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How The Walking Dead Brought That Tiger To Life, According To Robert Kirkman
Season 6 may have left fans hanging in a big way, but the Season 7 trailer for The Walking Dead helped to fill in some tiger sized holes. Hit the jump to learn how exactly they brought that non-zombie related creature to life.
The Walking Dead Season 7 Just Introduced Ezekiel, Check It Out
In addition to peeking behind the curtain to the action and walkers we'll be seeing in Season 7 of TWD, we were just introduced to a major comic book character that will be making his long-awaited appearance in the series.
The Walking Dead Season 7 Trailer Has Arrived And It's Chilling
Given the cliffhanger at the end of The Walking Dead Season 6, fans are likely to be especially eager to see what AMC has to show us from the upcoming Season 7. Well, wait no further, as Comic-Con once again delivers on its annual promise of our first real look at the upcoming season of the zombie drama.
The Walking Dead Character Robert Kirkman Regrets Killing Off
If I had a dollar for every Walking Dead character that creator Robert Kirkman sentenced to death, I'd probably be able to buy a season of the show on Blu-ray and one of the comic trade editions. But there is always some regret when a character goes away, and Kirkman isn't immune from that. Here's who he regrets killing off.
What The Walking Dead's Negan Was Originally Going To Be Called
At this point during The Walking Dead's live-action run, we have only just gotten to know the sometimes homicidal and sometimes slightly less homicidal villain Negan.
AMC's Ratings Problems Are Going To Cost A Lot Of People Their Jobs
AMC is home to one of the biggest shows on television, but recent ratings drops have meant trouble for the network. Unfortunately for the employees of AMC, their jobs may be among the first budget cuts.
Why Walking Dead Fans From All Over Are Flocking To Robert Kirkman's Hometown
I believe we are all familiar with the fact that The Walking Dead fans can be pretty overzealous at times. (Just spend a few seconds on Twitter during the 24 hours following every episode's airing.) But fans are pretty much all in agreement about something happening in the middle of Robert Kirkman's hometown.
See The New Way The Walking Dead Is Teasing The Cliffhanger
Season 6 of The Walking Dead ended on a huge cliffhanger. Now, The Walking Dead has released some teaser images for Season 7 that might get people talking again.
It's Way Too Hot For The Prank Norman Reedus Just Pulled On Andrew Lincoln
There's nothing like a good old-fashioned prank war between co-stars to make for some funny stories, but Norman Reedus' latest prank on his Walking Dead pal Andrew Lincoln didn't have the best seasonal timing.
Why AMC Needs Another Walking Dead-Sized Hit ASAP
When it comes to cable networks that might be struggling, not many people would guess that AMC is one of those that's having a hard time. As it turns out, however, AMC can't succeed on one megahit alone, and The Walking Dead may not be enough for a very big reason.
How Horrific Filming The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere Was, According To Greg Nicotero
An incredible amount of anticipation is going into The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere's hour-long run-time, and episode director Greg Nicotero makes it clear that many, many more grueling hours went into putting the whole shebang together.
What Makes The Walking Dead Season 7 Different, According To Greg Nicotero
After six season of bites, fights, and gripes, you'd think we'd much pretty much seen all the world of zombies had to offer. But you'd be wrong
14 Top Sci-Fi TV Shows On Netflix
It's just the right time in your life where nothing particularly interesting or noteworthy is happening, and you can safely devote many hours to binge-watching a TV show or ten. While you're waiting for your alien mother to come back, here are the 14 best sci-fi shows that Netflix has to offer.
Why Nick Reminds Us Of Rick Grimes In This Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Image
Fear the Walking Dead co-creators Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson have given audiences a show that feels different from its post-apocalyptic predecessor, but there does seem to be a bit of a particular callback happening in our first look at the second half of Fear the Walking Dead Season 2.
One Walking Dead Character Who Was Supposed To Be Around Way Longer
Nothing is guaranteed in the post-apocalypse, especially not survival. And nothing is guaranteed on post-apocalyptic TV shows, especially not an actor's belief that he or she was going to be there for the entirety of the show's run.
The Walking Dead Cut As A Deadpool Trailer Is Gory And Hilarious
The Walking Dead's heavy themes make it impossible to include other genres, including comedy. Until now.
Will The Walking Dead Add Another Huge Villain From The Comics?
The Walking Dead's cast and crew are very skittish and careful about how they answer questions between seasons. And so when interview-friendly Norman Reedus recently teased where the show is going for Season 7, he seemed to hint at another comic villain's arrival.
How Many Times Per Day The Walking Dead Cast Gets Asked About That Negan Cliffhanger
The Walking Dead created a whirlwind of conversations following the Season 6 finale, which ended on a polarizing cliffhanger. But while fans may think they're the ones getting the raw end of the deal here, just think about how many times the cast and crew have had to deal with people hounding them about the victim's identity.
Why The Walking Dead's Negan Is Going To Be Around For A Long Time
The Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead finally introduced the new bad guy Negan, and it's pretty clear that he's going to have an epic reign of terror. Now, it looks like that reign of terror may last a long time for Rick and Co.
Why It's Good Nicholas Left The Walking Dead When He Did
While The Walking Dead comic books turned Nicholas from a fear-bogged backstabber into a more responsible character who took his obligations seriously, no such outcome happened on the TV show. And we should all be thankful when he bowed out when he did, since the actor has an idea of where things would have gone.

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