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The Trailer For The Mindy Project's Final Season Is Pure Chaos, Check It Out

The trailer for The Mindy Project's final season has arrived, and it's looking crazy with a capital "C".

The Mindy Project Is Bringing Chris Messina Back For Final Season

Only one season of The Mindy Project is left on Hulu, and there are plenty of loose ends still to be tied up. Luckily, we have some good news about Danny Castellano in the final season.

The Mindy Project Has Been Cancelled At Hulu, But There's Good News

Last night's season finale of The Mindy Project had fans afraid that the show was done. And now Hulu has announced that it is indeed cancelled, but there's good news.

The Mindy Project's Chris Messina Just Landed His First Follow-Up TV Gig

Chris Messina has found his first television role following his awesome stint on _The Mindy Project. _ It's a role that isn't very amusing, but one that he could be familiar with.

Why Adam Pally Left The Mindy Project

Adam Pally brought the laughs on a regular basis during his time on The Mindy Project, but he left the main cast back in Season 3. Now he has come out and explained why.

Where You Can Watch The Mindy Project If You Don't Have Hulu

You will soon be able to see episodes of The Mindy Project, even if you do not have a subscription to Hulu. Get the details!

The Mindy Project Will Make Mindy A White Man In Season 5, Here's What To Expect

The Mindy Project is trying something very different for its fifth season. Get the weird details, here.

The Mindy Project Is Downgrading A Character For Season 5

The Mindy Project has had to adapt in some big ways over the years as it has gone through cast and network shakeups. Now, it looks like Season 4 will feature a lot less of one of the actors who has been around the longest.

The Mindy Project And More Renewed By Hulu

It looks like Hulu has been a pretty good deal for The Mindy Project. The former Fox comedy was revived by the subscription streaming service and given a huge episode order for Season 4. Now, Hulu has opted to renew The Mindy Project.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Will Appear On The New Season Of The Mindy Project

Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be popping up in an episode of The Mindy Project after it makes its transition over to Hulu. Go ahead and add that to your list of reasons it's great news the series earned a second life as part of the subscription streaming service.

The Mindy Project Isn't Cancelled After All, Here's What's Happening

A lot of comedies and dramas headed into early graves over the last couple of weeks, but today we have great news regarding one of them. Just a week after getting cancelled, The Mindy Project has announced it will be back for Season 4.

The Mindy Project Has Been Cancelled By Fox

Fox has officially pulled the plug on The Mindy Project after three critically acclaimed seasons. But there’s a small chance that we haven’t seen the last of Dr. Mindy Lahiri and her gang of misfit friends and coworkers.

Mindy Kaling is Upset That People Are Upset About The Anal Sex Episode

A recent episode titled “I Slipped” involved some in-the-bedroom action between Mindy (Mindy Kaling) and boyfriend Danny (Chris Messina) where he “accidentally” sticks it in the wrong place, a plotline that has become the center of some conversations about sexual consent on television.

Fox 2014-2015 Schedule Moves Brooklyn Nine-Nine To Sunday, Sets Gotham On Monday

Fox announced their 2014-2015 schedule this morning, and in addition to adding some of their anticipated new series -- Gotham included -- the network has made a few notable changes to their primetime line-up, including moving one of their popular live-action comedies to Sunday night and putting a new hour-long series on Tuesday, ahead of their New Girl/Mindy Project comedy block.

I Wanna Marry Harry, The Mindy Project And Other Spring Premiere Dates Set

Whether or not you believe it's Spring may depend on your weather situation right now, but for TV purposes, Spring has sprung and the networks are rolling out their pre-Summer programming, which for Fox, includes Chris Meloni in Surviving Jack, the return of Kitchen Nightmares and the arrival of new drama Gang Related...

TV's Soon-To-Be Breakout Stars of 2014: The Mindy Project Writer Tracey Wigfield

After going through the motions of highlighting everything about 2013, we felt it was time to look ahead in order to clue you in who’s on the cusp of making it big in 2014. This week, we're highlighting 30 Rock alum and The Mindy Project writer Tracey Wigfield, one of the funniest women writing in television today. If the world is just, this will be the year of the Wiggles (a new nickname we just made up for her right now).

Breaking Bad's Anna Gunn To Guest On The Mindy Project

Breaking Bad's Emmy-winning matriarch Skyler White (also known as Anna Gunn to all the non-methheads out there) has left New Mexico behind in favor of the Big Apple antics over on FOX's The Mindy Project. The actress will play Dr. Lahiri's professional crush, a sleek and sophisticated doctor by the name of Sheila Hamilton. Set to appear in the series' 13th episode, Dr. Lahiri's admirations are apparently mutual, as "the Tory Burch of Manhattan OB/GYNs" seems to have eyes for Mindy as well. Naturally, we're dying to know who is the one who knocks in this situation.

James Franco To Guest Star On The Mindy Project In Season 2

One of the great things about James Franco is that you never really know what he's going to do next. Whether it's starring in feature film, recurring on a soap opera or getting roasted at Comedy Central, the actor seems up for just about anything. And that includes a guest spot in a network TV comedy, as Franco has signed on for a 2-episode arc in The Mindy Project.

Fox Fall 2013 Premiere Dates Set

Fox is the fourth of the five major networks to announce their Fall 2013 premiere schedule, and for the network that recently brought us American Idol, there's a lot of X Factor on the menu. Fortunately for those who aren't looking for more singing, there are some returning dramas and comedies, and some promising looking new programs joining the lineup later in September.

Fox 2013-2014 Schedule Includes J.J. Abrams' Almost Human And Seth MacFarlane's Dads

Fox announced their 2013-2014 lineup this morning, along with the planned schedule, which sets up new comedies on Tuesday nights and adds a number of other new series to the schedule, along with the returning shows. Among the new series is J.J. Abrams' sci-fi cop series Almost Human, Seth MacFarlane's new live-action comedy Dads and new animated comedy Murder Police.

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