Zach Braff To Guest On The Exes

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Get ready for a little Scrubs reunion at the end of August over on TV Land. The Exes will see a guest appearance from star Donald Faisonís old buddy from back in his medical comedy days. None other than Scrubs Zach Braff will be popping by the show for a visit, making for one of the best possible television reunions I can think of..

According to TVLine, Zach Braff will show up in a guest role on the August 29th episode of The Exes. Heíll play a new client of Faisonís character Phil, a professional tennis player by the name of Chuck Sweeney. Word is that, although the character has a rep for being quite popular with the ladies, the ladies might not be where his true affections lie. Thatís a not-so-subtle hint as to the direction this episode will take..

Faison and Braff havenít shared the small screem together since their days on Scrubs, where their friendship and all of their ridiculous ideas and behavior were the source of plenty of the showís laughs. Apparently this reunion of the two on the TV Land series will be just as hilarious as ever the duo were on Scrubs, which is good news for fans of either show. With the fall premieres of all of the big network series still a good month off, itís good to know that the smaller players in the game such as TV Land are still keeping things interesting and fresh. This is a television reunion that's well worth tuning in for.
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