Ask Looper Director Rian Johnson Anything: Live Chat Here

Now, as the movie nears release on Blu-ray, Johnson is ready and willing to answer all your Looper questions, and he’ll be doing it right here, live, as part of the live chat embedded below. Join in, ask him anything. Our live chat with Rian Johnson kicks off right here.

Is The Expendables 2 A New Action Classic Or A Waste Of Explosions?

Two years after Sylvester Stallone united a dream team of 80s action stars (plus Jason Statham and Jet Li) to kick some ass in a foreign jungle the gang is largely back together again for The Expendables 2, which adds even more muscle to the call sheet if you can believe it

Harry Potter Movies By The Numbers, An Infographic

On Thursday at midnight fans will pile into theaters across the country to say goodbye to the kids of Hogwarts, forever. With seven movies completed and Deathly Hallows Part 2 about to unspool, it’s the perfect time to take a quick look back at where we’ve been. So we’ve put on our lab coats and started crunching Harry Potter numbers. Here’s the result, Harry Potter Movies By The Numbers.

Virgin Territory: Katey's First Time With Superman: The Movie

Like Clark Kent exploring his newly constructed Fortress of Solitude, Katey’s back with another installment in “Virgin Territory”. You remember this one, it’s her ongoing series of video blogs in which she bravely admits to never having seen well known movies, and then teams up with someone who loves that film to talk about it and figure out what it is that she’s been missing all this time.

Virgin Territory: Katey's First Time With All The President's Men

Katey’s back with the newest installment in “Virgin Territory”, her ongoing series of video blogs in which she discusses movies she’s never seen before with one of that film’s biggest fans. This time, she has her first experience with the 1976 political thriller All the President’s Men.

Discuss Source Code With Spoilers And Rate It

Source Code is now in theaters and if you’re seeing anything this weekend, that’s the screen where you want to be. After you see it, walk out of the theater and find your way back to this page to let us know what you thought of Source Code, by rating it in the following reader poll.

Wonder Con: New Green Lantern Poster Unveiled

Here’s your first look at the new Green Lantern poster which debuted today, hanging from the rafters at Wonder Con in San Francisco. It’s actually a lot like the previous poster, except the design of the alien planet in the background is a bit pronounced, there’s a tagline, and Hal Jordan has a slightly different tilt in his head.

Cinema Con: We've Seen Hawkeye In Thor And It's More Than A Walk On

We’ve heard rumors of big cameos happening in Thor, but until now we’ve never been able to confirm them. Tonight though, Cinema Blend’s own Katey Rich saw footage from Thor at Cinema Con and we can confirm that at least one other superhero character is in, and we've seen him.

Virgin Territory: Katey's First Time With Terms Of Endearment

Katey’s back with her newest installment of “Virgin Territory”, our ongoing series of video blogs in which she discusses movies she’s never seen before with one of that film’s biggest fans. This time, she takes on the 1983, Shirley MacLaine starring classic Term's of Endearment

Discuss Sucker Punch With Spoilers And Rate It

Sucker Punch was, until this weekend, one of the most eagerly anticipated movies of the year. If you’ve seen it, then you know there’s no such thing as a “meh” reaction to Zack Snyder’s latest, big-budget frenzy. You want to talk about Sucker Punch, and we want to talk about with you.

Instant Reaction: Kevin Smith's Red State Debuts At Sundance

Messy, overwritten, visually stylish, but kind of a bore. More like Kevin Smith than it looks because nobody ever stops talking. And it’s not a horror movie by any usual definition

Discuss Tron: Legacy With Spoilers And Rate It

After you see Tron: Legacy come back here and rate the movie in our Legacy viewer poll. Then discuss it with spoilers in the comments section

Discuss Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 With Spoilers And Rate It

You’ve heard enough from us, now tell the world what you think of Deathly Hallow’s first part. After you see it, come back here and rate the movie in our Deathly Hallows viewer poll. Then discuss it

Comic Con: Marvel Planning Yet Another Punisher Reboot

Hollywood has tried and failed to make a decent movie out of Marvel’s Punisher comics three times now. You’d think they’d be ready to cry uncle, but today at Marvel’s Comic Con panel

Comic Con: Natalie Portman Confirms She Won't Make The Jump From Thor To Avengers

So far it seems like we’re learning more at Comic Con 2010 about who won’t be in Marvel’s superhero team-up movie The Avengers than who will. We know that

Comic Con: Gears Of War Movie Stalled And They're Starting Over

Gear of War game designer Cliff Bleszinski offered an update on the state of the long gestating movie adaptation of the series. It’s not good news. The problems started back in April when director Len Wiseman

Comic Con: BSG Composer Bear McCreary Will Score The Walking Dead

Normally television doesn’t pay much attention to a show’s soundtrack. If a show even has a score, it’s rare anyone ever notices it. Unless of course, that score is composed by Bear McCreary

Comic Con In Photos: Thursday Costumes

The first full day at Comic Con was filled with panels and big, Hollywood news. But what’s far more interesting than whether or not Guillermo del Toro is directing The Haunted Mansion

Comic Con: New Priest Posters Introduce Karl Urban's Black Hat

Paul Bettany has played a traitor Angel and Charles Darwin. He hasn’t been hit by lightning yet, so might as well keep going. In Priest he’ll play a man of the clothe who takes up vampire hunting

Comic Con: Bruce Campbell Will Get His Own Burn Notice Prequel Movie

We wanted to do a prequel movie that shows Sam Axe on his last mission as a military guy. You see what happened and how Sam ended up retiring to Miami, and we wanted to know

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