Great Debate: Should Ben Affleck Direct The Justice League Movie?

By now you've probably heard the news that, at least according to early reports, Ben Affleck is Warner Bros. choice to direct their upcoming Justice League movie, which would essentially be The Avengers for DC heroes like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and company

A Guide To The Total Recall You Didn't See

No film is ever able to get through development, production and editing without at least some changes. Some are radical – like changing major plot points, locations, or characters – while others are minute – like changing aesthetics or lines of dialogue – but the point is that the movies you watch are not based on first drafts.

Exclusive Interview: The Green Hornet Director Michel Gondry

When you think of Michel Gondry, you think of the director of films such as Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Be Kind Rewind. He’s the guy behind all of those really cool

Great Debate: Is Zack Snyder The Right Director For Superman?

How are the director of 300 and Inception going to work together? How will Snyder breathe life into Superman, a character even diehard comic fans find boring?

Great Debate: Why Mark Ruffalo Shouldn't Be Hulk In The Avengers

To work out our feelings, we-- being Eric Eisenberg and Katey Rich-- took to IM to talk it out. By way of background, Eric is a diehard comic books nerd, while Katey couldn't care less about comics

Comic Con Thursday Schedule Announced: Scott Pilgrim, Tron And More

On July 22, one of the year's biggest events in film will hit the San Diego Convention Center. I speak, of course, of the San Diego Comic-Con International. Every year, studios with action, sci-fi and

Your Guide To The New Characters Seen In The Toy Story 3 Trailer

From the cuddly pink teddy bear who seems to be the mayor of the new daycare center to the purple sparkly octopus who gives massages, there's a lot of new faces. We're not sure we've even seen all of them

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