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Set for release in summer of 2013, Star Trek Into Darkness is self-described as an explosive action thriller.

Directed by J.J. Abrams, the sequel to his 2009 movie Star Trek begins with a shocking act of terrorism, committed by someone from within Starfleet. In the wake of this act, the Enterprise is called back to Earth where Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) will defy regulations to lead his crew on a manhunt to capture those responsible.

That man may be John Harrison, played by Benedict Cumberbatch and described as “an unstoppable force of destruction”.

As the Enterprise crew warps into the middle of a life or death chess game, their friendships will be sundered, love will be tested, and sacrifices may have to be made in order for James T. Kirk to protect the only family he has left: the members of his crew.

Star Trek Into Darkness Trailers

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