Better Off Ted Unaired Episodes Have Arrived

For those of us still reeling from the premature cancellation of the ABC situation comedy, Better Off Ted, and the super annoying preemption of its final episodes due to the NBA finals, have no fear! The final two episodes are now available online.

The Matrix's Marital Arts Guru To Be Honored At Fantastic Fest

If you’re not familiar with the amazing martial arts stylings of Yuen Woo-Ping, pop in the Matrix Trilogy DVDs and observe the awesomeness that is Mr. Yuen

Buffy's Spike To Join Torchwood And BSG Alums In New Syfy Series

Superheroes seems to be a popular genre choice for television shows and _Three Inches _ doesn't sound all that unique, however, there's a good chance that with an awesome writing team behind the series, it could turn out to be fun.

Superman Scribe To Battle Aliens In Heaven's Shadow

David Goyer seems to be pretty busy these days. He’s written two major superhero films slated for a 2012 release including X: Men Origins: Magneto and Superman: Man of Steel

Eureka Survives For A Fifth Season

The writers and producers for Eureka have really stepped up their game this season with the addition of BSG alum James Callis as Dr. Trevor Grant, the whole time travel/alternate timelines story

Dolph Lundgren Wants To Direct A Swedish Period Piece

Suddenly everybody loves Dolph Lundgren again and it’s totally understandable. He’s been pretty much non-existent in the Hollywood realm for the last ten years or so as he’s done mostly indie flick

James Cameron Told Guillermo del Toro To Back Out Of The Hobbit

Honestly, I doubt that Del Toro bailed entirely because the “King of the World” himself told him not to, but Cameron has a point. Peter Jackson directed one of the most successful trilogies in film history

MI-5 Gets An American Makeover

It seems like every popular British television show is getting an American makeover - Syfy channel with Being Human, MTV with Skins, and I nearly had a heart attack

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