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Who The Office Originally Offered Michael Scott To
It’s been so many years since we’ve seen Steve Carell’s Michael Scott sitting backwards in chairs and showing off his Dundy Awards on The Office. But there was almost a very different actor in the role before Carell came along.
Sorry Lorne Michaels, Apparently Steve Carell Never Auditioned For Your Show
Lorne Michaels has spoken out about the comedians who he wishes he had hired on Saturday Night Live. During the segment Michaels also insisted he wished he had hired Steve Carell. Unfortunately, the Foxcatcher and The Office actor never actually auditioned for NBC’s late night series. Here's what may have happened.
Jay Leno Says Farewell To The Tonight Show
Well, folks — that’s a wrap of the Jay Leno era of The Tonight Show. Not that you could tell by the bevy of jokes made at the expense of Leno’s first adieu-bidding to the series. But unlike the last time we were at this juncture, Leno actually seemed ready, or at least, he had come to accept it. Because, as he himself said: it’s time. So with his friends Billy Crystal, Garth Brooks, and a bevy of special guests, he finally said goodbye.
How The Office Finale Pulled Off A Perfect Surprise
That's exactly how The Office needed to end, with the most emotional "that's what she said" of all time, with the reunion of the Regional Manager and Assistant to the Regional Manager who meant more to each other than they probably should have, and with a return cameo that was expected but perfectly executed in its surprise
Why Does The Office Want Michael Scott's Return To Be A Secret?
Bringing Michael back into the mix for the big reunion show might cause some reminiscing, and some awkward reaction shots when they play back some choice scenes from over the years (I'm basing this off a lot of years of watching Top Chef reunion shows). But if we're lucky, we might get a few shots of what happens behind the reunion episode, where Michael is returned to the fold of the people he loved-- and might not have that much to say to him
Steve Carell Will Reportedly Appear In The Office Finale
Carell will appear on screen for a cameo during next week’s series finale. Exactly how long his part might be or whether there will be any real character development is unclear, but regardless of those answers, this news, if true, should bring a smile to plenty of fans’ faces. After all, many see a direct correlation between a perceived decline in quality after Season 7 and the main character’s exodus.
Will Steve Carell Return For The Office Finale After All?
Is Steve Carell going to be back for The Office finale after all? Nothing has been confirmed yet, however the latest rumors do hint that there may be a chance that we'll see Michael Scott back at Dunder Mifflin, which suggests the situation is a bit more promising than it was a few months back.
Steve Carell And James Gandolfini Team Up For HBO Movie Bone Wars
Carell and Gandolfini recently appeared together in The Incredible Burt Wonderstoneand they apparently had such a good time, they are ready to work together on an equally oddball project. The two men have signed on for HBO’s Bone Wars, which will fittingly follow two paleontologists.
Steve Carell Isn't Guaranteed To Return For The Office Finale
Many fans of The Office may be hopeful that Steve Carell would return to the comedy for the anticipated series finale, however from what NBC Chairman Robert Greenblatt said at the TCA, it doesn't sound like that's a sure thing. In fact, he doesn't sound especially optimistic that one last appearance by Michael Scott will happen on the NBC comedy series.
Steve Carell May Have Appeared In Disguise On The Office Last Week
Did Steve Carell make a disguised appearance on The Office last week? A quick glimpse at one of the tables of trivia competitors reveals a man that may very well the former king of Dunder Mifflin Scranton, disguised behind a beard. Is it really him?
The Office: Season Seven Blu-ray DVD Review
Season Seven of The Office will be known as the season Michael Scott left Dunder-Mifflin and moved to Colorado with his soul mate, Holly. It really should be known as the series’ final year. Forget Michael leaving, this show, one of my all-time favorites, is declining, despite flashes of brilliance. They should have gone out on a relatively high note instead of milking it for a few more years with James Spader. Season Seven is not their best season, but humor and emotion are still available in quantity.
The Office Season 7 Scrimps On Bonus Features, Saves You Ten Bucks
The Office usually goes above and beyond with extras, but the Season 7 packet shows that somebody, somewhere has run out of steam. Not that there aren’t several special features. Most of the basic format The Office has used in the past -- deleted scenes, commentary, webisodes -- are present, just in smaller numbers.
James Spader In Talks To Become New Dunder Mifflin CEO On The Office
The Office wound up its recent season with the departure of Steve Carell's Michael Scott and a parade of celebrity guest stars as his potential replacements, including Will Ferrell, Ray Romano, and Will Arnett. Now Spader is in talks to join The Office next fall, but not as the new head of the Scranton branch. Instead, Spader's character would take over as the new CEO of Dunder Mifflin.
Preview Clips From The Office's Cameo-Filled Season Finale
NBC's tentpole The Office saw a serious drop in the numbers last week when they aired the first Michael Scott-less episode, and even the presence of interim manager Deangelo Vickers, aka Will Ferrell, couldn't do much to slow the slide. But for this week's season finale they've brought in loads of big-name cameos to curb the drop.
Michael Scott's Office Farewell Will Be A Super-Sized 50 Minutes
That kind of extension has ripple effects on the rest of the Thursday NBC schedule, of course, so now Parks & Recreation will also benefit from an extended episode; The Office will run from to 9:50, Parks & Rec will air at 9:50 until 10:30
See The World's Best Boss Cake Made For Steve Carell's Last Office Episode
Steve Carell's final episodes of The Office won't start airing until April, but the actor seems to have already left the set for good. So while we're still wrapping our heads around the notion of Dunder Mifflin without Michael Scott, the cast and the crew of the show
Will Ferrell To Appear In Four Episodes Of The Office Later This Season
The departure of Steve Carell from his post on The Office is set to be a monumental television event. This season has already had a good number of guest stars, including
Steve Carell Leaving The Office Before The Season Finale
The moment we learned Steve Carell was leaving The Office at the end of this season, we all imagined the kind of tearful season finale you usually get when a show goes off the air
Steve Carell Talks To Ellen About Leaving The Office
This Tuesday, Steve Carell is set to appear on Ellen and among the topics of discussion is Carell’s departure from his starring role in NBC’s The Office. Read on to see some of what Carell had to say on leaving and his replacement.
Steve Carell Producing A Documentary About The History Of Comedy
The documentary isn't part of the new producing deal Carell has at NBC, and given comedians' proclivities toward swear words and generally vulgar jokes, I'd imagine the documentary would be much more at home on HBO or Showtime

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