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The Walking Dead And Other Great TV Marathons Airing On New Year's Eve Weekend
What better way to welcome the New Year than by watching a ton of marathons featuring some of your favorites shows. We've collected some of the best marathons happening this weekend, so hit the jump for all the details.
10 Network TV Shows That  Definitely Won't Get Cancelled
2016 is coming to an end, and the time is right to look back at the shows that hit the airwaves this fall. Some did better than others in the ratings, and we've determined 10 shows on the major networks that definitely won't get cancelled.
The Insane Number Of People Who Caught The Epic Simpsons Marathon
A huge marathon of The Simpsons recently aired on the small screen, and the numbers are in to tell us just how many people tuned in.
What’s Cancelled And Renewed? Here's The Rundown Of How Network Shows Are Doing
One way to spot a floundering show is to keep an eye out for a major network cutting the episode order of a series, especially if it is a freshman program and therefore new to the network in question. Or, you can just check out our full guide.
The Crazy Story Behind Milhouse's Creation On The Simpsons
The Simpsons has given viewers one of the biggest character ensembles in all of fiction, and you might not know that Milhouse Van Houten has an origin story outside of Springfield.
Why The Simpsons Predicts The Future So Often, According To A College Professor
In the past 27 years, The Simpsons has gotten a lot right about the future, and the reason for such things isn't all that complicated, according to one college professor.
Hockey Great Wayne Gretzky Is Heading To The Simpsons
After 28 years, one would think that just about everyone who was a household name in the 1990s would have appeared on The Simpsons, but no. Wayne Gretzky can finally add his name to the list.
We Can't Get Over How Morbid This New Simpsons Couch Gag Is
The Simpsons is no stranger to getting dark and weird, and this weekend's couch gag is perhaps the most morbid sequences in The Simpsons' long history.
Why The Simpsons Called Donald Trump As President Years Ago
The Simpsons has been incredibly good at predicting things over the years, and recently we brought you a clip of the time that the long-running animated Fox comedy predicted that Donald Trump would one day win the presidency.
The Simpsons Predicted Donald Trump's Presidency Years Ago
While South Park has spent much of the season poking fun at a potential Donald Trump presidency via a Mr. Garrison plotline featuring an egregious fake tan, it turns out, another animated comedy may have beat them to the punchline.
The Simpsons Gets Big Renewal From Fox, Continues Breaking TV Records
The Simpsons sometimes seems like it's been on the air forever. Now, Fox has announced that the show won't be going anywhere any time soon with a major renewal order.
The Simpsons Writer And Producer Kevin Curran Has Died
This week, The Simpsons lost a brilliant writer and creative, who penned a dozen episodes of the long-running Fox series and produced a slew of others over the course of 15 years.
Watch The Simpsons Hilariously Take On Making A Murderer
A brand new clip from The Simpsons has just hit the web, and it's a pitch perfect parody of Netflix's Making A Murderer. Check it out!
The Simpsons Is The Second Primetime Show To Air 600 Episodes, So What Was The Other?
The Simpsons is only the second primetime series to air 600 episodes. Can you guess the first show to reach that benchmark?
Two Times Simpsons Producer Al Jean Thought The Show Was Cancelled
The Simpsons is about to make history with its 600th TV episode, which airs on Fox on Sunday night. However, while the show has become an institution for the network, things haven't always been so certain for The Simpsons.
How To View The Simpsons VR Couch Gag: Planet Of The Couches
Sunday night marks a major milestone for The Simpsons, as the series is celebrating its 600th episode. Insane. What's more, tonight's episode is the 27th installment of the annual Treehouse of Horror. Naturally, The Simpsons has to step up its game with its couch gag, which is where the VR experience comes in.
The Simpsons Predicted The Newest Nobel Prize Winner 6 Years Ago
Just a few short days ago, Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmström earned one of the most distinguished prizes when they took home the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for what they have contributed to contract theory.
The Simpsons Is Giving Fans The Greatest Couch Gag Ever, Here's What To Expect
With 27+ seasons of excellent couch gags in its wake, The Simpsons would have seemingly already hit its peak when it came to the ever-changing opening segment, but this new one takes the cake.
How The Simpsons Is Managing To Dominate In Season 28
At this point in its run, it's impossible to really compare The Simpsons to anything else on TV, but somehow it's continuing to earn its place on Fox's schedule. Check out how well the Season 28 premiere did.
FXX's Upcoming Simpsons Marathon Will Be The Longest In History, Here's Why
Woohoo! We hope you have nothing to do around Thanksgiving because The Simpsons are about to make TV history with the longest marathon ever.

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