Eric & Sean Break Down The Thor, Captain America, And Guardians Of The Galaxy Comic-Con Footage

Marvel Studios has done it again. Just like they have for the past few years, the comic book movie makers once again brought their A-game to Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con and managed to completely blow fans' minds in the process.

What Can We Learn From The New Iron Man 3 Trailer?

There are many things that Marvel Studios does well, but one of the things their exceptional at is secrecy. They release very little material while their projects are in development and trailers hint at a lot of big stuff, but never paint the entire picture. Such is the case with today’s Iron Man 3 trailer.

Should We Be Looking Forward To Jurassic Park 4?

Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park is an undeniable classic. Not only was the film a true phenomenon when it was first released – making nearly a billion dollars worldwide as a critical hit – it has aged marvelously with effects that look as good as ever. The same things, sadly, can’t be said about the franchise as a whole.

Should The Next James Bond Movie Bring Back Ernst Stavro Blofeld?

It’s not a controversial thing to say that Skyfall is one of the best James Bond films ever made. In reality, it’s almost becoming fact. The film makes brilliant use of absolutely everything we love about 007 while operating within a story that is both action-packed and cerebral. But perhaps what’s most exciting about the movie is just how excited it’s making everyone for the future of the franchise.

Great Debate: Is Mark Wahlberg Funny?

Back in 2010, during the run-up to the release of Adam McKay’s The Other Guys, our own Katey Rich wrote an editorial titled "Rant: Mark Wahlberg Is Not That Funny, And We Need To Stop Telling Him He Is.” In the article she argued that while the actor has his moments, his particular style suffers from diminishing returns and that he would be better off sticking to the dramas and action flicks that made him a star. Let’s now fast forward to the present...

The Hunger Games: 5 Things That Worked And 5 That Didn't

For a young adult novel, The Hunger Games is actually a pretty good book. Suzanne Collins’ work is a truly solid piece of dystopian science fiction with interesting comments about today’s world and totalitarian governments. There is a lot to like, from the creative design of the society, the wonderful characters, and the horrors of the Hunger Games arena. But just how well do those various elements play in writer/director Gary Ross’ adaptation?

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