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Rock This Boat: New Kids On The Block Cruise Reality Show Gets A New Trailer
When it comes to being a hardcore fan, it's not just what or who you love, but how you love it. New Kids on the Block fans are going to be cruising with their fandom, quite literally, as evidenced by the trailer for TVGN's upcoming series Rock This Boat: New Kids on the Block.
New Kids On The Block To Rock The Boat With Fans In Cruise Reality Series
The New Kids On the Block are still "Hangin' Tough" and so are their fans. The popular boy band is taking their act to television with a reality TV show that sounds like it's as much about NKOTB's fans as it is the group. Rock This Boat: New Kids on the Block is said to be a cruise series that will follow NKOTB fans on a week-long cruise with the boy band.
Star-Crossed Marathon Airing On TVGN For Those Who Like Tattooed Aliens
The latest program the network has picked up is Star-Crossed, a brand new CW show that takes its name from Shakespeare’s famous play, Romeo & Juliet. The network has planned a “midseason catch-up marathon” for anyone interested in the drama.
Jersey Shore's The Situation Earns A Post-Rehab Reality Show
What does a reality star do when his time at MTV has grown stale? For Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, the answer seems to be to find a new reality series elsewhere. If MTV won’t have the former Jersey Shore star, TVGN most certainly will.
Big Brother Live Feeds Move To CBS' Website, After Dark Moves To TV Guide Network
Big Brother is unlike other reality competitions in a number of ways. For one thing, it airs three times a week. For another, it isn't all pretaped ahead of time, which means fans who care enough about what's going on inside the Big Brother house can subscribe to the live feeds to get an unedited view of the strategizing and drama. Those who didn't want to pay for the live feeds could still get a glimpse of the unedited action inside the BB house by watching Big Brother After Dark on Showtime2.
More Dark Knight TV Specials Coming Up
I’m guessing that among the many (many, many) Batman fans who are counting down the days to the premiere of The Dark Knight, there are two general groups: Those who are trying to avoid even the tiniest spoilers related to TDK and those who are dead set on absorbing every bit of Batman-related news they can feast their eyes on in anticipation of the premiere. If you’re of the latter group, these specials will probably do the trick.
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