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Michelle Obama Just Booked Her Final TV Appearance As First Lady
Michelle Obama only has a couple of weeks left as First Lady of the United States, but she's made the time for one more TV appearance.
Watch Kevin James And Jimmy Fallon Spit Food On Each Other For Hilariously Messy Sketch
Kevin James appeared on The Tonight Show and like many guests, he played a game that needed some serious clean up afterward. Check out what Jimmy Fallon looks like with a face full of mashed potatoes.
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Is Losing Its Showrunner
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon has just suffered a major blow with the departure of its showrunner. Get the details!
Watch Kristen Wiig Do Her Best Bachelorette Impression
Kristen Wiig has made a big name for herself on the big screen thanks to some majorly funny film roles, but she got back to her SNL roots in a recent late night appearance when she channeled her inner Bachelorette.
Watch The Lonely Island Recreate I'm On A Boat With Jimmy Fallon And Classroom Instruments
In a visit to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, The Lonely Island recreated their classic ,"I'm On a Boat," with classroom instruments and Fallon himself as backup.
Watch Meghan Trainor Wipe Out On Stage On The Tonight Show
A lot of times, bloopers and other unplanned moments get edited out of talk shows on the way from the episode’s taping to the actual TV airing. But not Meghan Trainor's Tonight Show tumble.
Watch Jimmy Fallon's Hilarious Holiday Parodies Of Drake's Hotline Bling And More
Fallon's appreciation for pop music is made abundantly clear in this clip, which features him and Rashida Jones reteaming for spoof versions of songs by Drake, Taylor Swift, The Weeknd and more.
How Steven Yeun Kept His Big Walking Dead Secret
One of the reasons why the Glenn storyline rocked audiences throughout November is because it felt strange watching a situation take that long to get cleared up. But it was harder on actor Steven Yeun.
Watch The Undertaker Piledrive A Turkey On The Tonight Show
With Thanksgiving right around the corner, everybody is currently offering up thanks and preparing for one of the biggest feast days of the year. And then there's the Undertaker.
Watch Nick Offerman Explain What He Ate To Intentionally Get Fat
The actor is set to appear in a stage version of Confederacy of Dunces, playing the overly large Ignatious J. Reilly, and he needed to put on some weight for the gig. You can watch him explain what he ate to intentionally get fat, here.
Watch Jimmy Fallon Hilariously Explain How He Injured His Hand Again
Jimmy Fallon has not had the best luck when it comes to injuries, and he has once again come up the loser in the epic battle of man vs. gravity. Luckily, Fallon is a comedian to the core, and he could not resist the chance to share the story of his last hand injury on The Tonight show.
Why Jay Leno Refused To Appear On One Of Letterman's Final Episodes
While most networks have a late night talk show or two that compete against each other, the men behind the shows have built something of a little fraternity. They publicly support each other when a new one starts out and often say goodbye when one of them leaves. Usually.
Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt Cover Rihanna, Wear A Bowtie
One of the most fun Tonight Show bits has to be the barbershop quartet that shows up from time to time known as the Ragtime Gals. In the group's latest performance, Joseph Gordon-Levitt transformed the barbershop quartet into a quintet for a Rihanna cover.
Watch Jimmy Fallon's Hilarious Parody Of Empire
Earlier tonight, Season 2 of Empire premiered on Fox, but the realest of the real drama this week actually happened over at The Tonight Show, where Jimmy Fallon unleashed a pitch-perfect Empire parody on the world. Check it out, bitch.
Why Jimmy Fallon Is Nice To All The Late Night Hosts
Show business is a competitive game, and having a cutthroat flare can be necessary for success. For his part, however, Jimmy Fallon of NBC’s The Tonight Show is determined to keep his generation of late night hosts on good terms with one another.
History Of Rap 6: Watch Jimmy Fallon And Justin Timberlake Crush The New Version
Justin Timberlake stopped by NBC’s The Tonight Show to join in on some of the late night fun with his BFF Jimmy Fallon. And like JT and Fallon have shown us time and time again the two are unstoppable together.
Watch Jimmy Fallon And The Roots Play Family Feud
Celebrity Family Feud, which has garnered huge ratings for ABC. This week, he popped up on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to prove the concept.
Donald Trump To Appear On The Tonight Show, Despite Being Fired By NBC
In the past few months, the relationship between Donald Trump and NBC has been strained, to say the least, but it’s not a rift that will remain rocky forever, as Trump will return to the network later this month as a guest on The Tonight Show.
Watch The Tonight Show Shove A Stupid Number Of People In A Phone Booth
The new Tonight Show game “Phone Booth” is up there with the zaniest, and it’s probably the only time you’ll see Big Bird, Kevin Spacey and E.T. kicking it in the same room. Though hopefully it's not the last time that happens.
Watch Tom Cruise Lip Sync Meat Loaf And More On The Tonight Show
Before the world at large gets a chance to see Tom Cruise hanging off of airplanes in MIssion Impossible: Rogue Nation, we got to see him at his low-budget finest on The Tonight Show in a lip sync battle against Jimmy Fallon. Wowzers.

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