TV Recap: Army Wives - Mothers And Wives

By Kelly West 2008-08-17 23:48:12 discussion comments
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Trevorís a total boy scout so itís somewhat disappointing to see that heís become addicted to pain meds and is resorting to sneaking off post to accept a prescription from a doctor who wears a Hawaiian shirt and only accepts cash for his services. Then again, this is Army Wives weíre dealing with, so Iím sure eventually heíll hit bottom or get caught and realize the error of his ways.

Trevorís been relying on over the counter pain meds to tide him over until he can get his prescription renewed for his real meds. While working out, a friend refers him to the shady doctor and itís evident that this situation clearly isnít legal. Trevor gets a fresh script for Vicodin and has it filled off post. Roxie thinks everything is ok, choosing to believe that Trevor really did spill his pills down the drain. Sheís got her hands full with her GED anyway.

Roxie studies to take her GED but when she goes to sit for the test she panics. Her pencil breaks and after seeing that everyone seems to be flying through the test, she gets up without a word and walks out. Then while at home, she finds some cards that her boys made for her with the intention of giving them to her after she passes her exam. She feels like she let them down for not going through with the test and eventually retakes it. She aces it and the episode ends with her family and friends throwing her a little home-graduation celebration.

Things arenít so happy for Denise. Sheís grieving over Getti but canít share her grief with Frank because she doesnít want him to know how close she was with him. It doesnít help that Gettiís father asks Denise to have coffee with him and tells her that Getti was in love with her. Frank knows something was up and finally tells Denise that he saw her kissing Gettiís hand. Denise eventually admits to Frank how far things went with Getti, including that she kissed him. He storms off and heads to a bar where he runs into Michael. He tells Michael that he wants to go back to Iraq and admits that things arenít going so well at home. Michael strongly recommends that Frank finish out his leave and try to work things out with his marriage. In the end, Frank decides to stay home and see if he and Denise can work through the whole Getti issue. Denise suggests they try some kind of counseling, which is probably a good plan considering their distance probably started long before Getti showed up.

Claudia Joyís mom comes to visit unexpectedly. Sheís the type of mom who makes passive-aggressive comments and that put Claudia Joy on edge as she prepares for the visit. It surprises Claudia Joy that her mom is coming to visit alone but she eventually learns that her mother is leaving her father because he has a gambling addiction problem and heís squandered all of their money. Never a dull moment. As if Claudia Joy doesnít have enough to deal with in being the shoulder to cry on for all of her friends (she always seems to be there whenever thereís a crisis), now sheíll have to help her parents get through this disaster.

Finally, Roland is counseling a kid named Jake whose dad died in action. Jake inherited money from the Army and its clear heís dealing with his grief by spending it frivolously. Roland has issues with getting too close to the kids heís trying to help but when Jake buys him a watch worth $10k, he has to pay a visit to the Jakeís mom to return the gift and see whatís going on. It turns out, Jakeís mother is the root of her sonís problems. Sheís going through her own grief due to guilt over having convinced her husband to re-enlist rather than retire early and give up his penchant. So every time Jake brings up his dad, she gives him money. Itís only after Jake gets arrested for drinking that all of this comes out and Roland manages to set them on the right path so that they can get through this difficult time together.

I found it interesting that there were no scenes from next weekís episode following tonightís episode. Instead we got a promo for Army Wives telling us how great the show is. TV Guide has tonightís episode listed for next week and then another rerun scheduled for the following Sunday. Iím not sure if this means the show is going on hiatus or if we can expect new episodes in the fall.
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