Top Chef Power Rankings: Two Women Emerge As Frontrunners

If we needed a reminder as to how positively weird this season of Top Chef is/ has been, we got it this week in the form of the most shocking elimination since CJ’s ill-conceived burger. Luckily, in losing arguably the season’s top dog, we may have finally gotten two clear frontrunners in the form of badass chicks capable of taking down the entire competition.

Celebrity Apprentice Power Rankings: Clay Squares Off With Arsenio

After lambasting Arsenio for his verbal actions in past weeks, Donald Trump eventually turned to Aubrey and fired her ass, beginning this week’s Celebrity Apprentice final task with a bang. With Arsenio pitted against Clay, we didn’t have to wait long to ascertain what the final challenge would be. The next morning, Trump told the two men they would each be putting on a variety show where they would also have to create a PSA announcement for their charities and bring in some big ticket donors.

Celebrity Apprentice Power Rankings: And Then There Were Three

At the beginning of this week’s task, Elle and CHI showed up, and for a second, I thought I was smack dab in the middle of an episode of Project Runway. Then, Trump opened his mouth instead of the soft, slightly Germanic accent of Heidi Klum and I realized this would probably be some sort of Celebrity Apprentice advertising challenge. I was right.

Celebrity Apprentice Power Rankings: Arsenio Hall Tries To Manage Aubrey

This week’s task focused on the loveable Sam, the affable, smiley mascot of Good Sam, the largest company distributing RV’s in the world. I was kind of hoping teams would have to give RV tours just like last season, but instead, the teams were forced to delve into yet another live presentation, this time surrounding the writing and producing a jingle for the good ‘ol RV company.

Celebrity Apprentice Power Rankings: The Good And The Bad Of Aubrey O'Day

This week’s Celebrity Apprentice challenge pitted Clay against Aubrey in a battle for the best male cologne project. Trump’s Success brand was the target and both teams needed to come up with a display and a pitch for two lady executives covering the cologne line. With only a day to build a display and come up with a creative theme, the teams went to task immediately.

Celebrity Apprentice Power Rankings: Why Is Clay Aiken So Good With Puppets?

Things would have run smoothly, had Lisa been able to maintain an aura of authority and not one of a crazy person. The bond she created with Dayana last week was nowhere to be seen and the two squabbled back and forth prior to the boardroom and then again in front of Trump. As far as skill sets went, this team dominated, however. Dayana rocked out with puppet creation, Penn capably riled up the crowd, and my God was Clay great with puppet voices.

Celebrity Apprentice Power Rankings: Dayana And Lisa Become BFFs

Generally, when a Celebrity Apprentice episode begins on a low note, it will devolve into a downhill spiral of egos clashing throughout its two hours. So, when Arsenio started out the episode completely out of control, freaking out and calling Aubrey a bitch and a whore in one breath, it seemed like we were headed for trouble. Especially after Lisa took the bait, yelling back at Arsenio and later calling Dayana and Lou stupid.

Celebrity Apprentice Power Rankings: Aubrey Walks Out

This week, NBC treated Celebrity Apprentice fans to a special 3 hour episode, featuring two challenges and two very specific firings. With various butts on the line, two strong players went home this week, while two weak players slipped through the cracks, once again. Trump is on a role with punishing his players for small missteps and, man, is it cringe-inducing to watch.

Celebrity Apprentice Power Rankings: Clay Aiken Finally Proves Himself

What the men were experienced in was knowing how to entertain. When the Crystal Light executives showed up to the men’s party, Penn was busy juggling peaches (the flavor of the evening) and the men jumped into a rousing chorus of “Under the Boardwalk” by the Drifters as part of their beach party theme. The women were polished and organized with their pink pomegranate party, but the men had spontaneous fun and that spontaneity bought them another win this week.

Celebrity Apprentice Power Rankings: An Unlikely Alliance Puts Debbie Gibson On Top

Before the challenge even started, it seemed like a week for Tia Carrere and Lou Ferrigno to step up to the plate. Coming out of a difficult board room that saw Donald Trump fire two, Ferrigno warned Tia that if they did not step up, they would almost certainly face firing in the weeks to come. So when mop purveyors O-Cedar challenged the two teams to create viral videos for the company, Tia and Lou immediately volunteered as project managers.

Celebrity Apprentice Power Rankings: Trump Sends Home Two

Although we got a mini presentation from the women during last week’s Ivanka Trump challenge, this week Celebrity Apprentice geared up to introduce the 2012 Buick Verano through a lengthy team presentation to advertising heads and members of the public. From the beginning, the men’s team looked as if they might be headed for disaster, when veteran car driver Michael Andretti did not step up to take the Project Manager position, thereby irking Donald Trump.

Celebrity Apprentice Power Rankings: Aubrey O'Day Makes Her Mark

The two teams had to put together a concept for two window displays, as well as shop for clothing, paint and design the set, and figure out other minor details. Both teams split, with half of the members working on marketing and details, and half working on the actual window display sets.

Celebrity Apprentice Power Rankings: Lou Hulks Up In The Boardroom

For the challenge this week, each team composed and learned a short segment that could work within the arena at Medieval Times. The audience determined the winner of the challenge; so, the theme needed to be able to encompass multiple audiences and age demographics to earn the most votes

Celebrity Apprentice Power Rankings: Penn Jillette Leads Week 1

Season 12 of Celebrity Apprentice began in a nearly empty music hall where a small orchestra played for the cast and Donald Trump. Anyone hoping for a musical challenge in the first week was sorely disappointed. Instead, in a mirror of last season’s kick-off pizza challenge, the men and women are split into separate teams and asked to make sandwiches.

Celebrity Apprentice Power Rankings Go Retrospective For The Season Finale

This week’s Celebrity Apprentice episode was split between live interviews and footage from John Rich and Marlee Matlin’s final tasks. If you are not a seasoned Celebrity Apprentice veteran, Donald Trump always works the final episode like this so the Apprentice winner will be announced live

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