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TV Recap: 24: 4:00 A.M.-5:00 A.M./5:00 A.M.-6:00 A.M.

Only two hours to go on Fox's action drama '24.' Will Jack Bauer save the day? Is the Pope Catholic? We open with a helicopter over stormy waters. Of course, it’s the CTU helicopter with Mike Doyle and Josh Bauer, who’s being taken to his grandfather, since Phillip is now working with the Americans instead of the Chinese. Doyle, though, explains that Josh really isn’t going to be with his granddad: once the component’s handed over, Doyle and his CTU chums are taking Josh back.

TV Recap: Lost: Greatest Hits

So, with only three hours and two nights left, ABC’s ‘Lost’ is looking like it might lose a few main characters. Since tonight’s all about Charlie, the man whose death Desmond has seen visions of, will the strung-out rocker be the first to go?

TV Recap: House - The Jerk

Another Tuesday, another mysterious medical case for Fox’s ‘House.’ Will he save an especially jerky life this week? Things kick off with some chess, but not the slow-moving games: timed chess. There are about thirty groups of kids playing, and we focus on one, a young guy mopping the floor with a better-dressed opponent.

TV Recap: Lost - The Man Behind The Curtain

Well, without dropping the big twist here, let's just say that, on ABC's 'Lost,' it's probably best if you don't get Benjamin Linus angry, because...when he's got a gun, he's not the person you want to be standing next to. We open in what appears to be a jungle, as a woman is in labor, having a baby.

TV Recap: House - Resignation

So, is Foreman really going to leave? It’s probably as likely as House himself leaving, but you never know with Fox’s ‘House.’ Things kick off tonight, literally, as we open on a young woman duking it out in karate or something close to it, rather violently, since her sparring partner complains that she nearly took his head off. Her aggression gets the better of her, as she starts spitting up blood. Oh, good, a disgusting start to the episode.

TV Recap: 24 - 2:00 A.M.-3:00 A.M.

So, is Jack Bauer cursed for real, or is it just James Heller being a bit peeved at him, for letting his daughter get all brainwashed? Will Heller or Audrey even show up tonight on Fox’s ‘24’? Jack’s still in his holding cell, when Nadia walks in. She informs him that Heller left with Audrey.

TV Recap: Lost - The Brig

Remember how, almost two months ago, John Locke ran into his conniving father on the island on ABC’s ‘Lost’? And then we heard almost nothing from him? Well, he’s back in the spotlight tonight.

TV Recap: House - Family

After a death on Fox’s medical drama ‘House,’ will there be another one or two tonight? House and his colleagues have to save the life of two brothers, but can they? Things start out in the hospital, as a mother warns her son to make sure he doesn’t freak out when he sees “him” sick, the boy’s brother. They’re in a contained area, so they both have to be decontaminated before they enter.

TV Recap: 24 - 1:00 A.M.-2:00 A.M.

Can Jack Bauer un-brainwash his old girlfriend, or will she be zonked out permanently? Oh, and apparently, there’s a mole on Fox’s action drama ’24.’ Gotta give the writers credit: they’ve never done a mole storyline on this show before! Since…two months ago.

TV Recap: Lost - D.O.C.

So a surprise visitor has landed on the island in ABC’s ‘Lost.’ And she knows who Desmond is. But, will we find out who she is tonight? We’ll learn more about her, but not in the main plot, which focuses on Sun and Jin, one of the more interesting couples on the island (thanks to the actors playing them), which means we rarely see them.

TV Recap: House - Training

Tonight’s episode of Fox’s medical drama ‘House’ features a very sick con artist who can’t be touched, and lots of other fun drama with House and his underlings. Good stuff! Things start off with Ryan Seacrest telling me about a fantastic, celeb-packed two-hour ‘American Idol’ on tomorrow…oh, whoops. Wrong show. It keeps cutting in on the ‘House’ goodness!

TV Recap: 24 - 12:00 A.M.-1:00 A.M.

After what amounted to filler last week on '24' (Jack went rogue? Again? Shocker), will our intrepid CTU agent make some headway and save his long-lost love Audrey Raines? And if so, at what price?

TV Recap: Lost - Catch-22

ABC’s sci-fi drama ‘Lost’ is once again from the point of view of everyone’s favorite Scotsman, Desmond. What did he see this time, and is Penny’s knowledge of the island revealed? We open with Desmond, Hurley, Charlie and Jin walking through the rainy island.

House: Act Your Age

Tonight’s episode of Fox’s medical drama ‘House’ deals with the fallout from Cameron and Chase’s breakup, and House treating a kid with the symptoms of a senior citizen. Good times! Things begin in a daycare center, where a boy is having a major nosebleed; seriously, it’s gushing like water. Ick.

TV Recap: 24 - 11:00 P.M.-12:00 A.M.

So, it’s time for Jack’s last stand on the sixth season of Fox’s ’24.’ Will he be able to save his long-lost love Audrey before it’s too late? We start with the aftermath of Jack’s last visit, killing Fayed and securing the final two suitcase nukes. He’s told by Doyle that CTU is being taken off the case, so he can check back in with Bill Buchanan.

TV Recap: Lost - One Of Us

Well, that was one heck of another good and solid episode for ABC's sci-fi drama 'Lost.' Once again, it's time to look into the past of Jack's new love interest, Juliet, and what a look it was.

TV Recap: House - Airborne

Cat death, airborne trauma, drug mules and a meningitis outbreak? All in a day's work on the Fox medical drama 'House.'

TV Recap: 24 - 10:00 P.M.-11:00 P.M.

With only a month left, it's time for Fox's '24' to tie up all the loose ends, but the question remains: how ludicrously will they do it? If tonight's any example, well...pretty ludicrous.

TV Recap: Lost - Left Behind

ABC's action drama 'Lost' continues its rollercoaster ride to the finale in May with another look into the wild life of Kate Austen, our resident ex-convict/fugitive, and makes things very interesting for our castaways. Kate is still in captivity in the game room that the Others have in their barracks.

TV Recap: House - Fetal Position

So, another Tuesday means another medical mystery that only one daring and maverick doctor can solve: 'House,' of course, on Fox. This week, it's up to House and company to save a photographer and her baby.

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