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Why Sons Of Anarchy's Surprise Guest Star Was Perfect
Are you kidding me?!? Of all the things that I thought would never happen in Sons of Anarchy, especially this close to the finale, anyone’s “surprise guest star role” would have been completely off of my list. And yet Kurt Sutter has defied all odds and done it.
10 Great TV Shows That Should Be Streaming On Netflix
While online streaming is still a ways away from completely replacing traditional television viewing, it is ubiquitous enough at this point to make "Why isn't this show on Netflix yet?" a fairly common inquiry. As such, here are ten completed series that Netflix needs to add to its stocked library posthaste, so that we may forget things like Hemlock Grove exist.
Yet Another Shield Star Will Butt Heads With SAMCRO On Sons Of Anarchy
She’ll play Tyne Patterson, “a San Joaquin County District Attorney who runs head first into the area’s violent biker ways,” and she’ll make her first appearance in the second episode of the season.
The Shield's Shawn Ryan Signs Pilot Deal With ABC For Last Resort
When it comes to TV shows, Shawn Ryan’s typically known for procedurals with a hint of serialization. Shows like The Shield, Terriers and Lie To Me are a fair blend of both. From the description of his latest TV venture, Ryan is thinking much further outside the box.
The Chicago Code Trailer Teases Fast-Paced Action In The Windy City
Set to premiere this February on Fox is Shawn Ryan’s new series The Chicago Code. From this trailer Fox released, the series looks fast-paced and suspenseful.
The Decade: Our Favorite Drama Series
The last decade featured a number of outstanding drama series, so it wasn’t easy for us to pick our favorites. We did manage to narrow the list down to the dramatic series that topped the others, in our book anyway
Fox Along For The Ride With Ryan’s Ridealong
After spending seven years telling the story of crooked cop Vic Mackey (Michael Chiklis), you’d think Shield creator Shawn Ryan would be sick to death of police stories
TV Review: The Shield - Season 7
I remember way back when FX’s The Shield began and how it was the glory time for premium cable channel HBO. You had The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Sex and the City running to keep you entertained. These were hard hitting shows that came close to saving television for the jaded viewer.
2008 Fall TV Premiere Schedule
Fall’s not that far away and as the summer shows are beginning to wrap up, I’ve been finding myself wondering when to expect some of my favorite shows to return from the summer hiatus. So I figure now’s as good a time as any to get started on the big premiere schedule. We’ll be posting previews for all of the new and returning shows this season and as always, the schedule is a work in progress.
Giveaway: The Shield Season 6 DVD Set And Season 7 Poster CONTEST CLOSED
FX’s popular drama series The Shield is set to return to the network for it’s seventh and final season. In case you fell behind during the sixth season, you’re in luck (or you could be!) because we’re running a Shield giveaway, in which one lucky winner will receive the sixth season of The Shield on DVD.
Andre Benjamin To Return To The Shield
Andre Benjamin is one of those multi-talented entertainers who sort of sneaks up on you over time. The Outkast band member got his start in the movie business via soundtracks, penning tunes for such diverse films as Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, 8 Mile, and After the Sunset. Now he's returning to a role he originated in The Shield.

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