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Will And Grace Is Definitely Coming Back, Here's How
TV audiences have seen all kinds of shows returning to the small screen in recent years, and fans of Will and Grace will be jumping for joy now that a new season has been confirmed.
What Will And Grace's Debra Messing Is Saying About The Reported Revival
Debra Messing, who played Grace during the show's eight season run, recently took to Twitter to address the revival rumors.
What's Going On With A Will And Grace Reunion, According To Eric McCormack
Classic '90s sitcom Will and Grace was such a hit back in its day that many fans are hoping for a revival on NBC. Now, a former star has weighed in on a possible series.
A Will And Grace Revival May Be Happening At NBC
It was just a short while that interest in the nineties sitcom Will & Grace was reignited thanks to the cast reuniting for a fun election segment encouraging people living in the United States to vote
Why Will And Grace Is Probably Not Returning, Despite Recent Reunion
Eric McCormack and Debra Messing, who played the title characters in Will & Grace, recently revealed if new episodes were coming in the wake of the pro-Hillary video "Vote Honey".
Will And Grace Came Back For Ten Minutes, And It's Like It Never Left
The cast of Will & Grace recently started up a social media frenzy tied to a possible reunion for the cast members, and now that reunion has been revealed. Watch it now!
The 11 Greatest TV Characters We Never Actually Saw Onscreen
Almost every great TV show has at least four major characters for viewers to invest their hopes, dreams, dread and anger in, and most have more, but it's far easier to narrow down the number of memorable characters that we only heard about and heard from, but never actually saw with our eyes. Here are the 11 greatest ones.
Female Buddy Comedy From Kari Lizer Picked Up By NBC
NBC has picked up Lizer’s untitled comedy (once tentatively called Lady Friends). The storyline will follow Nicole and Jen, a couple of best friends who are really yin and yang to one another. Nicole has her act together a bit more than Jen. he is involved in a loving, stable relationship and has a new baby on the way. Jen, on the other hand, has a little more troubled existence. She is frazzled in the ties she makes and is battling a weight gain. Even with Jen's issues, she and Nicole are still support systems for one another.
Will & Grace Creators Kohan And Mutchnick Team Up For Two Comedy Pilots
While $#*! My Dad Says may be gone, creators David Kohan and Max Mutchnick remain teamed up and are moving on to work on not one but two other pilots for two separate networks. The duo, also known for creating Will & Grace, have secured two put pilot commitments, one of which is on CBS and the other for ABC.
On Too Long: The Most Played Out Shows Of The Decade
In comprising such a list, the staff here at Blend Television found that it was just as easy to come up with a list of shows that went on way past their prime. Shows that started off great
Megan Mullally Is Taking Karen Walker To Broadway
I'll be the first to admit that Karen Walker (Megan Mullally) was one of the main reasons to watch Will & Grace. Especially when it evolved into a turnstile of celebrity guests during those latter years. In fact, it became pretty widely established that it was Karen and Jack McFarland (Sean Hayes) that stole the show every week.
Could Sarah Chalke Really Be The Mother?
It’s looking more and more like Sarah Chalke is the mother. Ever since she appeared on How I Met Your Mother last month, there has been speculation that we’re finally about to get the big reveal. Despite the truncated third season, HIMYM star Josh Radnor (Ted) has told TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello that we’d probably see her in “a few more episodes.”
Will And Grace Writer Gets New Show On HBO
HBO is ready to bring some new drama to our lives. With the loss of The Soprano’s, and the hole left by Sex in the City, they’ve got a tall order to fill. The head honchos at HBO recently announced that they would be doing a new Cop drama, Last of the Ninth, and now their newest offering is Driving with Joni from the writer who won an Emmy for her work on Will and Grace, Jhoni Marchinko.

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