Summer Box Office 2008: Kung Fu Critics

"Oh damn." I mumbled as the fuzz lifted from my brain and I began to remember. Summer Box Office wrap up. I'd hoped that if I let him run around with Box Office Guru on his business cards, he might leave me alone this year. No such luck. Slouching back in my chair I braced myself for Scott's annual facts and figures onslaught

Great Debate: Bigger Lucas Disappointment – Crystal Skull Or Phantom Menace?

Last night, while everyone was off cramming into midnight Indy screenings, CB’s Scott Gwin and I sat down to figure out where George Lucas wronged us worse. Which George Lucas movie was a bigger disappointment: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull or Star Wars: The Phantom Menace?

Summer Box Office 2007: The Critics Ultimatum

The summer of the threequel is over, which means it's time to say goodbye to giant freakin robots and take a look back at this summer's box office with our annual movie money breakdown. Cinema Blend box office expert Scott Gwin and I re-enacted a scene from Curb Your Enthusiasm by refusing to go to each other's offices, and finally settled on a box office talking luncheon

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