Top 5:  Influences

If I had a little piece of each of these people, I believe I would encapsulate everything of the me that I hope to be one day. Artistically, no one touches these people—in my eyes, of course. So, if you have any qualms, questions, or objections, I said it once and I’ll say it again: fook you!

All Of This And Lewis II

I’ve been following Lewis Taylor for some time now, and though he’s given himself to the annals of musical retirement, I can’t help but think what this world will be like without his obscure album releases every couple of years.

Marshal Mathers Back On The Scene

Blessed be! We’re finally going to get back to the way things were—when artists damned the consequences and said whatever it is that they felt and thought on any given subject (be it politics, sexuality, or food). The Real Slim Shady is making his illustrious comeback to the music scene and giving the bullshit C-rap artists in full rotation on today’s Top 40 a true run for their money.

Disposable Pop Reaches Its Peak With Beyonce/Justin Collaboration

It’s finally happened. You knew it was bound to come to pass. The two most sticky, delectably pop celebrities in the world have finally decided to team up. I’m not a fan of either one of these folks, and am highly disappointed that the selection of who got the chance to sing anything resembling a real song couldn’t get more creative than this.

Still Raging Against The Machine At The G.O.P. Convention

What could they do? I think the only logical thing that one can think of in a situation like this, is to perform to 200 people with a megaphone in one hand, and a picket sign in the other (the picket sign, of course, being metaphorical). Rage Against The Machine and its followers marched on State Capitol Lawn in St. Paul and started raging like nobody’s business

And The Gershwin Prize Goes To...Mr. Wonderful

For the second time in its short history, the Library of Congress’ Gershwin Prize for Popular Song is going to be awarded on 23 February 2009. This time the honor goes to the legendary Stevie Wonder. The first award was given to Paul Simon for his contributions to popular music

New Kids Slam Backstreet

This was just too hilarious to pass up. It seems there is boy band beef between NKTOB and Backstreet. Supposedly, Backstreet laid down some smack talk in earlier interviews saying, if the New Kids had any talent, they’d still be around. Well, as one can only imagine, the grown ups of New Kids haven’t taken that lying down

The Replacements Drummer Found Dead

I hate to be contrary. I know that we’re supposed to have respect for those who passed, especially if it’s as recent as this morning. But I’m not gonna even lie, I’m kind of pissed. Really! In this day and age, is it really possible for people to not know that there are certain prescription pills that you can’t mix together?

Brit Brit Not Hitting Us One More Time

A bummer for those who actually give a damn, but still a bit puzzling. The rumours of Ms. Spears’ second shot at winning back her audience started swirling when her hairstylist, Kim Vo mentioned on E! News that she was creating some new styles for the diva for her upcoming performance at the VMA’s. However, the refutation of Rudolph on LA radio personality, Ryan Seacrest’s, broadcast has definitely set the record straight

Zeppelin Without Plant?

“How can this be?” I asked myself when I heard the news. “It just can’t be true that the Led is going on with new recordings without their orgasmic frontman!” Well, lads and ladies, at least for the time being, that seems to be the case

My Restored Faith In The Mainstream

What Jason Mraz has accomplished musically is create something that can be distributed to the hungry masses while not settling in a “niche”. In fact, he is the niche. If anyone wants to compete, they’ll have to do much more than go to rock star camp, garnish their voices with all the trappings of modern technology, and produce poppy dramadies while flourishing their whoosh hair and wearing their skinny jeans

Katy Perry Is A Liar

So while little girls and boys go off to giggle in the corner somewhere listening to Perry talk about how show loved licking the cherry chapstick off of some poor chick who probably was too drunk to realize what was happening, I sit here seething because I can’t stand the shit that gets passed for good music in this world anymore. Is there anyone out there that has something new to say?

Sporty Spice Soon To Be Sporting A Bump

You heard it here folks! Melanie Chisolm (a.k.a. Mel C., a.k.a. Sporty Spice) has stated that she is expecting a child. This, of course, comes as a pleasant surprise to any die-hard Spice Girls fans (like me, for instance) who were wondering when it was going to be Sporty’s turn to try her hand at motherhood

Timberlake Shoots Down Brit Brit

Is this just another attempt from the ever publicity-hungry Spears to get her face in the public eye again? One can only guess. However, whatever duet, whether imagined or actual, would’ve been something that fans talked about for at least the few months that followed

Hollaback Girl In The Hospital

Don’t be alarmed, people. It’s actually great news. Former ska goddess, Gwen Stefani, has checked into Cedars-Sinai Hospital’s Medical Center where she is expected to give birth to her second child with Bush front-man-turned-actor, Gavin Rossdale.

Justin And Brit Back Together?

Maybe the two need each other after all. Spears has shown that she’s not exactly a professional in the picking husbands arena and Justin just can’t keep his hands away from blonde girls—a match made in Hollywood tabloid heaven, if you ask me

Closing The Olympics With A Whole Lotta Love

In what will be one of the most interesting hook-ups in music history, it has been revealed that guitar god and legend, Jimmy Page, will team up with England’s answer to Kelly Clarkson, Leona Lewis, to deliver a “Whole Lotta Love” at the closing ceremonies of the Olympics

Chapman Pleads For Parole

In what seems a trial by fire attempt to get some sort of bleeding heart sympathy from a panel of people who decide whether you get to breath civilian air again, it is no surprise that Chapman was again denied parole for his 20-to-life sentence.

Avril Too Sexy...Really?

I never thought I’d see the day when barely sexual anti-pop stars were considered too lascivious for public consumption. I guess it just goes to show you that even teen angst can ruffle the system

The VMAs In Africa

Not since “We Are the World” has the American music community given a damn about the African voice. Well, on November 22, all eyes and ears will be at the ready to be stunned and entertained at a party the likes of which only MTV can throw. With genres ranging from hip-hop to dancehall, this is sure to be one of the most amped and spectacular celebrations that Africa

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