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Schrute Facts: A Supercut Of Dwight's Best Moments On The Office

There’s never been a character quite like Dwight, a man who defies explanation; a lover of bears, beets, and Battlestar Galactica; a man with the strength of a grown man and a little baby; an expert on trapping women; a stealthy paper salesman who’s better at hiding than most animals are at vision.

Whacking Day: A Supercut Tribute

In 1993 during The Simpsons fourth season, the town of Springfield introduced us all to Whacking Day… and no snake has been safe since. Celebrated annually on May 10th, on Whacking Day the people of Springfield drive all the snakes into the town square and club them to death.

Tony Stark's Best One-Liners: The Iron Man Supercut

Who knew that superheroes could be really, really funny? Sure, it seems totally plausible now, in this post-Avengers world, but when Iron Man emerged in 2008-- the same summer that Batman went darker than ever in The Dark Knight-- Tony Stark and his endless arsenal of quips seemed like a revelation. By casting the quick-witted Robert Downey Jr. and giving him a lot of good lines, Marvel created the energetic superhero that we didn't really even know we needed

From Grief To Madness: 7 Villains Turned Evil By Loss

While many a movie antagonist’s evil is rooted in greed, jealousy, and/or a need for power, there are some whose stories begin in a much sadder place, with loss being the catalyst to set them on the course for evil. The following characters are as different from one another as the movies they’re featured in are, which is what makes them so interesting. The most notable common denominator among them is their grief.

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