The Classic Character Arrow May Introduce Soon image
Magic has brought big changes to Arrow in Season 4, and Oliver has had to think outside of the box to keep up with supervillain Damien Darhk. Now, it looks like he'll go even further out of the box with a visit to a classic DC character.
Laura Hurley 2016-05-03
Arrow Season 5 Is Getting A New Big Villain, Here's What We Know image
Oliver Queen currently has his hands entirely too full, with Star City currently at the mercy of the black magic of Damien Darhk, but plans are already being made for Season 5's baddie.
Nick Venable 2016-05-03
Is Arrow's Deathstroke About To Return? image
Arrow has had no shortage of big bad guys over its four seasons so far, and none has been bigger or badder than Deathstroke. From the looks of things, we may be lucky enough to see some Slade Wilson in Season 4.
Laura Hurley 2016-05-02
The Morbid Moment The Flash's Next Crossover Will Give Viewers image
Arrow has always been the darkest of the three DC TV shows on The CW, and it looks like some of that darkness will be spreading over to The Flash. The big Arrow death will take its toll on Team Flash in a big way.
Laura Hurley 2016-04-29
Why Arrow's Funeral Scene Could Mean Big Trouble For Oliver image
The first 18 episodes of Arrow Season 4 built toward a big death that would land one of Oliver’s nearest and dearest in a grave, and now that funeral has probably put Oliver and the rest of his comrades in danger's way.
Laura Hurley 2016-04-28
Why The Flash Was Able To Run To That Funeral On Arrow image
Barry Allen is currently without his super speed on The Flash, but this new development doesn’t match up with him showing up in Arrow’s flash forward. Here’s the explanation for this inconsistency.
Adam Holmes 2016-04-26
Why Arrow's Flashbacks Are Getting Less Interesting, According To The Executive Producer image
Flashbacks have been a major part of Arrow from the beginning, and they used to be great. Lately, however, they aren't so much. According to the executive producer, there's a good reason why.
Laura Hurley 2016-04-18
The Big Change Arrow's Recent Death Will Put Felicity Through image
Death has come to Arrow in a very big way as one of the main characters was sent off to that great vigilante bunker in the sky. According to executive producer Marc Guggenheim, the death will play a big part in Felicity's decisions.
Laura Hurley 2016-04-14
Arrow: How One Character Will React To That Major Death image
Arrow has gone through some major changes in Season 4, and the recent big death means that more change is on the way. One character in particular has some personal challenges to face in the rest of the season, and it sounds like the journey will definitely be worth watching.
Laura Hurley 2016-04-13
Arrow's Stephen Amell Reveals His Best On-Screen Kiss As Oliver Queen image
When Green Arrow isn’t busy brooding, shooting arrows at criminals, or flashing back to his time trapped on a hellish island, then he’s usually getting some kisses. But just who gave the best on-screen kiss on Arrow?
Matt Wood 2016-04-10
Who Is Returning For Next Week's Sad Arrow Episode image
Next week’s episode of Arrow, titled “Canary Cry,” will undoubtedly be a somber affair, and will bring two members of the show’s ensemble back to mourn Laurel’s passing: Dinah Lance and Nyssa al Ghul.
Conner Schwerdtfeger 2016-04-08
How Arrow's Latest Shocker Will Affect Legends Of Tomorrow image
The CW’s Arrow delivered a blow to fans on Wednesday night when the show killed off a well-loved and long-standing character from the series by the end of the hour. Now, it looks like that death will also have an impact on Legends of Tomorrow.
Adrienne Jones 2016-04-08
What Did Laurel Whisper On Arrow? Here's When We'll Find Out image
On last night’s Arrow episode, titled “Eleven-Fifty-Nine,” Laurel whispered something to Oliver that fans couldn’t hear. Here’s when we’ll find out what she told him. Warning: spoilers are ahead!
Adam Holmes 2016-04-07
How Arrow's Showrunner Is Defending That Shocking Death image
So, Arrow really did it. They really, actually killed off a major character and there’s no way to bring them back. Whatever your feelings about the big death, showrunner Marc Guggenheim wants you to know that it really had to happen.
Adrienne Jones 2016-04-07
Arrow Finally Revealed Who's In The Grave image
For the past 17 episodes of Arrow, we've had to wonder and theorize and speculate about which character was going to die by the end of the season. Now, we finally know the truth, and the show as we knew it will never be the same.
Laura Hurley 2016-04-07
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