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Watch Nathan Fillion Hilariously Explain His Feelings About Zombies
If the world is ever actually overrun by zombies in the same way that TV and movies have been taken over, there are a lot of people that I’d want to see on the front line of the ensuing “war.” And as it happens, actor Nathan Fillion is one of those people, as evidenced by his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.
The Walking Dead To Debut Season 5 Sneak Peek For July 4th Marathon, Plus Two New Specials
We’ve still got some months to go before getting back into the familiar “exposition-to-violence-to-exposition” storytelling that The Walking Dead falls into, but AMC’s 4th of July “Dead, White and Blue” marathon will feature an exclusive Season 5 sneak peek for those tuning in live.
The Walking Dead Season 2 Visual Effects Featurette
Even though the story has arguably dragged at times, there is no doubting the fantastic special effects work that goes into each and every episode of the AMC's The Walking Dead. From the amazing make-up to the larger computer generated work, the show has definitely delivered and, in order to showcase the work done by Stargate Studios, AMC has just released a look at the Season 2 special effects.
The Walking Dead Gets an Eerily Similar Second Season Poster Plus A Rick Grimes Teaser
After all the mid-season shake-ups, I think it's fair to say that I wasn't the only one with The Walking Dead qualms. However, this is not the first season and this is not the same group of writers so I'm kind of back in excited fan mode. The second season is still based on Robert Kirkman's amazing source material. It still has some of the best make-up effects thanks to Greg Nicotero. It still has a promising cast led by Andrew Lincoln. And now, it has an impressive new poster and teaser trailer.
AMC's The Walking Dead Goes Behind The Scenes With Makeup Artist Greg Nicotero
Everyone is pretty excited for the return of AMC's The Walking Dead. It's one of the few new series last season that really captured audiences and instantly converted them into mindless, uh, zombies, obediently tuning in each week to see what blood, guts, and gore-thirsty creatures Sheriff Rick Grimes and the rest of the survivors had to deal with, or decapitate and disembowel, this time.
AMC's The Walking Dead Casts More Zombie Fodder
The first season of The Walking Dead was very well received, but the problem with these kinds of shows -- ones that regularly kill off their characters -- is that they need constant and continual casting. And trust me, a lot of characters in this series don't last very long. No spoilers, but I will say this: no one is safe.
Behind The Scenes On The First Day Of The Walking Dead Season Two
Don't worry. Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead will be back looking for your brains before you know it. That's right, AMC's horror hit from last year has begun filming its follow-up season, and this time they've got a full 13-episode order to fill with your favorite flesh-eaters. Go behind the scenes with the cast and crew.
First Look At The Undead From AMC's The Walking Dead Season Two
The promotional effort has already been resurrected for the critically acclaimed series about the undead with this first look photo from Season Two of The Walking Dead. The series, adapted from Robert Kirkman's graphic novel of the same same and written (primarily) and directed by Frank 'Shawshank Redemption' Darabont, was such an initial success that the order for another round came very quickly...
The Walking Dead Season Finale Watch: Episode 6, TS-19
Can anyone possibly be happy that this is the last episode of Walking Dead for the next ten months? Find as much as possible in this zombie-lite episode to talk about. There's no hint of where things are going, but I bet Carl's voice will be deeper
The Walking Dead Watch: Episode 5, Wildfire
It's not like The Walking Dead started out as terrible television, but it just keeps getting better week after week. Even if the increments aren't monumental, how many shows can you say this about? If you say another one, I'm not going to save you if you get bitten.
The Walking Dead Watch: Episode 3, Tell It To The Frogs
If there's any one thing generally associated with Frank Darabont, it's deliberate storytelling, generally on the slow burner side. It's hard to tell how well this will pay off in zombie television. While character development is certainly beyond important
The Walking Dead Watch: Episode 2, Guts
AMC is building as credible a career as FX when it comes to engaging dramas. And while general zombie fiction generally attracts me, this show's source material ranks in the top tiers of the genre for storytelling's sake. This is televised ecstasy
Watch 17-Minutes Behind The Scenes Of The Walking Dead
Even as someone who is pretty much burned out on the whole zombie thing, I’m excited about The Walking Dead. Directed by Frank Darabont the movie takes the standard
Comic Con: BSG Composer Bear McCreary Will Score The Walking Dead
Normally television doesn’t pay much attention to a show’s soundtrack. If a show even has a score, it’s rare anyone ever notices it. Unless of course, that score is composed by Bear McCreary
The Walking Dead Gets Series Commitment From AMC
It's alive! Well, technically "undead" is the more appropriate term. Regardless, AMC has ordered to series The Walking Dead, based on the ongoing zombie apocalypse comic book series by Robert Kirkman
Smallville Recap: Rabid
Like many Smallville fans, I dreaded the idea of zombies on the show, but I think it ended up being a fun and scary ride. With the effects of Jimmy’s death still plaguing the minds of Clark, Chloe and Oliver,
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