Will The Canary Sisters Reunite In Arrow Season 4? image
Before Sara Lance stars in Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow viewers may get to see her and Laurel together again in Season 4, though not necessarily under the best of circumstances.
Adam Holmes 2015-06-22
Arrow's Season 4 Premiere Will Feature Some Jaw-Dropping Shocks image
Details have been scarce on what to expect in Arrow Season 4 and what the hero will be up to in quasi-retirement. But according to series lead Stephen Amell, fans can look forward to some shocking moments in the season premiere.
Adam Holmes 2015-06-19
Arrow May Be Adding A Key Villain For Season 4 image
Oliver Queen has faced his fair share of villains on Arrow over the years, and when Arrow Season 4 kicks off, Oliver Queen be facing possibly his most intimidating adversary yet. What's more, it could be someone fans have already heard about.
Adam Holmes 2015-06-12
Legends Of Tomorrow: How The Lazarus Pit Will Affect White Canary image
After an extended absence from the world of superheroes, Sara Lance will return to the land of the living in next year’s Arrow/The Flash spinoff Legends of Tomorrow, but her revival in the Lazarus Pit will come at a cost.
Adam Holmes 2015-06-09
Will Deathbolt Return To Arrow And Flash? image
Although Jake Simmons, a.k.a. Deathbolt, was seemingly killed in The Flash episode “Rogue Air,” his actor Doug Jones believes that it’s possible that audiences could see the energy-charged villain return at some point.
Adam Holmes 2015-06-08
Arrow's Stephen Amell Plans To Square Off In WWE Summerslam image
The WWE loves to bring “mainstream” attention to themselves by working with actors, athletes, and other artists. Every once in a while however they actually get in the ring for a match with a major superstar. Stephen Amell of Arrow is the most recent Hollywood celebrity to get involved in WWE storylines and the rumor is that he may be going one-on-one with a WWE superstar at August's Summerslam event.
Dirk Libbey 2015-05-31
Why Arrow Won't Use Harley Quinn In Any More Episodes image
We already had clues that Harley was going to get shut out of Arrow after her oh-so-brief cameo in Season 2, but many of us were holding out hope that her fate would be similar to The Flash, who will exist as both a TV and movie hero.
Nick Venable 2015-05-25
10 Best Superhero Moments From The TV Season image
There’s no question that the 2014/15 TV season was the year of the superhero. Recognizing the genre’s insane success at the box-office, television networks decided to heavily invest in comic-book adaptations. Not all of them were met with critical acclaim, or even decent ratings, but together they delivered a ton of opportunities for nerds like us to geek out.
Jesse Carp 2015-05-22
Could Supergirl And The Flash Cross Over? Here's The Latest From Greg Berlanti image
With Supergirl airing next season, this has led to a desire from many fans to see the series somehow cross over with fellow DC shows The Flash and Arrow. Here are the chances of that happening.
Adam Holmes 2015-05-18
Arrow Season 4 Will Change The Hero In A Major Way image
According to Arrow star Stephen Amell, when Arrow returns for Season 4 later this year, its titular hero will be altered in a major way. Be warned that there are spoilers here for anyone who has yet to watch the Season 3 finale "My Name is Oliver Queen." You have been warned.
Adam Holmes 2015-05-15
Arrow: What Are The Chances That Diggle Becomes Green Lantern? image
Now that the Arrow Season 3 finale has aired, what are the chances that mainstay John Diggle will become this universe’s Green Lantern in Season 4 or beyond?
Adam Holmes 2015-05-14
2015 Fall TV Schedule Includes The Flash, Scorpion, The Blacklist And More image
The big networks have all released their respective fall 2015 schedules, but if you want to figure out all the tricky maneuvers you are going to have to make with your DVR, you can take a look at our master list, here. Everything from The Flash to Scorpion has conveniently been listed.
Jessica Rawden 2015-05-14
The CW's Fall Schedule Announced, Includes The Flash, Arrow And More image
As part of the network upfronts, The CW has released its complete fall schedule, and the series seen on it are going to look very familiar to anyone who was watching this past season. With a few key changes, of course.
Nick Venable 2015-05-14
Arrow Season 3 Finale Watch: DCU Connections And Easter Eggs image
After last week’s big cliffhanger, Arrow wrapped up its mediocre third season with a solid finale. “My Name Is Oliver Queen” was full of exciting showdowns and some fun references to the rest of the DCU. Not to mention a happy ending. The sun even made an appearance.
Jesse Carp 2015-05-14
Arrow Season 3 Finale: 5 Exciting Game-Changers  image
Starling City was put in danger once again for the Season 3 finale of Arrow, but Ra's al Ghul's virus seemed like a good excuse for Team Arrow to assemble, and for Oliver Queen to choose his destiny. Spoilers ahead if you haven't seen the Season 3 finale of Arrow!
Kelly West 2015-05-13
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