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What Wil Wheaton Learned Working With Patrick Stewart On The Set Of Star Trek: The Next Generation
Wil Wheaton is best-known for his role as Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Wesley was a flop with viewers, but Wheaton used his time on set to learn a valuable lesson from Patrick Stewart.
William Shatner Already Sounds More Interested In Being On The New Star Trek Show
The premiere of Star Trek: Discovery is getting closer as we speak, and as we learn more and more about the new series Trek fans can't help but wonder if William Shatner will make an appearance. Now, it sounds like Shatner may be more open to the idea than before.
Bet You Can Guess Which Star Trek Device Scientists Are Trying To Create In Real Life
Star Trek has showcased a lot of technology in its 50 years but only one of those really has anything to do with lasers. Find out how a scientist is trying to create Star Trek technology in the modern world.
How Star Trek: Discovery Will Connect To The Original Universe
There's been a lot of speculation floating around about just how Star Trek: Discovery will fit with the TV shows that have gone before it, and now we finally know more of what to expect from the series.
William Shatner Could Appear On The New Star Trek TV Show Under One Condition
TheStark Trek franchise has been going strong for fifty years with a huge ensemble of characters. The most recognizable has to be Captain James T. Kirk. According to William Shatner, there's a chance for Kirk to turn up in the new CBS Star Trek.
Where Star Trek: Discovery Will Air
Star Trek: Discovery has quickly become one of the most talked about new shows of the upcoming TV season. Now we know where you can catch the new franchise player if CBS All Access isn't an option.
How The New Star Trek Show Has A Star Wars Connection
Any genre fan worth their salt will tell you that Star Trek and Star Wars are two totally different things, and that the two never shall meet. Well, they're meeting now.
What The New Star Trek Show Will Be Called
After years of waiting, a new Star Trek television series is finally on the way. The franchise has been around now for 50 years, and while movies have certainly been significant, the small screen has long been its home.
Star Trek’s Original Series Will Air Uncut On TV For The First Time In Years
Episodes of the original Star Trek series will soon return to television in their original, uncut format for the first time in decades, as creator Gene Roddenberry probably meant for them to be seen.
How One Of Star Trek's Directors Felt About Shatner And Nichol's Interracial Kiss
It's an urban legend of TV history on which show the first interracial kiss actually occurred. Most agree, however, that the first kiss was on the original series of Star Trek in 1968 between Captain Kirk and Uhura.
How Star Trek's Brent Spiner Feels About Switching To Horror For Robert Kirkman's Outcast
Star Trek: The Next Generation alum Brent Spiner is known for adhering to the sci-fi genre, but he dove headfirst into horror for Robert Kirkman's Outcast. Here's how he feels about that change.
How CBS' New Star Trek Series Will Be Different From The Previous Shows
The new Star Trek production has given us blessedly little information on what exactly this series will be like. Now, though, thanks to showrunner Bryan Fuller, we have at least one idea of how this Star Trek will play out.
First Look At CBS' Star Trek Takes A Gorgeous Trip Through Space, Watch It Here
The Star Trek franchise will open up a new chapter of spacefaring adventures with the upcoming series exclusive to CBS All Access. We now have our first look at the show, and it's quite lovely.
Why You May Not Be Able To Binge The New Star Trek Series
We’re getting close to the end of the TV season, which means the networks are finally cementing their plans for the 2016-2017 season. Among those plans is a new Star Trek TV series.
We Finally Know When CBS' Star Trek Is Going To Start Filming
Star Trek fans have plenty to be happy about nowadays with a new TV show in the works. There haven't been too many details yet released, but now we know when and where filming will take place.
We May Know When The New Star Trek Series Will Be Set
With so many reasons to be excited about CBS All Access’ upcoming trip to the Star Trek universe, it’s hard to believe that there can possibly be new announcements that amp up our interest even higher. And yet now it’s happening.
Why The Star Trek TV Series Isn't Airing For A Super Long Time
CBS announced that a new Stark Trek TV series is on its way back in November of 2015. Sure, that was only a few months ago, but at the time of the announcement the network also revealed the episodes would not be coming until sometime in 2017.
CBS' Streaming Service May Change In A Big Way
CBS All Access may not be totally the same in the coming months. In fact, a big change may be coming. Here’s what CBS CEO Les Moonves had to say about the change the company would like to bring to CBS All Access moving forward.
The Star Trek TV Show Just Brought In A Franchise Favorite
Star Trek fanatics the world over are no doubt looking forward to Star Trek Beyond, but I’m not alone in thinking that CBS’ Trek series could be as exciting as anything the franchise has ever delivered. Especially now.
The New Star Trek May Feature A Classic Trek Actor
Not much is yet known about the long-rumored and now officially upcoming new Star Trek series, but casting talks are evidently underway. According to one actor is already a familiar face to the franchise, he’s already on the short casting list.

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