon find a way to pay homage to Gene Roddenberry's classic sci-fi series. Get the details!
Star Trek: Discovery Finally Cast Its Excellent First Star
Few upcoming shows have the kind of built-in audience that Star Trek: Discovery has going for it. Fans finally have something new to cheer about, as the very first bit of casting news has arrived,
William Shatner Hilariously Used The Star Wars Holiday Special To Troll Peter Mayhew
Star Wars and Star Trek have had something of a friendly rivalry for a while now, but that doesn't mean they don't throw pot shots at each other from time to time. William Shatner didn't hesitate to bring up a certain holiday special.
How William Shatner Feels About His Relationship With Star Trek Co-Star George Takei
Star Trek: The Original Series also set up the legendarily frosty relationship between William Shatner and George Takei, a relationship that Shatner recently addressed in some letters that are going up for auction.
Why Star Trek Discovery Is Going To Be Streaming Only
We've known for months now that CBS has been putting together a new Star Trek series for television. Called Discovery, the new show is expected to premiere in May of 2017, but fans will only be able to catch it on CBS' streaming site CBS All Access.
Why William Shatner Turned Down A Big Bang Theory Appearance
Given all the genre-friendly guest stars that The Big Bang Theory has welcomed, William Shatner's continued absence is surprising. But there's a reason for it.
The Star Trek TV Series Just Got Delayed, Here's What We Know
Things had been going so well for the Star Trek: Discovery in the Interesting New Developments department that I'd somehow forgotten that bad news could also occur.
How Star Trek Discovery Could Add The Late Majel Barrett-Roddenberry To The Show
Star Trek: Discovery has a truly awesome way to potentially add Star Trek icon, Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, to the action. Get the details!
How Star Trek: Discovery Got Its Title, According To Bryan Fuller
Star Trek fans waiting on the edges of their captain chair seats to learn what the new project would be called, and now that we've all gotten used to calling it Discovery, Bryan Fuller has revealed the inspiration behind the title.
How Star Trek Discovery's Main Character Ties To The Original Show
While the upcoming series Star Trek Discovery hasn't yet fully taken control of public consciousness, diehard fans are paying attention to every little detail, and creator Bryan Fuller dropped a big one about the lead character.
What Wil Wheaton Learned Working With Patrick Stewart On The Set Of Star Trek: The Next Generation
Wil Wheaton is best-known for his role as Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Wesley was a flop with viewers, but Wheaton used his time on set to learn a valuable lesson from Patrick Stewart.
William Shatner Already Sounds More Interested In Being On The New Star Trek Show
The premiere of Star Trek: Discovery is getting closer as we speak, and as we learn more and more about the new series Trek fans can't help but wonder if William Shatner will make an appearance. Now, it sounds like Shatner may be more open to the idea than before.
Bet You Can Guess Which Star Trek Device Scientists Are Trying To Create In Real Life
Star Trek has showcased a lot of technology in its 50 years but only one of those really has anything to do with lasers. Find out how a scientist is trying to create Star Trek technology in the modern world.
How Star Trek: Discovery Will Connect To The Original Universe
There's been a lot of speculation floating around about just how Star Trek: Discovery will fit with the TV shows that have gone before it, and now we finally know more of what to expect from the series.
William Shatner Could Appear On The New Star Trek TV Show Under One Condition
TheStark Trek franchise has been going strong for fifty years with a huge ensemble of characters. The most recognizable has to be Captain James T. Kirk. According to William Shatner, there's a chance for Kirk to turn up in the new CBS Star Trek.
Where Star Trek: Discovery Will Air
Star Trek: Discovery has quickly become one of the most talked about new shows of the upcoming TV season. Now we know where you can catch the new franchise player if CBS All Access isn't an option.

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