Touch Adds 24 Alum John Boyd And Inception's Dileep Rao

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Touch Adds 24 Alum John Boyd And Inception's Dileep Rao image
Touch has brought two more actors on board for the upcoming second season, and one of them will make for a 24 reunion with Kiefer Sutherland. John Boyd spent some time with Sutherland on Season 2 of 24 and has now booked a recurring role on his new Fox drama. Also joining the cast in a recurring guest role is Inceptionís Dileep Rao.

Boyd joins some other recently added faces on the show, and is one of those that will be connected with new series regular Lukas Haas. In this case, Boyd will play an old college friend and confidant to Haasí character Calvin. Heís a math and algorithm researcher named Kase. Boyd has guested on Suits and appeared in a TV movie since his stint on 24.

The other new face to join the growing cast is Dileep Rao, who has appeared in Inception and Avatar. He doesnít have much in the way of TV credits so far, just a couple of guest appearances including one on Brothers and Sisters. He will be recurring as a rich shareholder at Aster Corp., says The Hollywood Reporter.

The two will join Said Taghmaoui of Lost who joined up recently as well as Adam Campbell and Ray Santiago in recurring roles. In addition to Lukas Haas, the series has also picked up two other new regulars, Saxon Sharbino and Greg Ellis. It will mean a lot of new people for fans to get to know when the series returns on October 26th.
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