Behind Need For Speed's Insane Stunts: Yes, They're Really Doing All That Stuff

A third-generation-stuntman who became a director with last year's Act of Valor, Scott Waugh knows his way around a stunt better than just about anyone, which makes him ballsy enough to hire an actor like two-time Emmy winner Aaron Paul, strap him into a stunt car, and let him drive 120 mph on camera.

How Did Gravity Do That? The Secrets Behind Its Groundbreaking Special Effects

If you didn't walk out of Gravity asking yourself "How did they do that?" you're either not paying attention or maybe Neil DeGrasse Tyson. So how did they do it? We pressed Heyman for as many details as we could get and combed through interviews that Cuaron and Sandra Bullock have given to figure out as many secrets from behind the scenes as possible

Is Ben Affleck Right For Batman?

Ben Affleck is Batman. You might have heard about it. The guy who once turned down directing the Justice League movie, and who went from Gigli to Best Picture in less than a decade, is now expanding his strange career even further. There's a lot to process about the pick, and plenty of reasons to think it's either a disaster or the best thing ever. Where do Katey and Eric fall? Check out our Great Debate as we process the news

2013 Oscar Nominee Guide: Everything You Need To Know About The Academy's Picks

Because this is our job, we’ve been watching these contenders all throughout the year, which means that except for a few random Foreign Language nominees (damn you, War Witch!) we’re caught up. Now it’s time to share that knowledge with you. Below is your complete guide to all the major 2013 Oscar nominees, with descriptions of the films and, crucially, links to our reviews

You Missed It: The 12 Most Unfairly Overlooked Movies Of 2012

Nobody can see all of the movies that come out in a year; there's not even enough time to catch up with all the good ones. We've all had the experience of reading a critic's year-end Top 10 less and slapping our heads, remembering that we heard great things about that one movie but never caught it. Or if you live in a small town, you're constantly frustrated that the movies critics are going crazy for never play anywhere near you

Is A Third Hobbit Movie A Creative Risk Or A Cash Grab?

While at Comic Con a rumor was sparked that director Peter Jackson was considering the possibility of a third Hobbit movie and today that news was confirmed by Jackson himself. Though we still don’t know very much about the project, there has been plenty of uproar about the announcement, as many have said that it’s just a lame attempt at making more money by exploiting a franchise, while others have argued that this is the director who gave us The Lord of the Rings...

Edgar Wright Shows Ant-Man Test Footage To Comic Con Crowd

And though Marvel didn't announce Ant-Man as one of the four titles they have in active development, they did finally confirm many fan hopes. Not only did they confirm Wright's test footage, they showed it to the crowd, and had Wright himself up on stage to introduce it

Great Debate: What's The Future Of Found Footage Movies?

The release of Chronicle inspired Katey and Eric to talk about the current state of the found footage movie fad, and whether or not the subgenera has anywhere to go, or if it just needs to die out as quickly as it arrived. If you're sick of found footage movies

The Dark Knight Rises Prologue: What Did You Think?

Now that the prologue for The Dark Knight Rises is playing on nearly 500 IMAX screens nationwide in front of Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, those of us who saw it early in promo screenings are allowed to talk about it, and we can finally ask you guys what you think

Great Debate: Does 50/50 Actually Have A Shot At Winning Oscars?

Now normally when you get a movie released in the fall about a main character who gets cancer, and when the critics falling all over themselves to praise it, you get oodles and oodles of Oscar buzz. But 50/50, a drama with heavy doses of comedy related to drugs, girls and other tawdry things that interest 20-something males, isn't exactly the kind of movie that automatically gets invited to the big awards show

Comic Con In Video: Katey And Eric Preview What's Exciting For Day 1

Technically today is just Preview Night at San Diego Comic Con, allegedly the slow beginning to the convention in which you check out the show floor and catch up with friends. In reality, it's a crazy sprint, just like everything else in this town, and the Cinema Blend Comic Con team has already hit the ground running

16 Burning Questions About Green Lantern, Answered By A Comics Expert

Katey, walking out of Green Lantern with a ton of questions and more than a little confused, e-mailed Eric all her questions and demanded answers. That's right, demanded! Luckily Eric, the helpful geek that he is, was able to answer all of them. If you too were a little confused

Fright Night Trailer: Colin Farrell Is The Worst Vampire Neighbor Ever

You may have already caught the details from our visit to the edit bay of Fright Night, the DreamWorks project that remakes the 1980s horror comedy. Now IGN has released the first official trailer for the Craig Gillespie-directed film, and you can watch it below

Interview: Director Max Winkler Mines His Past And Comes Of Age With Ceremony

Eric and I talked to Winkler about developing that character as not necessarily the best guy, getting Uma Thurman on board his tiny project, developing the friendship at the center of the film, and getting a significant update on all the projects Winkler is eyeing for his next work

8 Reasons 2011 Might Be The Worst Year Ever For Movie Titles

For some reason these days the studios are getting tripped up between their own attempts at brand identity and a smidgen of creativity, resulting in movie titles that are horrible mashups of words and numbers and ideas that wind up meaning absolutely nothing, even to the audiences that supposedly love these franchises

Great Debate: Is Darren Aronofsky Leaving The Wolverine Really A Bad Thing?

The difference between us was never more obvious than today, when Darren Aronofsky walked away from The Wolverine; Eric was despondent to hear that such a talented director wouldn't be tackling a superhero story, while Katey was thrilled that he'd be using his Black Swan clout to make a story that's entirely his own.

Comedy Director Blake Edwards Dies At 88

With a career spanning five decades and including an honorary Oscar awarded in 2003, Edwards helped define comedy for a generation of Americans, and in his collaborations with Peter Sellers on the Pink Panther films

Great Debate: What Will Iron Man 3 Be Without Jon Favreau?

With Katey still no Marvel expert, clearly it was time for her to seek advice and understanding from Eric once more. They took to Gchat to talk it out, give Favreau some advice and wonder how all of this will affect Joss Whedon

5 Reasons Jackass 3D Was A Surprise Box Office Smash

So, uh, how the hell did this happen? How did a movie that looked fun but unremarkable turn into the fall's biggest success story, and the first movie audiences actually seem interested in seeing

Comic Con: The Five Biggest Winners And Losers In San Diego

Read below to learn how Universal took over the Con with an indie-rock hero, how Captain America and Cowboys & Aliens schooled The Green Lantern, and why The Avengers

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