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A film shot over during a two-night performance by Neil Young at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium.

I'm not a fan of concert movies. If I'm going to watch a concert, I'm going to watch it live. That's kind of the point. But something about the trailer for Jonathan Demme's Neil Young project Heart of Gold is really striking.

First of course is the music. I'd forgotten just how good Neil Young was. After watching the trailer I found myself ready to download every Neil Young song I could find on ITunes. But if it was just about the music, I can get that on a download without bothering to see a movie. There's something about the way this thing is shot that's really striking. It doesn't look like a concert movie. Instead, it looks more like someone staged; a fictional concert for the purposes of filming. The trailer has more in common with Ray or Walk the Line than it does some MTV shot Metallica concert. It's cinematic' and that's not something I've really ever thought before about other concert features.

Maybe Demme has something special here. At worst it's a chance to sit awash in the music of Neil Young, giving one of his best performances, but perhaps Heart of Gold is somehow even more than that.

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