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Steve Carell Just Trolled Office Fans In A Way That Michael Scott Would Find Hilarious
Steve Carell just proved that he has far more in common with Michael Scott than we ever realized by expertly trolling fans of The Office.
The Best Christmas TV Movies And Episodes On Netflix
Here are some of the best Christmas specials, TV episodes, and TV movies currently available on Netflix to get you through the holiday season!
John Krasinski Wants An Office Special To Happen, Here's The Idea
It seems that John Krasinski is definitely interested in getting the Dunder Mifflin gang back together for a reunion of The Office. Here's what he had to say.
TV Shows That Got Way Worse After A Main Character Left
Not all TV shows and characters are created equal, and there are a subset of popular series whose quality took a nosedive when one or more main characters left the show. Check out some glaring examples.
The Office's Jenna Fischer Wins Halloween With This Adorable Mini-Dwight
Halloween was a holiday that The Office had fun with, and star Jenna Fischer chose to honor her years of TV stardom while also working in her kiddo. Ladies and gentlemen: meet Mini-Dwight.
11 Failed TV Spinoffs That Actually Sound Awesome
Even great ideas can fall by the wayside. Check out our list of failed TV spinoffs that actually sound awesome!
The Hilarious Request John Krasinski Made During The Office's First Season
The Office became such a huge series by the end of its run that it was almost hard to remember the early days when the cast first came together. As it turns out, young John Krasinski had a request during his first season as Jim Halpert that's pretty cute.
Another Version Of The Office Is Coming Together, Here's What We Know
The Office started out as a British mockumentary sitcom back in 2001, then was adapted for an American version in 2005. Now, the premise is coming back for another go.
The Best TV Shows On Netflix Right Now
As Netflix has started to produce larger amounts of original programming, the number of TV shows and movies available on the service is certainly dwindling. However, the subscription streaming service still offers a slew of TV shows that have gotten good reviews and have avid audiences.
The Hilarious Ways Mindy Kaling Used To Trick Her Office Co-Star
We all remember the hilarity of NBC's The Office, and apparently Mindy Kaling loved to make life on set a living hell for one of her co-stars.
13 Popular TV Shows That Should Have Ended Way Sooner
Of the TV shows that manage to reach pure greatness, however temporary, very few retain that level of quality throughout their entire runs. Here are 13 shows that should have come to a close well before they actually did, although some are very much still on the air.
Who The Office Originally Offered Michael Scott To
It’s been so many years since we’ve seen Steve Carell’s Michael Scott sitting backwards in chairs and showing off his Dundy Awards on The Office. But there was almost a very different actor in the role before Carell came along.
Check Out The Awesome Jokes B.J. Novak Is Still Writing For The Office
Novak was a part of the creative mainframe of the show, Novak was often able to write jokes for Michael Scott and other main characters. Apparently, he still can’t get away from the habit
The Office: How John Krasinski And Jenna Fischer Really Felt About Each Other, According To John Krasinski
Last week, the news that Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski from NBC’s The Office, were actually in love during the filming of the show, took the internet by storm.
The Office's Jenna Fischer And John Krasinski Were Partially In Love, According To Jenna Fischer
Jenna Fischer reveals that the relationship between Jim and Pam on The Office benefited from her and John Krasinksi's genuine feelings for one another.
Why The US Office Changed Michael Scott In A Fundamental Way
You know the old saying, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it?”, well the flip side of that is making sure that if something is broken you accept it, and fix the damn thing. That’s exactly what the production team at the US version of The Office had to do with their biggest character.
10 TV Remakes That Miraculously Don't Suck
Every time a TV remake gets announced, it’s predictably met with groans and complaints that there are no new ideas anymore – despite the dozens of new ideas coming out every year – but we should always remember the remakes that have indeed gone right. Here are 10 of them.
The Best Office Prank Jim Ever Pulled On Dwight, According To Rainn Wilson
The early seasons of NBC’s The Office will go down as some of the best comedy produced during this era of television. Central to that humor was the antagonistic relationship between cool guy Jim Halpert and beet farmer / borderline psychopath Dwight Schrute.
The Office Almost Had An Entirely Different Theme Song
It’s been over two years since The Office came to an end with a surprisingly touching and amusing finale, but this is about beginnings rather than endings. Check out the songs that The Office almost used as a theme song.
11 TV Characters That Need A Spinoff ASAP
With news that the Bud Bundy-centered Married…With Children spinoff is rolling along ever so slowly, we decided to look back at 11 other TV standouts whose lives we’d love to catch up with, mostly with the original actors taking on the roles of course.

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