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ARTIE LANGE’S BEER LEAGUE is an outrageous comedy about Artie (Artie Lange), an unemployed underachiever who still lives with his mother and plays in a small town softball league in New Jersey with his rag-tag group of misfit friends. When Artie’s team faces off their nemeses, headed by Dennis Manganelli (Anthony De Sando) of Manganelli Fitness, the game descends into an ethnic name calling challenge and a battle of macho posing as the two former high school rivals face off on the field. While Artie is a loser, Manganelli, the owner of a successful gym whose team wins the league trophy every year, struts his “stuff” like a banty rooster, proudly displaying winning trophies in the windows of his gym. Manganelli, also running for Mayor and favored to win, uses his overblown position and political ambitions to continuously torture Artie and his cohorts both on and off the field.

The two rivals do more fighting on the baseball field than playing softball and when his team is threatened with permanent expulsion from the local league after being jailed for yet another fight on the field, Artie and his team must rally and move from last place to first – in one brief season, while Artie tries to hold on to the only woman who loves him for who he is.

While it's great to see Ralph Macchio working, did it have to be with Artie Lange? He might have been better off sticking with "Entourage's" Johnny Drama than starring opposite Howard Stern's rum soaked (possibly lice carrying) replacement sidekick.

But Macchio is along for the ride as Artie Lange lives the dream of combining his two favorite things into a single movie: Booze and batting practice. Beer League is his baseball and drunkenness passion project

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