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The Walking Dead: Will Morgan Start Killing Again? Here’s What The Showrunner Says
Morgan took a big step and killed a Savior in order to save Carol's life in The Walking Dead. And now that he has finally killed someone, the question is: will Morgan be willing to kill again in Season 7?
Why The Walking Dead's Kingdom Is Different From Other Locations
The Walking Dead's Morgan and Carol are on the verge of opening up the show's landscape through the introduction of The Kingdom. Here are some big differences we can expect from the new location.
How Long AMC Wants The Walking Dead To Run For
While The Walking Dead will undoubtedly have several seasons that follow the upcoming Season 7, AMC's CEO has some big ideas about the zombie drama's future.
The Walking Dead's New Season 7 Trailer Introduces Human-Eating Pigs
When The Walking Dead returns to AMC for Season 7, viewers will be properly introduced to King Ezekiel and his stripped security system, the tiger Shiva. But as this new trailer shows us, Shiva won't be the only dangerous animal out there.
2016 Fall TV Premiere Schedule: Dates For New And Returning Shows
Following this year's lengthy list of cancellations, the major networks have a bunch of new series on the calendar including both comedies and dramas. Check out the new shows and more with our full fall TV premiere schedule.
Mad TV’s Spoof On The Walking Dead Is Spot On And Hilarious, Watch It Now
Mad TV has taken some shots at AMC's The Walking Dead, and it's exactly what everyone's been thinking.
The Walking Dead Season 7 Is Going To Be Epic, According To Robert Kirkman
Marketing and commercials have been a bit tricky for Season 7, as the editors have been unable to use footage of the characters who are in danger, out of fear of spoiling the big cliffhanger. Luckily for us, Walking Dead creator and writer Robert Kirkman has recently given us a hint as to what to expect this season.
How Long The Walking Dead's Carol And Morgan Could Be Away From Rick's Group
When The Walking Dead returns, fans will no doubt want to see Carol and Morgan reconnecting with the main group, but we might not see that happen for a while.
How The Walking Dead's Negan Plot Has Already Changed Rick
The cliffhanger of The Walking Dead Season 6 has had fans wondering for months about what Negan will mean for Rick and Co. in the long run. According to one key actor, Negan will have changed Rick in a huge way almost immediately.
The Walking Dead: What's In Store For Carol In Season 7, According To The Actress
Carol had been going through yet another transition last year, as regret and guilt for her various murders began to creep into her mind. Now Melissa McBride has revealed where Carol is headed in Season 7
How One Fear The Walking Dead Plotline Could Change The Walking Dead Universe
The back half of Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 is thankfully making all the right moves, and that's perhaps best evidenced in a story that could upend the Walking Dead mythology.
Why The Walking Dead's Negan Will Be Different From The Comics
Fans of the Walking Dead comic books have high expectations for Negan, but now it appears that even the die hard readers will be surprised with the villain's adaptation for the small screen.
The Brilliant Way The Walking Dead's Lennie James Protects The Show's Secrets
The Walking Dead actors have been pummeled by fans with questions about Season 7's big reveal, and Lennie James has apparently adopted a pretty brilliant method for avoiding having to address the issue.
The Two Coolest Monster Fighters On TV, According To Stephen King
One would think that Stephen King is so busy writing that he wouldn't have time for anything from a visual medium. But he loves TV, and he's made a hefty claim about the two coolest monster fighters on the small screen.
Wait, Did The Walking Dead's Greg Nicotero Just Spoil The Season 7 Premiere?
The Walking Dead Season 6 cliffhanger has had fans everywhere speculating ever since the finale aired back in April. The Season 7 premiere isn't until October, but executive producer Greg Nicotero may have just spoiled what's happening next.
The Actual Purpose Of The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale, According To Greg Nicotero
The Season 6 finale will undoubtedly go down as one of the most infamous episodes in the history of The Walking Dead thanks to the crazy cliffhanger. According to the executive producer, however, the episode was about something bigger than the cliffhanger.
New Walking Dead Season 7 Video Lays Out How Bad Things Are For Rick's Group
In more ways than one, we're going to be watching a wholly different version of The Walking Dead when it returns for Season 7. This new video lays out just how different things will be for Rick & Co.
Norman Reedus Took A Gnarly Souvenir From The Walking Dead Set, Check It Out
The Walking Dead fans are eager for any bit of zombie goodness to get through till the premiere. Luckily for us, Norman Reedus seems to feel our need.
Did Michael Cudlitz Just Reveal Abraham's Fate In The Walking Dead?
Michael Cudlitz, who plays everyone's favorite swearing ginger Abraham, may have let slip what happens to his character.
The Walking Dead Almost Had An Absolutely Horrible Premise, Here’s What We Know
Part of what makes The Walking Dead such great television is the balance between the constant threat of zombies and the even more dangerous human survivors. Well now it appears that one half of that threat was originally not going to be very present. And it ain't the humans.

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